Wedding Week II: Where We Almost Tied The Knot

By now you all know that we had our wedding right here at Casa Petersik, but we actually booked a real venue right after we got engaged (before we ever laid eyes on our brick ranch). Of course as soon as we saw our future home we desperately begged for our deposit back (since it was still over a year in advance) and the venue generously handed back every last cent. We were super excited to take on an at-home wedding (you know we love a good DIY project) but we must admit that our first planned wedding location was pretty sweet too. So we stopped by two years later to take a walk down memory lane (and snag some photos to share with you guys). Without further ado we bring you the place where we almost got married: Stony Point School.


It’s a lovely little private school housed in a historic tudor mansion complete with amazing herringbone-patterned bricks, a slate roof and even a charming little breezeway.


Around back, just beyond that sweet little breezeway is a gorgeous green expanse of lush lawn to accommodate an outdoor ceremony, a tented reception, a patio for a swanky little cocktail hour and even some charming old brick walkways and other delicious details that had us at hello.


Here’s one of those sweet brick walkways that leads from the patio area down to the grassy lawn.


And look at this amazing brick archway covered in creeping ivy. Can you imagine the wedding pictures we could have taken with this backdrop?


Probably the most magical feature was this tree-lined path that ran parallel to the lush lawn. We pictured setting up a few “attractions” in this area just left of the reception tent (maybe our photo clothesline and a yellow & green themed candy bar could have made an appearance?).


And just look at this brick & slate birdhouse atop one of the brick walls that ran along the side of the yard. Have you ever seen such fabulous digs for a bird? It was details like this that made us fall fast and hard for this one-of-a-kind location.


Here’s another spot that would have been a killer photo backdrop. Who wouldn’t want to pose in front of that iron ivy-riddled gate? So green and gorgeous!


And here’s that amazing tree-lined path from the other direction. This really was our favorite feature of the entire venue. See that light steaming through the trees? It really is a magical little spot.


But even without the brick birdhouse and the rest of the amazing private school scenery, we still think our backyard wedding was the bee’s knees (and of course we saved some money by having it at home instead):



Everything happens for a reason, right? And maybe sharing this little Stony Point School shout-out will help a few engaged locals find the wedding location of their dreams!

What about you guys. Any almost-wedding locations that you pulled out of way ahead of time (or just days before?). Is there anyone else who has considered getting married at a school or a private home? Do tell.

p.s. Remember our BIIIIIIG ANNOUNCEMENT? Well, we’re dropping the bomb no later than Monday so stay tuned…


  1. Cat says

    Hello, fellow Richmonders. I’m hosting a party at my home and would love to have the same or similar lights strung across the yard. Did you rent or buy yours, and where? Thanks!

  2. says

    What a beautiful venue for a wedding! I think you guys really captured the look and feel of the school house in your back yard though. I adore all of your wedding idea’s and the DIY touch makes everything that much more special!

    Im not sure if I can take the anticipation of waiting until Monday for the BIIIIIIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

  3. Holly says

    This is so beautiful, reminds me of Charleston SC!

    I’m beginning to think the big announcement is either a new website, magazine or something to do with TV… I’m about positive it’s NOT a baby! Can’t wait!

  4. says

    That place is gorgeous! I still think your backyard was the better choice though :)

    We knew where we wanted to get married before we were engaged: a little garden shop in our town. It was the first thing we had to book once I said yes!

  5. says

    Well, I’m Catholic (and G is now too) so we were planning on getting married at the Catholic church in the town G grew up in (and my parents live). But they could only do a morning or evening wedding, and we wanted an afternoon wedding with a reception going on into the night. So we changed to another town, in a church that was built in the 1800’s and has a beautiful rose window above the altar. In the end, it all turned out perfect. There was an arched brick walkway to get from the church building to the church, and it made for fantastic pictures! And the preacher who married us was incredible, and worked with us while G was overseas.

  6. MaryKath says

    Yes, Stony Point is beautiful. I can imagine my own daughter getting married there. And living happily ever after! BUT your wedding was SO special. You could not have topped it. I really admire you two for taking it on and doing it on a tight budget and doing it RIGHT! I loved all of your ideas and I think you spent money in all the right places and none of the wrong places!

    How about this idea? On your fifth or tenth wedding anniversary? Have pictures taken at Stony Point! What a keepsake that would still be!

    Have a wonderful, romantic day!

  7. says

    Thanks for sharing~ we’re planning on hosting our own wedding, but I want to check this place out as well, it looks spacious & beautiful, can’t beat it.

  8. Travis says

    Even though your first choice was/is pretty awesome, I think you guys made the right choice. Your backyard was perfect for the occasion! It fits you (it seems, because I really don’t know you!) and I think that it just adds that special touch to your wedding story and journey as a couple. Good job guys!

  9. says

    My husband and I both attended NCSU School of Architecture. We first hung out in studio, had our first date at the Halloween Design Bash on campus and even got engaged in the Belk Rotunda (a major pin-up space). So we naturally thought we would get married at the design school too! The campus has a wonderful outdoor sunken amphitheater surrounded with beautiful azaleas. Then I read an article about beautiful wedding chapels in Las Vegas and thought ‘why not?’! So we got married in Vegas (we did not elope, we took friends and family with us) and had a casual cake and punch reception in the Rotunda when we got home!

  10. MaryB says

    I sang for a wedding at Stony Point School one time, years and years ago … and it was indeed magical! But seeing it through your pictures is like seeing it for the first time — and you really do showcase how lovely it is!

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