Fun Friday Departure: Costume Chitchat

With Halloween finally upon us we’re wondering if you guys plan to host parties, attend them, attend them in costume or just answer the door and shove fistfulls of Butterfingers at the three-foot-tall ghosts and goblins ringing your bell. Something about Halloween is especially intriguing to us this year. Maybe because it’s sort of a before and after fest when it comes to your house (our porch and our living room had a little spooky makeover) and even when it comes to yourself (if you’re dressing up there’s a definite transformation that takes place). So tell us all about who or what you’ll be for the night (any Jon & Kate Plus 8s? Or how about those cute kids from the movie Juno?) along with what kind of parties you’re hosting or attending, and most of all, what your kiddos (four-legged or two) are dressing up as. There have been many (many) requests for photos of Burger in his costume so without further ado we present to you… Hamburger the hot dog:

We picked up this little ditty to the tune of $9.99 at Target. And two out of three Petersiks were super excited about the purchase.

If Burger had his way he’d wear it like this…

So tell us all about your big Halloween plans and don’t forget to drop in on Burger’s blog to see what he really thinks about wearing mustard and relish on his back. Viva Halloween!


  1. says

    My friends and I are Lost fans so we are going (in a group of nine) as “Sexy Dharma Initiative.” We bought jumpsuits, cut them up to short shorts, made patches, and name badges, and props. I am so so excited!

  2. says

    My husband and I will be hitting the town as Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife, Beth. And we will be handing out candy with our two cats dressed as a squirrel and a turtle (also purchased at Target). Check out my blog to see their pics :)

  3. says

    GAW! That is too cute- and really who doesn’t want both a burger AND a hot dog when at a cookout? Brilliant.
    Too cute!

    My 2 year is Yoda. He totally rocks it- I will be a mom with a bowl of candy- a perennial favorite.

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    Happy Halloween Eve! We have decided against dressing our dog Nimbus up in a costume because he will eat the costume. Guaranteed. As far as the humans in this family are concerned, we’re having friends over for dinner – dressing up of course! – and hitting a Halloween fiesta nextdoor. We’re also going to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters. I’m going to dress up as Aphrodite & my husband is going to be the Swine Flu… black wings, black robes, and a pig snout!

  5. Sugar Cookie says

    Yes, my husband and I will also be dressed up as Jon & Kate for a Halloween party tomorrow night. But today, my co-worker and I dressed up as a couple costume as well – she is a pig and I am a doctor… except that when you put us together (as long as I am wearing my surgical mask to cover my nose and mouth), we are Swine Flu! Pretty clever, we thought. (Unless that offends you… then we are just a pig and a doctor!!)

  6. says

    My our is dressing up as a creepy Dr. I my hasband is going to wear spooky makeup and take him trick or treating. I’m staying home and will pass out candy and make yummy treats fro them. Our dog Mojo – is getting his costume tonight!

  7. Mallory says

    My puppy Lucy has the exact same costume – from Target and everything. Except I procrastinated and picked it up just the other day; at least Halloween stuff was 30% off then. :)

  8. says

    hahah i love burgers costume! we got our chi a dino costume!
    p.s. on one of your recent posts i saw a framed silohuete of burger. how did you make that?

  9. Megan says

    My friends and I enjoy doing FUNNY homemade halloween costumes, and just partying with each other! i’m going as a tray of sushi complete with wasabi/ginger headband, while my bf is a sushi chef! i’ll be attending the party with a shower loofah, a crayon, and a frog :) Happy Halloween!!!

  10. Sarah says

    I was planning to be Where’s Waldo, but a red and white stripe shirt turned out to be hard to find. So i went pink and white and plan now to be Walda…his girlfriend.

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