Basement Update: Hanging Our Bikes And Adding A Shade

We’re back with our weekly basement update (here’s where we left off) and this time we conquered the bare-bulb ceiling fixture (by dressing it up with a polished linen shade). We also snagged a vertical balancing bike rack (on sale!) since our cinder block walls make hanging weight-baring hooks and stands close to impossible) and got the ultimate surprise from Flor in the form of an awesome 5 x 8 rug thanks to their amazing carpet squares. Sure we still have to add privacy to the windows, paint the built-in cabinet near the bikes, build a screen to hide our eyesore of a water heater, and more… but here’s what the room looks like these days with the new DIY light fixture, discount bike rack and fun new area rug:

And you might wonder why the fine folks at Flor would offer us a free area rug of our choosing (other than the fact that they’re insanely sweet over there) but we’re actually teaming up with them for this week’s giveaway so they’re also dishing out a free area rug to one of our readers this afternoon (!). It’s a win-win situation. And installing the floor tiles we picked (after careful consideration we went for the fun and durable Ascot Stripe variety) was super easy. They even come with simple little sticky circles that adhere all of the corners from underneath…

… for a seamless and secure end result.

Now for the details on the bike rack. We were on the lookout for a rack that would allow us to store the bikes above one another for to maximize space and create some interest on the back wall… but the impossible cinder block walls made anything that has to be screwed or anchored to the wall totally out of the question. Enter this baby stage right (it was actually suggested by a reader in our last post- thanks Lauren!). Plus when we got to Target it happened to be on sale for $39 (down from $49) so we grabbed it and wasted no time getting both bikes off the floor. It’s kind of industial-chic, no?

The lamp shade also hails from Target, where we were immediately struck by the chic linen look, generous size, and great price. Twenty-five beans later we got it home, removed the ceiling bulb, slipped the metal ring that’s attached to the inside the shade onto the bulb, and screwed the bulb back into the formerly bare fixture box. Basically it’s the same way you’d put a shade on a table lamp, but it hangs from the ceiling instead.

Here’s a detail shot where you can see the metal ring from the shade slipped over the bulb and held in place by screwing the bulb into place in the overhead fixture box. So easy and so much cleaner looking! We also emplyed this method in the den to class up our ceiling fan (here’s that link for ya).

So that’s where we are with the basement. As we mentioned, we still have the windows and the water heater (among other things) to address, so stick around for those updates soon. And we also plan to load up on containers and bins to store a whole mess of stuff in the armoires that we added last week so stay tuned for all the nitty gritty organizing details when we throw open the doors and bare all.

And while we’re on the subject of organizing, what do you guys prefer? Clear plastic bins so you can see everything inside? Opaque bins so you can’t? Wire baskets for Parisian flair? Fabric boxes or cardboard ones in fun colors? Name your favorite organization accessories at the beep. Beeeeeep.


  1. says

    I love the room so far! I just barely heard of the Flor store and they seem like great, versatile rugs. I wonder how one of those would be for a dining room…

    As for organizing, I prefer clear bins for the basement, but for places with open storage like bookshelves and bathroom shelves, I prefer either wicker baskets or cutesy-colored cardboard boxes.

  2. Bethney says

    I can’t believe how awesome your basement looks already! It makes me wish I had one so I could make it as chic as yours!

    Also, we use opaque bins with labels on the outside to store our belongings. I’d rather not see the unorganized mess that is inside them haha.

  3. says

    Looking good! I like to use a variety of things to get organized with. I have a ton of those rectangular baskets with cloth liners all over the house, as well as some pretty printed boxes in the dining room, plastic bins in the bathroom and wire baskets and paper boxes in the office. I guess you could say I’m eclectic? :-)

  4. Stacy says

    The quick lighting fix is awesome! I actually did that same thing Saturday with a 14″ drum shade I found at target for… get this… FOUR DOLLARS! I was one happy camper:)

  5. says

    It looks amazing! What a transformation. My husband and I have the same bike rack! Isn’t it great? We absolutely love it, it saved us a big headache from having to drill into the wall in the garage.

  6. Marcia says

    Your basement storage is very impressive looking. It amazes me that you are leaving empty space there though. My storage needs would required much more actual shelving!!!

  7. Jessica M says

    We love FLOR at our house! We have a large one in our dining room (it’s awesome that we were able to custom-design it to match our walls and furniture), and 3 of the brightly colored round rugs in our toddler’s room. If you’re in Atlanta, you can visit their showroom to see the tiles in person AND get a discount on shipping!

    I like clear bins for storage, mostly because they’re usually pretty cheap if not on sale! We don’t have a lot of open storage elsewhere in the house, so decorative choices aren’t really necessary.

  8. tammylee says

    I bought this same shad and made my own pendant fixture for my foyer. gotta love Target! everywhere else this size shade was 50 and up.

  9. Sally says

    I’m a huge fan of pretending that my life is in perfect order. This usually requires opacity. :) … Although, there is a certain place for the non-opaque in the pretending scheme. If everything is behind closed drawers, you might tip people off. Sometimes you have to show a little, in highly organized fashion, of course, to keep up the charade. :)

    • says

      Hey Kelly,

      Just follow the links to “Flor” and “Ascot Stripe” in the post to check out tile square costs (they really vary depending on what you select). And you’re so right about the easy care and flexibility! Hope it helps.


  10. Jill Stigs says

    Looks fantastic! Love the flor tiles……….may have to look into that for my kitchen since my family room and bedrooms are carpeted. I have all different colored bins in my garage……one of these days, I will get organized enough to label the outsides. Seeing as though I am the complete opposite of a packrat, I don’t have all that many.

  11. says

    Even though we all know about your L O VE / H A T E relationship with ikea, my suggestion would be to get some more matching boxes to tie everything in together.

  12. Jen says

    I’m beginning to think we’re the only ones who did not have a good experience with our FLOR rug. Maybe it was the type we got? Not sure .. but after just one day with our cats it looked awful – covered in cat hair and scratched to pieces. I’ve never had a rug wear so badly/so quickly. It never looked clean to me …. And it’s sad, because I love how they look in photos

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