Wedding Week II: Honeymoonin’ Where The Sun Don’t Set

So now that we’ve spilled some pre-wedding details, we’ll turn our attention to post-wedding: our ten day honeymoon in Alaska. Our goal was to share a glimpse of America’s largest state through our eyes, but more than likely we’re just highlighting the weird ways we Petersiks like to entertain ourselves when away from home (like this ring photo we snapped on an Alaskan hike during our one-week-of-being-married anniversary).


First, let’s tackle the obvious question: why Alaska? After all, it doesn’t really scream “dream honeymoon” to the majority of the population. We ended up in Palin-territory for two main reasons: we wanted to bring Burger along so domestic travel was much easier (he’s such an easy travel companion and definitely a part of our little family) and we wanted to go someplace new to both of us (and I had vacationed in Hawaii with some college friends just months before beginning to date Sherry so that was out). With one not-contiguous-US-state crossed off, our attention immediately turned to the other. And we figured we were just adventurous & quirky enough for it to be the perfect destination for us. Plus those 19+ hours of daily sunshine meant comfortable July temps of 60 – 70 degrees with glaciers and ice caps just an uphill drive away (elevation completely changes the climate there- it’s like two or three destinations in one). Here we are posing in front of an outdoor clock at 11pm to show how light it still is (we’re yawning to demonstrate that it’s the evening).


We’re pretty low-key plan-as-you go travelers, so we landed in Anchorage with a hotel booked, a rental car reserved, a chihuahua in a bag and a wide open schedule. We quickly filled the first day exploring downtown and getting a sense of the city. But Alaska’s all about the wilderness and the great outdoors, so we didn’t stick around in the city center too long… but apparently long enough to let our newlywed giddiness get the best of us around some souvenirs. Don’t I make a fetching moose? And isn’t Sherry a ferocious polar bear?


How about when we play the role of bear victims? We laughed at this photo for hours on the plane ride home.


The next few days consisted of a road trip on the uber-scenic Highway 1 (we love a good road trip – and that’s actually part of the reason that we opted out of seeing Alaska via cruiseship). It was possibly the most beautiful drive of our lives – the glacial waterfalls, snowcovered peaks, sunny skies and occasional wild animal-sightings caused us to stop constantly for photos (we saw dall sheep perched precariously on jagged cliffs just a few yards away from the road and even stopped to stick our toes in melting glacier water- yeah, it was cold).


Our first road trip pit stop was the Alyeska Resort. This is the one day we got fancy, thanks to a couples hot stone massage someone had pre-booked for us as a wedding present. Alyeska is truly a ski resort by definition, but even in July it was beautiful. The resort actually sits in the middle of a rainforest (who knew Alaska had so many different climates- it’s really amazing) so one minute we were hiking through damp and lush rainforest greenery…


…and the next we were taking a tram through the clouds to the top of a mountain (where we ate lunch overlooking snow capped peaks).


After a night spent in the lap of luxury (their hotel was the nicest one we’ve ever stayed at), we found ourselves back in the car on a scenic drive to Seward. Along the way we stopped several times to enjoy the scenery – including an up-close-and-personal look at a real live glacier and a hike that was narrowly thwarted by a recent bear sighting (on our wedding day, no less).


Once back in Anchorage we still did our best to enjoy the great outdoors. We rented bikes one day for a 14-mile ride along a coastal paved trail. And like true pet parents, we even rented a “kid caboose” so our fur baby could come along for the ride (I imagine many of your are giving us the strange look we got all too frequently that day – “you have what in there???”). Hey, at least we’ve got a funny story to tell two years later. And Burger loved it. Really, he got mad when we stopped pedaling.



With our honeymoon soon coming to an end, we decided to go out with a bang by way of a private seaplane tour. Our hotel was right next to Lake Hood, the world’s busiest seaplane base so it was only natural that we experience Alaska that way (taking off right from the lake and landing with a splash two unforgettable hours later). Don’t worry, Burger stayed at the hotel as we flew over expanses of wilderness towards an active volcano. The trip gave us the chance to rock some stylish headphones, snap about a bazillion photos (one of which we once framed in our house) and spot a bunch of animals from above (moose, seals- even a momma bear and her cubs). It was amazing to watch all the green…


…turn into frozen glaciers and arctic ambiance as we went (check out the icy backdrop of this photo).


We even got to land in a secluded lake in the middle of nowhere and explore a tiny island full of wild flowers before heading back. Now that’s rugged…ish.

So that’s a look back at our first official vacation as a married couple. We’d love to hear more about where you guys have honeymooned (or where you dream of honeymooning someday…). And pipe up if you have any other great Alaska vacation stories (we know Mrs. Limestone recently posted some amazing pics from her trip).

Check out more photos from our Alaskan Honeymoon in our Flickr album (and try to view ’em with captions so you know what the heck is going on).


  1. says

    Never would have thought of Alaska, but from your photos it reminds me of the mountainous areas of Washington state, which I fell in love with when climbing them last fall. What a great idea, especially about the long daylight hours!

  2. Christin says

    I would love to travel to Alaska some day – your pictures are beautiful! My hubby and I honeymooned in the UP (Upper Penninsula) of MI for a week after we got married. It’s gorgeous up there. I love lighthouses and he surprised me on our last day in the UP by staying at a lighthouse B&B in Big Bay, MI. It was amazing!

    On a completly separate note: from reading some of your older posts I see that you compost. We live in an apt in a city and don’t have anywhere to start a compost box outside, but our church does so we can bring our compost there. Do you have any suggestions for keeping compost in our apt till we take it to our church once a week? Containers that maybe keep the stink away? Thanks!

  3. Lynn says

    Love it!! The fact that you were able take your little Fur baby with you was icing in the preverbial cupcake!! Thanks for sharing this wondeful adventure.

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. says

    We took a whirlwind tour of London and Paris. We got to see most of the sights but definitely need to go back for a another (more relaxing) vacation. Alaska is high up there on our places to visit. Your pictures look great.

  5. Stephanie says

    Aaawwwww. Cute Burger-ride. Two questions: How do you travel with a pooch on an airplane? (I’m wondering about him needing to go #1 or #2) Hope that’s not too personal! Also, do you get others to take photos of the two of you, or do you travel with a tripod? DH and I honeymooned in Cancun in July of 2000. It was beautiful and HOT, but I’m not sure how the beaches have recovered after the hurricane that hit it in 2005. It looks to me like it is advertised more now as a golf and spa getaway.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Stephanie,

      You can check with each airline about their traveling-with-a-pet rules but it’s usually a $50 or $100 fee and if they’re small enough (like Burger) they can stay in the cabin with you in a soft bag (he rode on my lap and no one knew there was even a dog on board ’cause he slept the whole time). If they’re bigger they ride under the cabin in baggage check where it’s not temperature controlled (which can be a bit dangerous in extreme cold or heat so it’s important to research that before booking a trip to a hot or cold place). And we don’t travel with a tripod but do occasionally ask strangers to help us out and snap a pic or two. Hope it helps!


  6. kelly says

    What an awesome honeymoon to take. Alaska is on the top of my travel list! Your pictures are beautiful.

    We took a “mini-moon” for 5 days right after our wedding which took place in Chicago (we lived in western Washington state) to northern Wisconsin where we rented an amazing little cabin on a gorgeous little lake. We spent our days hiking, canoeing, kayaking and fly fishing and our evenings cooking yummy meals in our adorable cabin.
    We plan to take a “real honeymoon” one of these days – some of our ideas are to go kayaking in the Exuma Cays, Bahamas or a trip to Costa Rice.

    • Lauren says

      Hi kelly,

      Do you know what the name of the cabin was called or location? We want to do something like that for our 1 year anniv.

  7. Rebecca says

    My family and I took a trip to Alaska a couple of years ago and did all of our travelling by the Alaskan railroad — well with the exception of actually getting to Alaska. It’s awesome because you can customize your trip and the railroad and hotels take care of your luggage each time! I love Alaska.

  8. Liz says

    A few of our friends wound up in Alaska for vacations this summer. All of the pictures are beautiful! I never would have thought about visiting Alaska on vacation.

    Our honeymoon was in Jamaica- my husband loves beaches and I wanted to go somewhere he hadn’t been before. It was a beautiful first trip together.

    Sounds like we might want to make Alaska our second!

  9. kajr says

    Love the photos! My parents are in Alaska right now. Quite jealous. We honeymooned in Maine, another not-so-obvious spot, I suppose. We love international travel but language barriers and other cultures add a layer of stress that we just didn’t want in the first few weeks of marriage. And lying about on a beach for 3 weeks would have grown a bit stale. We’ll save the Caribbean for another time when we can only grab a week off.

  10. Lorrie says

    I think it is absolutely wonderful that the Burgerman got to go with you! Looks as though he wasn’t a burden at all and is also quite content in his pooch-purse….that is so cute!

    I was wondering about the plane ride as well….did you just slide his little bag under the seat?!?!?

  11. says

    We honeymooned in Key West, but it wasn’t our first plan. Our original plan (booked and all) was Cozumel, Mexico, but when my passport didn’t come in (on our wedding day, no less) we quickly booked a new trip. Then, for our 6 month anniversary we used the credit from our Mexico trip to take a second honeymoon in the Caribbean! :)
    My husband lived for 3 summers in Alaska, on Afognak island which is in the general vicinity of Kodiak. We haven’t been able to make it up there yet, but I hope to one day because it looks so gorgeous! Love y’all’s trip!

  12. says

    Forgot to mention that your honeymoon looked awesome :)

    Do you guys watch the Alaska Experiment/Out of the Wild on the Discovery Channel?? My husband and I are obsessed with that show and really want to visit Alaska now!

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