Hanging Some White Faux Wood Blinds In The Bedroom

We first brought home a pair of white faux wood blinds back when were decorating the nursery (since a nice dark room sounded like a good idea when it came to encouraging some serious pee-wee shut eye). The ironic thing is that literally for years we’ve been dying to bring them into our very own bedroom. See, the window above the bed was never covered, and although the sun doesn’t rise on that side of the house we knew it could definitely stand to get darker with the help of some sort of rolling or slatted blind. Plus the other window in the room had the original plastic roller shade that came with the house (it very well could have been 50+ years old- and it was yellowed and stained to prove it). Nasty.

But there was one great thing about the grody old roller shade: it tucked up under our more eye-pleasing white roman shade from Ikea, so we got the benefit of some light blockage and privacy when it was pulled down, and during the day it was up and 100% invisible. However, as we mentioned, we wanted to cover that small window above the bed- just for a darker night’s sleep. And we were also compelled to replace that crusty old roller shade on the other window while we were at it… which is where two more pairs of custom-cut-to-fit (it’s a free service!) white faux wood blinds from Home Depot came in:

But let’s rewind. Here’s that crusty old pull-down roller shade that we mentioned (after we removed the fabric roman shade in order to work some blind-switcheroo magic):

And here’s the window once we removed that nasty old shade and popped our new custom cut faux wood blind in its place:

But you might notice they’re a bit too long for the window, and any extra slats can make raising and lowering it a bit cumbersome since they add unnecessary weight and bulk. So John just followed the simple instructions that came with the blinds which indicated how to remove those extra slats for an even more custom fit:

And then he rehung our cheap-o Ikea roman shade back in place (so we can pull up the faux wood blinds to completely hide them during the day and lower them at night for privacy and a darker night’s sleep).

So that’s how we added a ton of very welcome darkness to our bedroom that can be pulled up (and totally hidden) so no one’s the wiser. It feels a whole lot more adult of us than the dirty old roller shade did, and we like bringing in common elements throughout our house (especially when it comes to the windows). So we love that we now have these babies in two out of three of our home’s bedrooms.

Oh and even though there’s nothing that we can tuck the blinds behind on the smaller window behind the bed, we’ve found that when they’re pulled up they’re virtually undetectable since they’re the same crisp white color as the molding around the window, so they really blend in. And of course we love how deliciously dark our bedroom is in the morning now. The difference really is night and day.

So that’s our latest tiny tweak in the bedroom. Have you guys been doing anything to block light, dress windows, or otherwise add function to your sleeping spaces? Any other window makeovers that you’re tackling around the house? Do tell.


  1. Molly says

    Such a simple solution! We have the same nasty old roller shades throughout our house–some are even duct taped because they’ve ripped! C’mon, really?! I’m sending your post to my husband right now :-)

  2. Cheryl says

    nice choices — light and airy but will still provide the cave you need to sleep well. waiting for stores to restock their roman shades as I need a set–like Penny’s. Ikea is 8 hours away.

  3. Kayakgirl73 says

    Nice. We have white wood blinds in our bedroom, although they don’t block a whole lot of light, I do like the look of them. Thanks for tip on shortening them to make them easier to pull up.

  4. Sarah W. says

    Well done with your new blinds! We have a guy from Smith and Noble coming to measure our windows today. We’re doing some cost comparison between them and Lowe’s custom order natural woven shades from Levolor. Our windows are such that we could buy right off the shelf (no strange sized windows,) but we need a top down/bottom up option on one set of windows, so that means custom order. We also can’t decide on whether to add the white privacy liner for from-the-street uniformity.

    Oh, and totally off the subject, I just bought those brown/blue/green ring hand towels from Target that you showed in your Spring Target-hunting post. I love them in our downstairs bath because: 1. They don’t show dirt; 2. They match the current pale blue bathroom color; and 3. They will still match the new pale green color that will be on the walls once we paint the bathroom to match the kitchen color (Sherwin Williams “Ancient Marble,” which I know you guys like.)

  5. says

    I have to give these a good review too. My husband an I have the exact same blinds in our master bedroom. They only took about 10 minutes to “custom” cut them @ the Depot and they were waaay cheaper than the real custom blinds. Our windows are both about 5 feet wide so it only cost about $50 each from what I remember. They are pretty thick so they block a ton of light. I finally figured out how to clean them, too. I used to open them and wipe each slat but that took f-o-r-e-v-e-r so now I just close them and wipe the entire thing down with a towel. Easy peasy.

  6. Jen says

    I love your breezy white roman shades. Does anyone know when more roman shade options will become available again in stores? I assume they’re so scarce because of the recalls. Target doesn’t have any and neither does Ikea, and I haven’t found any I like at JCPenney.

  7. says

    Oooh, I love these blinds!

    Can you explain a little more about the custom-fit (but free cut) part? I’d love to replace all of our equally crusty roller shades and/or metal mini-blinds in our upstairs rooms but have been hesitant to because I knew they’d all require custom sizes! This looks like a perfect solution.

    • says

      Kara- It’s pretty simple. Home Depot sells these blinds in a bunch of standard sizes but for free they’ll shave them down to fit pretty much any window with a big blind-cutting machine they have on hand… just like a custom shade (but it’s free). Visit your local Home Depot for more details!

      Jen- Yup, it’s all due to those cord recalls, but companies are usually fast about adding in an adapter kit to allow them to hit the shelves again soon. Stay tuned…

      Carol- Pillows migrate around our house so while none of the ones on the bed are new, they all get switched around so you’ve probably never seen this combo. We just try to keep it interesting!


  8. Caitlin says

    We put up room-darkening curtains in our daughter’s bedroom when she was a baby (she’s 18 months now!), and it made a huge difference in how long she slept in the morning and for naps! They’re a gorgeous springy green that I can see us using for years, even as the palette in her room changes. Bonus, they’re heat blocking as well, and really help regulate the temp in her room.

  9. says

    those are the same blinds we have too, and they come with a funny story. when we moved into our house, my boyfriend was convinced we had to wash and salvage the blinds it came with because they were real wood and really expensive. they were FILTHY, btw – had never once been cleaned, ever – caked on dirt, etc, plus he forgot to take them down before he sanded the hardwood floors, yuck! so after we move in i get tired of having no blinds on the windows and go to wash them. i scrubbed one 16-inch wide set with an entire mr. clean magic eraser, down to the nubs, and it still wasn’t bright white. as i’m spending quality time with them, i look closer…. every 4th slat has the exact same wood graining. interesting. i look at where the former owner’s dog chewed on a corner of them. just an indentation… no sign of splintering… INTERESTING. i re-hang the one and inform boyfriend of my suspicions. he is sure i am wrong and explains the same patterns to the slats being cut from the same tree. I laugh out loud and cut off a corner of one to reveal… styrofoam. HA! victory is mine! off to home depot we go to get replacements – the exact same kind as the original ones, but ones that we will clean. unlike the previous owners.

    yay home depot faux wood blinds! so realistic they fooled my boyfriend, haha.

  10. says

    We have the black trash bags, taped up with painter’s tape, that we slapped up the day we moved in… almost 2 years ago. I wanted to wait until we replaced the windows (done, months ago) and painted (hope to get to this summer), before we chose window treatments. Bad excuse, I know. But they do block a lot of light!

  11. says

    I used the same blinds from Home Depot. They really do make a world of difference (which you can see on my blog here and here). I was surprised that the blinds managed to block plenty of light, and thanks to them not being actual wood, I won’t have to worry about them warping in the Georgia humidity.

  12. says

    I bought several eco blinds last year, but here in Oz they charged me $25 each to cut to size, and that’s just horizontally! I had to cut them to fit the length myself.

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