Steal Of The Week: Punchy Pinwheel Pillows

Even though the last thing we needed were more pillows (we have a ton of them that we like to migrate from room to room) we just couldn’t pass up these fun yellow beauties from Target. So for 24 bucks a pop we took two of them home:

Sure we’ve found cheaper pillows (like this $2.50 guy from Bed Bath & Beyond) but we can’t deny how much color and fun they bring to our living room, especially since they complement the patterned yellow rug and even seem to work with the fun geometric pillow on the slipper chair nearby. Lately we’ve really been loving a few pops of bright hue in a room to wake things up for summer.

So if you want to make these babies yours, check them out right here. Oh and be sure to click the alternate photo to see the back (we love that pattern too).

They’re just so ruffled and fun that we couldn’t leave without tossing them in our cart! What have you guys snatched up as of late? Any favorite finds from Target, HomeGoods, West Elm, or beyond? What about eBay and Craigslist? Do tell.

Note: Target didn’t pay or perk us for this post or gift us the pillows- we just fell in love, bought ’em, and wanted to share the goods.


  1. says

    I just started a new blog (three posts in- hooray!) and actually posted this morning about some steals I recently found, including some wannabe Pottery Barn pillows from TJ Maxx Home Goods and a steal Craigslist dresser/TV stand that we refinished. And speaking of that great yellow rug, check out the YHL reference in my post :) What can I say… great minds think alike!

  2. says

    Love how they play off the rug. It seems to make that room appear warmer. I recently got a new bed spread we’d been eyeing for a while for 50% off. It’s this realy nice blue fabric that’s tufted on the front. The side you lay under is really comfy though. And then a trip to Lowe’s brought me new curtains for almost every room. I got some really heavy blue tweed curtains for the bedroom. And some shears and stripped curtains for the guest bedroom, and a nice brown tie-up curtain for our bathroom. Only cost me 45 bucks for everything I<3sales.

  3. Kristina says

    Last week at home goods I found a nightstand and a sort of hutch desk in this really pretty blue. Both were on clearance for $150 total. They really compliment our master bedroom that is a mixture of chocolate and copper hues.

  4. says

    A couple of weeks ago I bought 2 pillows at TJ Maxx for $10! That’s right…they were a pair and it was $10 for both. The best part is that they are brown, sea glass, and green…which works well in all of our rooms. I was so excited that I called about 3 people when I left the store to tell them about my great deal. And then here I am telling you about it! haha.

  5. Megan says

    Girl, I’ve been eyeing those for weeks! I just bought some white and yellow embroidered placemats from Target that would totally complement the pillows if they were in our office. I think you’ve put the nail in the coffin for me!

  6. says

    I’ve been wanting to get or make some new pillows for some time now. I love these!

    We recently got a great deal on a tall cabinet/pantry on Craigslist for $60. In Lowe’s they were going for $218. Now we have a place to store the mongo package of tp from Costco, linens, towels, etc…

  7. Jennifer says

    I saw those last week and loved them, but unfortunately yellow is not a color that goes with anything in my house! Bummer! Did you see the grey-green-ish ones with the birds? I’m still dreaming of those. I might have to bring those home this week!

  8. Rachel says

    I love those pillows! I haven’t bought anything recently, but I’ve been working on our wedding registries, and I am swooning over all kinds of adorable kitchen stuff at Anthropologie (including our everyday dishes “Sliced Persimmon” and some YHL inspired items like the monogram mugs and a white ceramic egg crate).

    On Etsy I recently found some adorable pillows at the shop Olive, including some in an Orla Kiely fabric which matches my canisters from Target. No purchases yet, but I’m tempted!

  9. says

    Like Michelle I recently started a new blog and was just about to post about some of the things we’ve snagged recently. Although the most recent snag was actually free: a neighbor was throwing away a square metal table base, so we added some felt pads to the legs and now it holds our firewood. (Why do we still have firewood? It’s nearly August and we live in Florida! But that would be a question for my husband, I guess) I’ll be sure to post pictures of that soon.

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