Fun Friday Departure: Costume Chitchat

With Halloween finally upon us we’re wondering if you guys plan to host parties, attend them, attend them in costume or just answer the door and shove fistfulls of Butterfingers at the three-foot-tall ghosts and goblins ringing your bell. Something about Halloween is especially intriguing to us this year. Maybe because it’s sort of a before and after fest when it comes to your house (our porch and our living room had a little spooky makeover) and even when it comes to yourself (if you’re dressing up there’s a definite transformation that takes place). So tell us all about who or what you’ll be for the night (any Jon & Kate Plus 8s? Or how about those cute kids from the movie Juno?) along with what kind of parties you’re hosting or attending, and most of all, what your kiddos (four-legged or two) are dressing up as. There have been many (many) requests for photos of Burger in his costume so without further ado we present to you… Hamburger the hot dog:

We picked up this little ditty to the tune of $9.99 at Target. And two out of three Petersiks were super excited about the purchase.

If Burger had his way he’d wear it like this…

So tell us all about your big Halloween plans and don’t forget to drop in on Burger’s blog to see what he really thinks about wearing mustard and relish on his back. Viva Halloween!


  1. says

    Actually yes! My fiance and I are going as Jon and Kate… just hope we don’t get too into character, the night could end badly lol.

  2. says

    Ah! Cutie-patotie Burger! He looks so scrumptious, and yet so contradictory. My hubby and I only have non-trick-or-treating children, so no extra free candy in this house. We are going hiking instead, and hoping no black cats cross our path!

  3. Meredith says

    My friends and I are going as roller derby girls! We’re all lawyers, so our team name is “Attorneys at Brawl” and we all have appropriate nicknames. I’m kind of excited to do the transformation….

  4. Letty says

    Hahaha! I looove Burger’s costume– too cute! I wish my beagle would let me dress him up :(

    I’m dressed as a pimp– purple suede hat, lots of “gold” necklaces and a $ sign “gold” ring, shiny shirt underneath my slick suit, feather boa, and of course, a pimp cane covered in zebra material with a disco ball top! I’m dressed like this at my job, and I’m a female attorney. Fun times!

  5. Miranda says

    Funny – you say “finally,” I say ALREADY?!?!

    We have no major plans, just taking my boys Super WHY (aka 4-y.o. Fletcher) and Davy Crockett (aka 2-y.o. Cormac) Trick-or-Treating.

    We attended a Halloween/Harvest/Birthday party for my 3-y.o. niece last weekend. Pumpkin painting, Trick-or-Treat Train, hay ride…

  6. Cathryn says

    We buy a dog costume for my parent’s dog every year. Augie is a happy Bichon who loves all the doorbell-ringing on Halloween. He generally does not care for his costume much, though.

    Our best for him: a red fire hydrant (also from Target)

    His expression in all the Halloween pics is very similar to Burger’s mug. “What did I do to deserve this?”

  7. says

    Okay, I’m not going to lie – I literally squealed when I opened this post and saw Burger in a hot dog costume. (The irony is so appreciated!) Thanks for reminding me that somewhere inside me, there is a six-year-old who loves to see puppies in costumes : )

  8. Loren says

    Yes! We are hosting our first party as a ‘couple’. Lots of food, drinks, and bad horror movies will be found! I am going as Jubilee (she’s an X-man) and I talked my man into being Gambit (Taylor Kitsch’s character in the Wolverine movie).
    We’re real excited and have been working on the Halloween ‘party mix’ all week :)

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