Our Updated “Corner Office” In The Den

Many people have requested a few photos of my old office in the corner of the den (that’s what we call our informal living room) so I’m here with the goods. Before we created our office/guest room/playroom this small “corner office” was where I worked full time. Here’s what it looked like back then with the old printer and a few file boxes along with my trusty laptop:

We decided to keep the desk around as a place for letter writing and web surfing during the weekends (when we don’t want to be holed up in the office). We also think that eventually it’ll become a great place for Clara to draw and do homework while we cook/hang out nearby since it’s part of the living area. Here’s what it looks like now:

It doesn’t really look that different from my old full time office of yore, other than the fact that we didn’t need the phone or the printer out in the den anymore (since we upgraded to a wireless printer in our new home office). And a lot of the boxes and other office-y stuff could also be removed.

Oh and we switched out our homemade botanical leaf print – just for fun. I’ve always had a thing for the coral leaf that’s in there now, although the palm one was fun while it lasted.

Oh and the old desk lamp moved into the office and our beloved gourd lamp took its place (it used to live on the side table back when the office was a full time guest room). You know we’re all about working with what we have and moving things around from room to room so it was a fast little switcheroo.

Sure it’s huge, but we love the oversized silhouette, especially because it creates some nice balance in the den since it’s the same height as the floor lamp with a similarly shaped drum shade across the room. And isn’t it amazing how much warmer it makes that corner feel thanks to the soft creamy light that it casts? We love turning it on at night and watching TV with it glowing in the corner. It’s also worth noting that all the after photos were taken with our new camera so that might also add to the ambiance that we’re finally able to capture.

So that’s what became of our small full-time office-turned-part-time-casual desk. Do you guys have a desk in a living area that you use for writing cards, laptop surfing, kid art/homework, or anything else? Do tell.

And while I’m at it I’ll share a personal little morsel about that gold & white notebook in the foreground above. That’s actually a sweet little leather bound notebook that I scored on clearance from Anthropologie. For the last two years I’ve been using it as a gratitude journal. I know it sounds corny, but jotting down a few things that I’m thankful for every day really helps me remember to appreciate all of the little (and big) things that make me smile- so I don’t take anything for granted. I highly recommend it! Anyone else out there with a gratitude journal? I never could stick to keeping a diary, but listing a few things that make me happy each day is so much easier.

Psst- Wanna see the rest of the den? Click here for an update about our new rug.


  1. says

    I’m liking the new set up! That lamp looks great there! And I know what you mean about having a lamp glowing in the corner while watching tv. Currently we just have some inexpensive cup lights from Lowes behind the tv and a floor lamp on the other side of the couch to add some light while we watch tv, but we’re seriously considering a new table lamp in the living room.

  2. Elizabeth says

    I had been wondering what happened to that lamp from the guest room since you loved it so much…now I know. :-)

    Speaking of living room lighting, I just removed the light fixture from the ceiling fan in my living/family/tv watching/everything room and what a huge difference! The room has tall vaulted ceilings and now the fan seems to just recede instead of dominate…yea!

  3. Katie says

    Hi Sherry,

    When you brought up a daily journal in today’s post I just had to tell you about this great little line a day journal. It’s small with about four to five lines for each day. The cool thing is it lasts five years and it’s organized so that you see the same page on the same date no matter the year. I just started mine but am already looking forward to looking back at what I was doing on 8.19.10 once I get to 8.19.14! It comes in a regualr version and a mom’s version.

    Here’s a link to it on Amazon.

    It seems like something you would really like. Can’t thank you enough for all the help you and John have given me thru your blog!


  4. Jill says

    This corner of your house always gives me desk envy. The new decor looks gorgeous, and I love that you keep a gratitude journal! My boyfriend and I try to list five good things that happened during the day when we’re winding down for the night, and I like the idea of writing those things down too. And your journal is so pretty! I will definitely be snagging something similar in the future.

  5. Joni Tyrrell says

    love it and love how you accesorize. :)

    you have probably mentioned it before, but what is it you store in your white canisters?

    • says

      Burger’s food is actually in the big one (with a small measuring scoop) and his treats are in the other one. It’s handy to have them in the den because his food and water bowl are on the other side of the TV stand in there!


  6. Melanie says

    That corner does look so warm and cozy now. I love your wall art. I ordered all 4 of them months ago, and just picked up the IKEA frames. Now I’m just trying to figure out where to put them – new house with no artwork up yet!

  7. Christin says

    I used to keep a graditude journal and stopped a while back, though I’ve been thinking of starting it up again. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  8. says

    I love it!! Looks good! And, yes, I think the new camera really does give you a much warmer look! I’ve heard that Nikon’s are generally more warm and “true to color” than Canon, which I’ve heard is more cool toned…I have no idea, though. Don’t quote me ;-).

  9. says

    I like it! And with kids learning on computers younger and younger, it will only be a few short years before Clara will need a computer desk anyway. I’m sure you’ll find or construct the perfect booster seat for her! :)

  10. Meghan says

    Love this little corner nook, it looks great either as your full time desk or part time hang out! Also – is that desk from CB2?

  11. Erica says

    Thanks for this post, especially the last part about your gratitude journal! I have been keeping one for the past two years and it has been a great reminder. One of today’s entries..I am grateful for a friend telling me about YHL :)I have learned tons of neat stuff from you guys that I can’t wait to use in the future!! Thanks for all that you do!

  12. says

    You guys have impeccable style! I could just stare at your home pictures all day long…and this new desk set up is no exception. :) I love the idea of a gratitude journal — what a great way to look at the big picture of things and keep yourself grounded. I may take that idea and use it myself. :)

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