Ride With Us To Texas, Won’t You?

After mentioning our near cross-country road trip last week, did you find yourself wondering how we entertained ourselves for over forty hours of driving? Well, we filmed a lot of it with our trusty Flip video camera. And we spent this past weekend not in the car (hootie hoo!), but trimming down all that footage into a little musical montage video of our road-trip-on-steroids.

For those curious enough to take the journey with us, we can promise you’ll see:

  • Some less than healthy drive-thru decisions
  • A bit of behind the wheel dancing
  • Grade A nerd behavior in the form of a geographic-tastic driving game
  • Sherry in bed with another woman
  • Obligatory Burger footage
  • Absolutely zero footage of Sherry driving (because it never happened)
  • Fast-food inspired decorating ideas (we didn’t say they’re good)
  • Sherry with her hair down (yes, for all you why-don’t-you-lose-the-ponytail peeps)
  • Visiting cultural attractions – scratch that, visiting a Pottery Barn Outlet
  • A preview of our adventures with the Bowers and my cousin’s wedding, which we’ll share more of soon.

So, without further ado, please enjoy the virtual road trip below (or watch it directly on Vimeo)

And while we’re on the subject, tell us where we can get a sneak peek at some of your summer travels. Got any good road trip stories to share? Photos posted somewhere to view? If anyone else has iMovied a little road trip video, we’d love to see it. Long live long drives!


  1. says

    If a major TV network doesn’t pick you guys up in the next 6 months my head might just explode.

    I wanted to be bored by this video. But I couldn’t. You guys are adorable. Even my 2 and 4 year old watched and danced along and copied all the poses John made.

    PS Were all the still shots captured by the Flip as well?

    • says

      Amanda, you’re too kind! And glad to hear we got the kiddos busting a move! The flip only does video, so the still photos were taken on our little Canon Powershot (which you can sort of see when when Sherry’s snapping that Hour #4 pic of me in Arkansas). Though a few of the Nashville ones were from Katie Bower’s fancy schmancy big camera, which is why they’re crazy amazing.

      Christen L, we don’t mind sharing at all. We’ve been doing all of our video editing in iMovie 09. And we’ve been using http://www.creativecommons.org to search for free songs. You can use their search feature to access artists on Jamendo who make their music available for use, and most just ask that you give them credit. Hope that helps!


  2. christen L says

    You guys are so creative! What a great way to record your travels!! :) If you don’t mind sharing, what program do you use to edit the videos? Also, where do you recommend looking to find great free songs? I have about 3 trip videos I need to edit. I foresee a fun little project in my future…

    ps – Love the Pottery Barn score. Aren’t outlets the best!? Even more impressive, though, that John let you go in without him. My hubby would have tied our dog to a tree before he risked sending me in alone. ;)

  3. kelly says

    How do you track what states you have traveled to? Do you use a website or do you have a map at home?

    I am looking to do the same thing!

    • says

      Hey Kelly,

      Besides our noggins, we’ve kept track of all the cities and states we’ve visited together on this vintage map that hangs above Sherry’s desk. We haven’t put our latest road trip pins in yet, but we’re planning to add one for each of the major cities we drove through – at least one in each state. We’ll be sure to share an updated pic of it once we’re done.


  4. says

    Love the video. Yall are too cute as usual. Thanks for bringing us along. Yall are on my list of blogs to check frequently. And believe me I do…

  5. Mandy says

    Great video, too fun! Glad you enjoyed your stay in my current city – Nashville! When you are trying to figure out where you ate, if it was in Nashville then it was Rippy’s (bbq place on Broadway). : )

  6. Torey says

    How is it possible that you guys spend 41 hours in the car and still looked amazing? You both have the most incredible skin. Maybe you could start a beauty tips blog as well. :)

  7. Christen L says

    Thanks John! Btw, the Hotel Preston looked like it was super cool. How do you find great hotels that also allow animals?

  8. Val says

    The entire video was great, but I have to say that my favorite part was John with the 2 up, 2 down reppin’ the state. Hilarious!

    And you’ve inspired me to start taking pictures on my own road trips. What a creative way to pass the time! :)

  9. Dee says

    You guys are the best blogginy blog bloggers in the blogosphere! Videos, photos, music and 9 posts published remotely! Talk about dedicated. And how do you keep looking so darn cute hour after hour for over 40 hours in a car?
    Thanks for another peek into your life. You are a sweet, sweet couple, I mean trio.

  10. says

    Okay, that was fun! I’m from Virginia but went to college in Texas, where I also happen to have lots of family. My husband’s from Atlanta, where he also still has lots of family. Since we live in Virginia now, we’ve made this exact drive many times. It’s lots more fun when it’s distilled into 15 minutes!

  11. Lisa says

    This was so much fun! Thanks for publishing it. And just out of curiosity, where is that Pottery Barn outlet? We are headed to Atlanta to visit my husband’s extended family next month, and then to the Raleigh/Durham area around new year’s (basketball game at hubby’s alma mater, Duke)… so if I can sneak in a side trip to a PB (or Williams-Sonoma) outlet, I would be psyched!

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