What’s The (Floor) Plan Stan?

We had so much fun showing you the ins and outs of our house’s exterior layout back in June, that we’re back to share Casa Petersik’s actual interior floor plan. We know it’s pretty hard to picture how rooms flow into one another when you’re looking at a series of photos (like the before & afters on our House Tour page), so here’s hoping this makes some sense out of the three bedroom, one and a half bathroom brick ranch that we call home…

Of course the house didn’t start out as a three bedroom (remember we moved our dining area into the living room and converted the formal dining room into a third bedroom by closing off the old door to the kitchen- which gained us a heckova lot more cabinet space?). Ah those were the days. Just for fun here’s the old dining room we inherited (see that doorway on the left that led into the old kitchen?)


And here’s the same room as a bedroom, with that doorway sealed off and drywalled (it already had a closet so it was practically begging to be converted):


And because we sealed off that doorway from the old dining room that led to the kitchen (see it there on the right in the picture below?) we were able to take an old room that looked like this…


… to an updated kitch with over 50% more counter space & storage now that the door on the right wall was replaced by an entire wall of cabinetry and appliances (including a dishwasher that the original floor plan never would have accommodated).


That’s one of the reasons we always encourage people to live in a space for a while before renovating, since it’s a solution we never would have thought of off the bat. Not in a million years. We also probably never would have had the guts to tear down the bifold doors and the wall in the laundry area to create a nice little exposed laundry nook that’s a lot less closed in (as you can see from the floor plan above, that hallway was a bit claustrophibic before we opened things up- just imagine a line where the bifold doors once were). Here are things mid-demo (so you can see where the old doors and upper wall were):


And here are things now, more open and functional (plus you can actually do laundry and have access to the back door which leads to the sunroom (back in the days of the bifold doors, if they were open they blocked access to the back door- frustrating, no?).


As you can see, a workable floor plan really does make all the difference. Not only can it make for a seamless feeling and effortless flow, but it can actually make day to day life easier and your entire house more functional for you and your family. And the glorious thing is that while others might consider a formal dining room a necessity or want to keep their washer and dryer behind closed doors, owning a home is all about personalizing it for the way you live so you love coming home to it every single day. So don’t be afraid to tailor your house to best meet your needs (unless you’re planning to sell, say, next week)… after all you’re the one paying the mortgage!

So what about you guys. Have you altered your floor plan in any way to accommodate something that the original layout was missing? Are you planning any restructuring to add functionality or just plain beauty to your home? Do tell.

Update- Due to tons of room size requests, we’ve added each of our room’s approximate measurements: sunroom: 18′ x 13′, half bathroom: 3.5′ x 5.5′, laundry nook: 6′ x 7′, den: 19′ x 9′, kitchen: 13′ x 10′, living/dining room: 22′ x 12′, third bedroom/nursery: 8′ x 10′, full bathroom: 7′ x 6′, guest bedroom: 10′ x 10.5′, master bedroom: 12.5′ x 11.5′.


  1. Diane says

    Thank you – I am a visual person and the floor plan helps me!! For a while now, I have been thinking that a floor plan would be a great addition to your design boards. But that may be just too time consuming?? Keep up the good work!

    • says

      Hey Diane,

      We would love to find the time to whip up a floor plan to accompany every mood board but because our clients already know the ins and outs of their own rooms they aren’t absolutely necessary. We would love to add them for our readers though! Here’s hoping we can squeeze even more time out of the day soon…


  2. says

    Hi, I’m doing a small makeover.
    Easy to say but hard to do… I’ll close the balcony, to have more space in the living room that I’ll become a dining and a living room.

    Good luck for me.

  3. says

    We were missing a garage! Well, we HAD one when we bought the house, but one wall had fallen off of its foundation (yikes) so we knocked that one down and left the backyard empty for the winter. This summer we started building the garage from scratch, no contractors involved (double yikes) but we definitely pulled the appropriate city permits. We put the roof on last weekend and we start siding tonight!

  4. travis says

    Good morning Sherry! We are thinking about a slightly different floor plan to improve the openness of our 1st floor, which would include the kitchen, dining and living area. It might be a little more simple with a one story, but did you all have to inquire about how to deal with load bearing walls? I want to do a lot of the work (especially demo) ourselves, but want to be extra careful about structural integrity. We have a 3 story house plus a basement. Do you have any sugestions on who to ask to take a look at such a thing? Thanks!

  5. Danielle says

    Thanks for sharing the layout!

    I was wondering how did you make this? I would like to do this for my home too! Is this with help from a computer or did you draw this out!

    P.S. I absolutely love your blog! You guys have the cuteest ideas! Keep up the great work!

  6. Sugar Cookie says

    Hi, Sherry. I’m just wondering if you and John have had conversations about any possible floor plan changes in the future. For example, have you talked about one day needing a bigger dining room space once you start a family? If you’ve had “what if’s” like that, what are some possible solutions that you have discussed? You seem to view your home as an evolving, ever-changing space and I’m interested in what further floor plan changes might be in your future. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Jennifer says

    We have a brick ranch that was built in 1969 that has the usual formal living room and dining room. We never used the formal living and the dining room was quite small, so we bought a huge 12 seater dining room table (to use on holidays and birthday gatherings) and put it in the old formal living room. The room was longer and more narrow and had wood floors so it worked out just fine. We then turned the old formal dining area into an office. The only problem was there was no overhead light in the living room (and still isn’t), so we put lamps in two corners on buffets. There are all these hooks in our ceiling, though, so some sort of fixture must have hung on those at one time?!?!

  8. Tiki says

    This is great, and so cute!

    I have a question about your third bedroom…which West Elm daybed do you have in there? I’m looking for a daybed for a room in our new house, I’m leaning towards the white one thaat you have in your sunroom though. Thanks!

  9. says

    Great visual, the aspect I really love about this floor plan is the “drawing” quality of it. Is this a specific program you use? It adds life to something that can become quite technical.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      Kate, Janell and Danielle- So glad you guys are digging our little layout sketch. I actually drew out the floor plan by hand, scanned it in and added the typed words and washes of color in Photoshop. Hope it helps!

      Tiki- The West Elm daybed that we have in the third bedroom is no longer available (it was a slightly cheaper option than the one in our sunroom so we snatched it up to sleep one more person in the third bedroom on the cheap) but perhaps you can find it on ebay? Otherwise the “overlapping squares” one that we have in the sunroom is still available. Good luck!

      Sugar Cookie- We do talk about how the house will evolve over time when our family grows, and I think we both love the idea that our house can change with us (we’re never annoyed to talk about future changes, we actually get excited about it). We have talked about our third bedroom becoming a nursery and maybe even making the sunroom a finished interior room that’s heated and cooled (right now it’s a three-season room that can’t be used in the winter) so that’s another way we can add livable square footage. We also talk about our impending basement makeover (since it’s a detached space we’ll use it for storage, not living, but down the line it would make an adorable finger painting studio for our future kiddos to really get messy since it won’t be full of upholstered pieces and good furniture). I guess to answer your question we’re always thinking about how we could change our house for the better, and we’re certain there will be a lot of little alterations as we go- and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

      Travis- Load baring walls are no joke so we always get an expert opinion when we’re altering them, even in the slightest way (like widening a doorway by a few feet). In fact when we widened the doorway from the den to the kitchen we had to call in a mason since that was once an exterior wall so it was super important that we did things correctly (or the roof could have actually collapsed!) so he helped us use a big metal rod to support the new doorway and remove parts of the wall safely and efficiently (and only charged around $200 for the whole shebang). Although it sounds like you want to do a lot of the work yourself, at least getting an expert opinion (maybe even several opinions) is always the way to save money (and your home’s structural integrity) in the end. Hope it helps!


  10. says

    That floor plan drawing is super cute – did you do that yourself?

    I have dreams of adding a half bath to our basement. Our laundry room is HUGE (it’s actually bigger than our smallest bedroom!) so we have the room add it there, but I’m not sure about getting all the plumbing there. Maybe someday :)

  11. Loren says

    Not sure if this counts as a ‘renovation’ because I’m a renter. But my apartment has an extra ‘bedroom’ that is about 7ft by 11ft. When I moved in it was filled with poorly constructed shelves because the previous occupant had SO many clothes they didn’t fit the two smaller closets in the apartment.
    So I took the shelves down and we are creating a ‘bednook’ a-la Thomas Jefferson. Because a queen-sized bed and small dresser(maybe even a tiny bedside table) will fit into the room with inches to spare. Hanging some white floor length curtains creates a cozy little nook for two.
    And this lets me turn the current bedroom into an ‘office’ so the computer and the TV won’t have to be in the same room any more.

  12. Leslie says

    I have heard that indoor/outdoor rugs are great to use in kitchens b/c they are durable and easy to clean. I noticed you have a rug in your kitchen – is it an indoor/outdoor rug? If it is not, do you have any issues w/cleaning it? Thx!

    • says

      Hey Leslie,

      Our kitchen rug (along with the one in the den and the third bedroom) are all natural fiber jute rugs, so while they’re not made for ourdoor weather they really hold up well to stains and crumbs and spills (we occasionally vacuum them and shake them out outside to keep them clean). If you can imagine how spilling something on a broom might be (the fibers are straw-like so they don’t absorb things like wool or cotton rugs would) that’s a good indication of how a natural fiber rug like ours will work in your home. They’re not the softest things to cozy up to like a bear rug or anything, but for the durability and the classic look we can’t help loving jute!


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