Shopping For Inspiration (Bonus: It’s Free)

What’s more fun than window shopping with a barrel of monkeys? Invading a fabulous little gift shop in Nashville with Katie Bower and recording three items that we think you can DIY yourself! We threw together this little ditty back when we ran into each other during our Dallas road trip (after putting together this video series about the hotel where we stayed). Of course the shopkeepers at Social Graces (our official new favorite haunt whenever we find ourselves in Tennessee) were amazingly sweet to let us come charging in with our Flip video camera in tow. And here’s what we found (watch it on Vimeo below or right here on YouTube):

So whaddya think? Any favorite projects among the bunch? Any other simple DIY decor ideas that you guys might be putting on your to-do list? From ribbons and burlap to spray paint and stenciling, we’d love to know what you have on the agenda.

Psst- Check out Katie Bower’s amazing casa right here, and next time you’re in Nashville see if you can convince her to meet you there.


    • says

      Hmmm, good question! We definitely work on the blog 24/7 but we love what we do so it usually doesn’t feel too much like work. We’re just sure to have our camera (and video camera) on hand all the time to capture inspiration wherever it pops up, and since it’s my bona fide full time job and John’s pretty heavy-duty part time job we work long days, nights, weekends and even holidays to keep our little blog baby going!


  1. Tracie says

    It’s amazing how you girls find these things. I’m addicted to both of your blogs and you have made the learning curve of decorating so much easier for me, And AFFORDABLE! I just saw the painted bottles and knew exactly where I could put them in my house along with the supplies that we have just sitting around waiting for me to do something with. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. jessie says

    sorry this isn’t related, but i have been looking all morning for the web site where you can plug in a brand and name of paint, and it will generate matches in different brands, and the percentage to which it matches. i hae used it a lot, and cannot find it for the life of me! do you know what i am talking about?!

    • says

      Hey Jessie,

      We’ve never heard of it, but it sounds like our idea of a good time. Do share the url if you end up hunting it down! Maybe someone else who knows of it will chime in? Here’s hoping…


  3. says

    Thanks Ladies for the video! I love that burlap monogrammed pillow! I adore custom pillows and have sewn one of my own down filled with some fabric I picked up and hope to try the burlap too! :) I hope you’ll keep these videos coming!

  4. Miranda says

    Bumeoli! I know the videos are new and great for you, but I miss the photos! Most of the time, I only have time to check out the blog in snippets while at work. Poppin’ in for a quick read is fine, but it’s totally not kosher to be watching streaming videos at work.

    Maybe someday I’ll catch up…

    • says

      Hey Miranda,

      We still publish over ten posts a week full of photos galore, so just think of our weekly video as a little bonus that you can check out after hours. Hope it helps!


  5. Natalie says

    Oh my gosh I love that store- I just visited Nashville and spent waaay too long browsing. Plus, the owner is a KY girl like myself :)

  6. says

    Fun stuff, y’all!!! You know, I’ve been thinking about working out my own crest on burlap to cover the two chair seats at each end of our kitchen table. The chairs are caned and somewhat french-looking (although, no where near antique or valuable at all). I was thinking that the burlap seat might really swank ’em up. I know how to stencil onto fabric, but I’m not at all sure where I could snag a stencil with our monogram (M) that had this vintage french flea market look to it. Ideas for resources??



    • says

      Good question Jacci! We would recommend making your own stencil with cardboard or acetate sheets. Just print out a cool initial or font from Google or even Microsoft Word and blow it up at Kinkos if you have to. Then trace it onto your acetate or cardboard and carefully cut it out with an exacto knife. Hope it helps!



  7. says

    Looks like a fun little shop! We have one kinda like that up here in Fairfax, VA called ‘the nest egg.’ I plan to go stalking soon for some DIY ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Janis in Scotland says

    Well, couldn’t really afford expensive curtains for living room so bought the cream eyelet curtains and then bought brown wide ribbon tape and made a border down the length which looks really good and gives them a slight edge.


  9. Janis in Scotland says

    Ooops – should have said I bought the curtains from Ikea which were really cheap – about £20 so around $38 you would pay.

  10. Rachel says

    I live in Franklin which is right outside of Nashville. Why have i never heard of this little shop? I must go! Can you tell me where exactly it is located in Nashville? I couldn’t find a website.

    • says

      Hey Rachel,

      You can see the website url at the end of our video so that should help you find the shop’s location. We also think we remember it being in an area called Hillsboro Village. Hope it helps!


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