Pear Green Walls & A Light Blue Ceiling For The Nursery

Pretty much from day one (even before we learned that the bean was actually a beanette) I was dreaming of painting the nursery walls a fun pear green while taking the ceiling from bland ol’ white to a light aqua color. But somehow saying “green walls with a blue ceiling” conjures up all sorts of scary Trading Spaces episodes so even my dear hubby wasn’t getting my “vision” until we broke out the paint swatches and I was able to explicitly show him what I meant. There’s a tip for you ladies: many people (especially guys who don’t speak “interior decorating”) are visual creatures. So saying something like “I want to paint the side tables black” can be a lot less effective (ie: scary for a dude) than showing your man an image of a room with black side tables that you know will calm his nerves about the whole deal.

Sure enough, as soon as I whipped out a soft celery-pear-ish tone for the walls and showed John how sweet a subtle and dreamy aqua would be on the ceiling (especially with the white crown molding between them to really set them off) he was on board. Then we just had to get into our trusty painting clothes and finish clearing out the room so it was ready for the big transformation (and speaking of big, check out that belly- it’s quite a feat with four more months of baby-carrying left).

But back to my favorite subject: paint. Just like we did in this old ceiling painting post, we taped all of our potential ceiling paint chips on the actual ceiling so we could see how they would look in that light (colors look different on ceilings than they do when you hold them up to the wall since light reflects differently off a horizontal plane). We decided the swatch on the far right was too bright, the swatch to the left of that was too light and the swatch to the left of that one was juuuuust right (while the swatch on the far left was a bit too muddy). So that’s how we honed in on our final ceiling color after hunting through a bunch of swatches and taping up the ones we liked best. Oh and the winning swatch was called Regency Pale by True Value by the way.

As for selecting the wall color, that was pretty simple. I’ve always loved Celery Sticks by Glidden (it has happy golden undertones and so much personality without overwhelming or sucking the light out of a small space). So of course I was giddy about finally having the perfect opportunity to use it to create a fun and cheerful nursery thanks to the little person that I’m busy growing.

We also decided it was time to take some Mythic paint for a spin- not only because I’m knocked up (and shouldn’t be painting with anything full of chemicals and VOCs) but also for the sake of the baby (since regular paint can off-gas for one to even three years after it’s applied!). Sure it’s $40 a gallon (while a lot of the cheaper Lowe’s and Home Depot stuff is around $25) but it’s known to be the cream of the no-VOC crop thanks to the great coverage, the wide range of amazing colors, and their completely non-toxic and mommy/baby friendly formula. So we hit up EcoLogic (one of our favorite local haunts for all things green) with both of our pre-selected swatches in hand.

We figured we’d hold them up to the Mythic paint deck to select something as similar as possible in both colors but we had no idea that Mythic could actually do color matching (but not with a machine, they store a plethora of other brand’s formulas in their database for easy replication- without the VOCs). The only catch was that our swatch from True Value was one of the brands that they didn’t have in their system and Celery Sticks by Glidden was too new (just introduced a few months back) so it wasn’t yet in the database. Not to worry, we actually found two extremely similar (if not identical) Mythic colors in their deck. For the ceiling we landed on Adanna Aire (in a flat finish) and for the walls we ended up with Autumn Bloom (in an easy-care eggshell finish).

When we proudly returned home after purchasing our new nursery paint we remembered that the kind folks at Frog Tape had actually sent a few rolls our way so we could give it a try. We’ve heard so many good things about their mad scientist tape (which has a patented formula that creates a “micro-barrier” on the edge of the tape when paint comes in contact with it, which seals it and makes bleeding a virtual impossibility). Isn’t that some Bill Nye The Science Guy technology? We were intrigued to see what that magical green tape could really do…

We’ve always been fans of cutting in with a brush (specifically, a special little brush that I love) but we must admit that taping the crown molding off didn’t take very long…

… and it really made painting the edges of the ceiling go a lot faster than it would have if we were carefully edging by hand with a brush.

Oh and we interrupt all the tape talk to bring you our sad little nursery closet. We’re actually very lucky to have this pathetic little enclave since this room was originally a dining room so the fact that we could convert it into a bedroom (thanks to an already existent closet) was great. Too bad it looked like this. Wop wop.

We took off the door before we started painting (we’re planning a cute little closet facelift complete with a curtain that we can push to the side since the door swings out into the room and interferes with the main door to the nursery- grrrr).

And it was actually John’s fabulous idea to take the light aqua color from the ceiling and add it to the inside of the closet for a bit of fun. Isn’t he smart? The whole time he was painting the closet I was watching in awe and telling our baby girl what a decorating genius her daddy is (yes I talk to my stomach just as often as I talk to our chihuahua).

Here’s a sneak peek of the closet in progress, but we actually have to add a ton of baskets and bars (and the closet curtain of course) so stay tuned for another closet post when we get to that stage of the ol’ nursery makeover.

But back to the Frog Tape. After we finished painting two coats of soft aqua on the ceiling and in the closet it was time to remove the tape around the molding (we’re all about removing tape when the paint is still wet so it doesn’t peel any dried paint off with it when it comes down). And ladies and gentlemen we can definitively proclaim that we saw a sincere and amazing difference between blue painter’s tape and Frog Tape. It really does create a much crisper edge with zero bleeding or stippling. Seriously, it was such a clean line that it looked like we painted the ceiling before adding the white molding (which is always the goal). In short: it definitely would have come in handy for the horizontal stripes that we added to our half bathroom a while back and we’re extremely glad we had a chance to test drive it for our little nursery paint project.

So here’s the room after we removed the tape. Isn’t the soft blue ceiling sweet? But it’s only halfway there.

John was on a taping roll so he decided to keep going. Within about ten minutes he had taped off the bottom of the crown molding and also around the windows, doors, and baseboards. Then it was time for some warm pear green paint…

Ta-daaaa! Isn’t it a sweet and playful combination?

Oh and it bears mentioning that this photo was taken at night without any natural light (and wasn’t color corrected or anything)- so it’s a bit harsher and less subtle than it is in real life (especially in natural light). You’ll have to stick around for some daytime pics to really see it in all of its green and blue glory. Once we layer everything into the room (furniture, art, playful patterned curtains, a rug, a chandelier, etc) the walls will be the perfect cheerful-but-not-too-scary backdrop. And we love that it works with the rest of our home’s color palette thanks to the blue ceiling (which really relates to the soft gray-blue in our master bedroom and kitchen) while the green ties into everything from our guest bedroom’s bright green headboard to our more-neutral-but-still-taupey-green bathroom. We like to think of our home’s newly defined color scheme as “sea glass inspired” since it’s full of soft creams, sandy neutrals, serene blues, and a variety of greens- all colors of old weathered glass that can wash up on the beach.

So that’s a little update on our nursery progress. And we’ll toss in this sneak peek of a few of the fun accessories (fabric and a cozy area rug) that we snagged to layer into our freshly painted space. Stay tuned for those details coming soon.

And since everyone seems to love seeing our house when it’s messy, we snapped this photo of our living room’s console table which was bogged down with everything that used to be in the nursery (namely the nursery closet). The good news is that it has all since found a new home, but we know you love seeing our house all crazy-like, so enjoy!

And while we’re on the subject of painting, we’d love to know what color you guys gravitate towards when it comes to nurseries. Whether you’ve already painted one (or five) or just dream about whipping one up someday, we’d love to know what hues tickle your fancy. Pale pink? Brown and blue? Bright rainbow stripes? Spill the beans.


  1. Jenn R. says

    Sean and I chose Lemon Mint in Olympic’s no VOC paint for the walls of our nursery. We’re planning to get white furniture and use South Pacific for accents (like on the knobs of the dresser that my grandfather built, which we’re repainting). We can’t wait to find out next week if we’re expecting a little girl or boy!

  2. margie says

    Love the colors!

    I see you said you do two coats on the ceiling, do you also do two coats on the walls? How long do you wait before you put the second coat on? Did you do all the painting in one day?

    • says

      Mariel- We actually took a non-mood-board approach when it came to tackling our nursery, so keep an eye out for our next post which details the alternate method that we used. There’s definitely more than one way to skin a cat (ugh- that’s such a gross expression) so we wanted to share an alternate way that people can pull a room together even without a mood board. Stay tuned…

      Margie- We used two coats of paint for both the walls and the ceiling and pretty much applied the one after the other since by the time we were done with one coat and started in the same spot for the second that area was dry. We did all of the painting in about 3 hours or so on one evening. Hope it helps!


  3. Danielle says

    My first daughter’s nursery was a light celery green, and my middle daughter’s nursery was light pink. She moved into a different bedroom which is an odd yellow-chartreuse color called “wheatgrass” that she just loves. Daughter 3 is happily rooming in her sister’s pink room, but has “enhanced” the walls with a green crayon that I cannot seem to locate anywhere, yet mysteriously makes an appearance in the middle of the night. After three boxes of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, I’m seriously considering painting her room in chalkboard paint and supplying her with chalk. I will likely just repaint it this summer, but likely something more neutral since the house is going up for sale next year.

  4. says

    LOVE the idea of painting the ceiling, LOVE the colors you chose, and LOVE the idea of painting the closet to match! You guys are so great :)

    I actually just wrote a post last week about our future nursery {although I’m not yet preggers}. For boys’ rooms, I like aqua, yellow, and mint green. For girls’ rooms, I like cranberry jellow pink {really, it’s a color}, chartreuse, and baby pink.

  5. Melissa S says

    Oh my gosh that is so sweet! My hubby and I aren’t preggo yet but hopefully we’ll start getting that in the works this summer. I actually have a question I so hope you can help me with. I want our nursery to be in this cozy little room off the side of our house. Trouble is it only has one little window that resides in a little dormer. Both of the long walls are knee-walls because of our roof line which adds to the coziness but when we painted it a light blue color it was horrible! Like a baby-blue cave, yuck. Should I paint the sloped walls with the wall color? Or leave them the same color as the ceiling to make it look bigger? Do you think a cheery green would work? Or should we go with something that is a little ‘warmer’?

    I L.O.V.E your blog BTW- I check it multiple times every day to catch all the updates! Looking good Sherry!


    • says

      Hey Melissa S,

      Sometimes painting the sloped planes of a vaulted ceiling anything other than the same color as the walls can make the room feel all fractionalized and divided so we would recommend choosing a color that’s airy and open enough for the walls and the ceiling so everything can feel expansive and cohesive instead of all broken up and harsh. Does that make sense? Plus since you have the benefit of higher ceilings you don’t have to worry about the room feeling cramped and stuffy so even a medium toned color would look great on the walls and ceiling- especially since some color on the ceilings helps to make a lofty room feel more cozy and enveloping. Hope it helps!


  6. says

    when our first girl was in the “oven”, we had a hideous small second bedroom upstairs – it was the worst combination of mint green carpet, maroon trim (and closet door) and linen wall paper. gross. we took the carpet up and painted the floor a nice neutral sand tone. the trim and doors were taken to a crisp white (after about 7 coats of kilz and paint!) we removed the layers of wall paper and had to build up the walls with some texture paint (of course knocked down to a smooth flat surface.) and then we painted the walls a beautiful icy blue color. our girls have a sweet ocean feel to their room with surf accents in the bedding and rugs. now that it’s been that way for 5 years, i’m feeling the bug to redo the whole thing!

  7. says

    I’ve got my own little peanut on the way (17 weeks along!) and while it’s not quite time to start on the nursery I have been dreaming of robin’s egg blue walls, crisp white trim and bright punchy accents! We’re going to keep the gender a mystery so we’re going gender neutral all the way!

  8. Ivy says

    Ah, my favorite topic…my sons room. I am a lover of interiors that look like menswear, so for my toddler sons room, I chose (with my husbands approval) a light greyish green. To me, it looked like a color that you would see on a mens dress shirt and I felt that it was a color that he would grow with. He has roman shades that are a dark navy. Right now, he still has his “baby” furniture which was white wood, but for his new bedroom set, which we are searching for now, I would like to find an espresso wood.

  9. Misa says

    The Frog Tape IS the best!

    I am totally in love with BM’s Silver Satin right now, and I think it would make an amazing nursery color.

  10. Michelle says

    I had a professional painter tell me about frog tape and how amazing it is. I can’t wait to use it. He gets it at the local Sherwin-Williams store. Great colors. John should be commended for all his energy. It’s really coming along!

  11. Tiffany says

    I love the colors. I think it’s a great change from the usual pink. I actually did my baby girls nursery in light pink and fuschia. I’m glad you tried the mythic paint because I also started using it when repainting furniture because of the baby as well. Can’t wait to see more. I love the fabric choice.

  12. davesanngel says

    Our nursery has dormer issues, so we painted the very skinny ceiling and the slanted parts Pittsburgh Paint Lazy Daisy. Then for the low walls and the end walls, we used two colors and did one of each in Lemon Sage and Blue Bird. I love it! We’ve done all white furniture so far. I refinished a chest and a dresser Swan White on the outside and Orange Slice on the insides of the drawers. It is so cheery!

  13. Lorena says

    love love love the colors:) good idea John about the paint color in the closet. I’m a taper ~ I can’t edge AT ALL!!!

    My house is currentlay a mess and a construction zone! Removing several layers of wallpaper…with paint over it in the dining room and small hallway!!!

  14. says

    Love the colors you chose. I also saw your column in diy magazine. You guys are all over the place! Sherry looks great, the bean bump suit you. I cant wait to see the finished product. I used primary colors with my first. We were on a shoestring budget in an apartment. My second I knew was a boy and we did baby blue and white.

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