Wedding Week II: Making A Sweet Keepsake Shadow Box

Perhaps one of our most decor-related wedding creations right after our big day was this shadow box that I whipped up to capture the cheerful spirit of our special day. All it took was a bit of leftover yellow fabric from our table runners, a festive printed lemon and lime napkin, our stamped place cards held down with river rocks, our lemon topiary invitation, our save the date photostrip, our gladiolis bulb favor bag complete with another photostrip (that reads ” plant one… on us”), and the post card that we had made from our favorite wedding photo (which we sent out to all of our guests as a thank you note).


Two years later it’s still proudly displayed in our laundry nook in front of two larger white frames (which we use to obscure the pipes and plugs on the wall behind our washer and dryer) with nothing but simple tan wrapping paper inside. Sometimes the best art is in the gift aisle on clearance at Target!


We also framed a few of our favorite photo strips (three per frame) above the console table in the living room among some other black and white art to create a little mix & match gallery:


So what about you guys? How have you memorialized your special day in your home? Any fun art projects to share? Any giant wedding portraits above the fireplace? Any hand-made albums out there? Do tell.

Are you diggin’ the big P above our console table in the living room? Well, due to popular demand we now sell every letter of the alphabet in our shop, so swing by for a custom magazine monogram!


  1. says

    Hey Sherry, if you don’t mind me asking – where did you get the cute jar that you keep your clothespins in? I’m looking for something like that. Thanks!

  2. Abby says

    We recieved a simple, wrought iron like, frame that holds three 8x10s in a row horizontally. We printed three photos of us – in the middle is a portrait and on each side is candid. We love it.

    Since I made all the invites, etc, I plan on putting together a shadowbox like yours but haven’t gotten to it yet.

  3. says

    I love your little shadow box! I have a shadow box for wedding stuff, but it is still on my two do list, and we are celebrating our 3rd anniversary in one month! However, I did complete a scrapbook of our wedding the first year, so I consider that quite the accomplishment!

  4. Linzerella says

    My husband and I aren’t fans of huge wedding photography, so we designed a few thoughtful wedding touches.

    My hubby is a graphic designer, so created a beautiful, modern hardcover book for us to enjoy – sits on a credenza with a few other favourite design books.

    And we also took the wording from our amazing ceremony, and created a beautiful word cloud from Wordle – I had it printed in soft greys and reds, and it actually hangs in our bathroom! Whenever we have guests over, they always comment on it. It’s an awesome way to remember our special day.

  5. LauraC says

    We only ordered two 8X10s to hang on our walls. A more “formal” one that we do keep in the living room and a more romantic, casual one for the bedroom. We still keep some 4×6 snapshots out too, but the 8X10 is as big as it gets; no giant wedding photo for us.

  6. Autumn says

    Hi Sherry,

    I love the color of your living room walls. What’s it called?

    Also, love the shadow box idea. What a great way to remember your special day!


  7. mallory says

    We accidentally took the key to our palapa (think grass hut) home with us. 2 years later it is still hanging next to our front door where we hang up our car keys. Here is where we got married and honeymooned: if you are interested :)

  8. says

    i love what you guys did with your wedding memory stuff. i’m about to blog about one of my favorite things we did at our reception…we had a polaroid camera loaded up with film and each couple or family or guest was asked to take a photo and then we had coordinating paper pre-cut for people to write a special message to us. i have it all in a nice scrapbook. i love looking back at it and seeing what people wrote and the funny photos they took. so fun – that was our version of a guest book.

  9. says

    Totally unrelated question I just thought of when I got to your pic above including your big front window: I know you used two sets of identical blinds to span the whole window, which is also what I’ll probably end up doing with my big bay window. My question is, where’s the pull cord for the lefthand blind? I just realized that I don’t want a random cord hanging down in the middle of my window, but you don’t have one, so where did you hide it?


  10. says

    I thought long and hard about what I wanted to keep from the wedding–I love flowers, so I chucked up the money to have my bouquet dried and preserved in a shadow box. I love it! It hangs in my bedroom above my jewelry box and I see it every day. It could also go on a shelf or console table, etc. I just wanted to make sure I saw it ALL THE TIME since I spent money on it…good money. But, it was so worth it!! They included Danny’s boutineer, a scaled down version of my bouquet, and the pearls that were wrapped around the base. I will have to get a picture of it and send it along :)

  11. Chantel says

    We have 5 8×10 photos that were framed the same that are throughout our home, and we have a matted photo from out engagement that our wedding guests had signed (the matte) in our bedroom. It is fun to look at who was there, (half of them I can’t remember I was so excited) We have been married 8 years this year…I love your photobooth idea it is so neat and unique.

  12. Tiki says

    I haven’t done a thing with my wedding photos, but I’ve actually been wanting to make a shadow box from some of my wedding stuff as well. Did you just glue everything down?

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Autumn- The living room is Glidden’s Sand White which isn’t available anymore by swatch but they should have the formula available in the computer to whip up a batch for you at Home Depot.

      Meredith- Since we don’t lower or raise the bamboo blinds (we’re far away enough from the street and other houses to be ok without the privacy) we just tucked the string that would have hung down in front of the middle of our two blinds behind the top of them (and tied it in a bow before we did it so it wouldn’t just drop down low enough to be seen on the other side). Hope it helps!

      Tiki- Yup, I used craft glue and even a little duct tape when necessary to hold everything in place. Two years later nothing has slipped!


  13. says

    Hi youngsters! I’ve linked this comment up to my blog (a post on one of my favorite artworks in my house – my Great Grandmother’s keys that I framed.)I’m also having a giveaway this week. Maybe you’ll like the giveaway. :o)

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