Ride With Us To Texas, Won’t You?

After mentioning our near cross-country road trip last week, did you find yourself wondering how we entertained ourselves for over forty hours of driving? Well, we filmed a lot of it with our trusty Flip video camera. And we spent this past weekend not in the car (hootie hoo!), but trimming down all that footage into a little musical montage video of our road-trip-on-steroids.

For those curious enough to take the journey with us, we can promise you’ll see:

  • Some less than healthy drive-thru decisions
  • A bit of behind the wheel dancing
  • Grade A nerd behavior in the form of a geographic-tastic driving game
  • Sherry in bed with another woman
  • Obligatory Burger footage
  • Absolutely zero footage of Sherry driving (because it never happened)
  • Fast-food inspired decorating ideas (we didn’t say they’re good)
  • Sherry with her hair down (yes, for all you why-don’t-you-lose-the-ponytail peeps)
  • Visiting cultural attractions – scratch that, visiting a Pottery Barn Outlet
  • A preview of our adventures with the Bowers and my cousin’s wedding, which we’ll share more of soon.

So, without further ado, please enjoy the virtual road trip below (or watch it directly on Vimeo)

And while we’re on the subject, tell us where we can get a sneak peek at some of your summer travels. Got any good road trip stories to share? Photos posted somewhere to view? If anyone else has iMovied a little road trip video, we’d love to see it. Long live long drives!


  1. casey k. says

    Awe! Great road trip. I’m jealous some *other* casey got to see you guys while you were here though. hahaha.

  2. Kristen says

    Haha – this was too much fun! Great road trip video! It makes me want to go on another road trip with friends! :)
    I can’t wait to see pictures of the wedding and cool things you found in PB!

  3. says

    Every time y’all crossed through into a new state, I wanted y’all to roar!

    When I was little, my grandfather always called it the state LION instead of the state line so it was obligatory that we roar–and I somehow forgot that the rest of the world doesn’t do that too!

    But I totally recommend roaring the next time you go through a state LION–I have a feeling Burger would like it too.

  4. says

    Great video, thanks for documenting your roadtrip — it was much comfier to watch from my desk than to sit in the car for 40+ hours! :) Do you guys use the WordPress app for the iPhone, or something else?

  5. Jen Z. says

    What a great video. Thanks for taking us along your trip. Can’t wait to see your other videos and pictures from your trip. And love your great find at Pottery Barn Outlet. ;-)

  6. says

    Holy friggin cuteness! Love, love, love the hair down Sherry and John’s pretty cute rockin the stubble. You guys need to teach us how you put together these crazy creative videos – love them!

  7. says

    Love your video guys…especially the part where I maul Sherry with my booger wipes :) I can’t imagine how much work it took to edit that thing! Can’t wait to see the white charger station in action :)

    XO – KayBee

    • says

      Aww Katie B we miss you mucho! John and I laughed for about ten minutes watching the bad takes of you itching your nose. The best was you saying “you can’t even see it- nobody will notice” while it was totally obvious and funny. You don’t even know how hysterical you are. We were dying!


  8. says

    Great video guys! I have to say that my favorite part was seeing Burger in action. He is such a cute and well-behaved dog! We have two chihuahuas – T-Rex is great at traveling (he will sit on your leg and peacefully go to sleep), but our newest chihuahua puppy, Arriba has too much energy to be quiet!

  9. says

    This summer I took part of the longest road trip I have ever been on. My husband and I drove from Tulsa, Oklahoma all the way to San Francisco, California. We had a good reason, which was my first nephew was just born and we went to visit him. I am not a HUGE fan of road trips but it was still fun. We tried to keep ourselves from being bored. Unfortunatly my husband was in the same position and I didn’t really drive much. Leave it to the man to drive and the women can keep them entertained.

  10. Alicia says

    We couldn’t believe we saw the Walhalla, SC sign…that’s where we live! The Gaffney peach is known as “the butt” to our family. ha ha.

    I love your blog. Keep those ideas coming.

  11. Kristi W says

    It’s so funny that you didn’t see any North Dakota license plates. I grew up in ND, and when we tried to play the license plate game driving on road trips there, we wouldn’t see anything BUT North Dakota plates. Hence it wasn’t a very fun game. Haha. Cute video! I enjoyed it.

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