How Were Liking Our Natural Latex Mattress…

Ever since we posted about buying our new organic and natural latex mattress (the Organic Serenity Natural Dunlop Latex Mattress By Savvy Rest) a slew of readers have been clamoring for a one-month-into-new-mattress-ownership post so… here it is. You might remember that my obsession with all things eco made me yearn for a pure and organic mattress free of fireproofing chemicals and made from 100% natural materials that are just as good for the planet as they are for people. So we saved our pennies for months (we even had a “mattress fund”) until we could make the big purchase, and of course had high hopes that a month into our decadent 11″ natural mattress ownership we’d still be loving everything about our selection. Well… we’re pleased as punch to report that we’re even more enamored with our purchase than we had hoped. Even Burger sleeps more soundly these days. No kidding.


But how does one really evaluate a new mattress anyway? How about based on comfort, quality of sleep, and morning-after-aches (or the lack thereof)? Here’s how our ancient hand-me-down spring mattress stacked up in those categories on a scale of 1-10:

  • Comfort: 3 (hard as a rock, but a featherbed helped a bit)
  • Quality Of Sleep: 5 (we usually woke up at least a few times each night to toss and turn and get comfortable again)
  • Morning-After-Aches: 8 (as in, there were a lot of them)

And here’s how our new natural latex encased in organic wool & cotton measures up:

  • Comfort: 9 (it’s supportive yet sink-in-able, and we settle into it instantly)
  • Quality Of Sleep: 8 (we often sleep right through the night and don’t wake up til the alarm goes off)
  • Morning-After-Aches: 1 (sometimes we wake up with sore arms or tight legs but it’s from painting & demo, not the bed – though it did take a couple of nights for our bodies to adjust to a new level of support)


But what about how they compare in the safety arena? A few readers voiced their concern about forgoing those flameproofing chemicals that we worked so hard to avoid but the good news is that we’ve since learned straight from the mattress makers that they pass all federal burn tests with flying colors thanks to the organic wool mattress encasement.


We also had a few people who were concerned with the idea of picking a mattress on the internet instead of laying around on one in a showroom. We’re extremely happy to report that thanks to the helpful phone support (you can call and talk about what you’d like in a mattress and they’ll help you choose the density of each layer) we were able to select the perfect mattress “virtually” and a month later we’re still super satisfied with our choice. One thing we learned from their staff was that although the idea of latex sounds super soft and squishy, natural Dunlop latex is actually quite firm. So even though we like a firm and supportive mattress, we went with a layer of medium followed by another layer of medium and topped by a layer of soft (it certainly didn’t sound like the formula for a moderately firm mattress, but they were right- it really is perfect!). With that in mind we’d suggest going with three layers of soft for anyone who wants something extra cushy since just one layer of soft plus two mediums adds up to a pretty firm end product.

So that’s our mattress recap over a month into ownership. Hope it helps! But what about you guys? Have you made any sleep-soundly upgrades in the form of new pillows, a featherbed, or a new sheet set? Tell us all about your resting place upgrades of late!

Oh and speaking of new bedroom accessories, check out the new accent pillow that we snagged from one of our favorite giveaways of yore. We love the crisp printed black on white lettering and you can grab one of your own Paris pillows for just 15 beans right here. Ooh la la.


  1. says

    I have mattress envy! We recently switched to organic pillows because I have terrible allergies. They have provided some relief but I suspect our hand-me-down mattress is also contributing to the daily sneezes. I also love your bed frame and wondered where you bought it. I’ve been looking for something similar for awhile.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Lindsay,

      Our platform bed is from Ikea. It’s called the Malm bed and we love the simple lines and classic wood tone. Hope it helps!


  2. jillbinmd says

    my bf and i were treated to 600 thread count egyptian cotton sheets as a gift from his mom. they are oh so i-dont-wanna-get-outta-bed-ever fantastic. we love them. sheets like that arent exactly in the budget for us, but we are always on the lookout when we go shopping now to find some that are on sale or seem to be a reasonable price, definitely going on this years christmas list! haha. my bf loves them so much that when i change the sheets to wash them every week he says he has a hard time sleeping on the “scratchy sheets”.

  3. bethinNC says

    We have the same Savvy Rest LOL. We were able to buy from a local dealer and try a few out first, which was helpful. We’ve had ours for about 3 years now. We upgraded from our old (traditional, flame retardant filled) Queen mattress when I was pregnant w/ our 2nd child (and our oldest was still cosleeping part time). It was blissful to have that big King-sized mattress while pregnant LOL, and nice to enjoy it while cosleeping when my daughter was born.

    I’m a huge fan and it was a purchase we’ve been very happy with! I wish you many blissful nights upon your ecofriendly, healthy Savvy Rest! :)

  4. marissa says

    We made the switch from a regular comforter to a down duvet. Best choice ever! It feels like we’re sleeping in a cloud. I was worried that it might be too hot for the summer, but it has been perfect year round.

  5. says

    We got a new mattress in the fall (upgraded to a king) and it does make a huge difference. The only thing is that we have a hump in the middle, despite all the $$ we spent. But, either side of the hump is super-comfy.

    Did you guys notice your bedroom is featured on I noticed it there today in a story about “sexy bedrooms”. Looks like it was pulled from your feature in the Nest magazine.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Laura,

      No way! Thanks so much for the link. Off to check it out…


  6. says

    Now I’m more eager than ever to get one of these mattresses! We’re moving into a new house in a month with an actual guest bedroom (Finally! I can’t believe it!) so we want to get a new mattress for us and put ours in the guest room (sorry guests). I’m glad to hear you love it.

  7. says

    My Dad is a firm believer that, if you are going to be breathing it every night and all night a majority of your life, it should be natural materials.

    I’ve decided maybe there’s something to this.. (don’t tell my Dad)

  8. says

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all of the info. Love the new pillow! Also, I’m hosting a giveaway today and I wanted to return the favor and invite you to participate.

  9. Nikki says

    Did you guys keep the old -can’t remember what it’s called- base where the mattress actually rests? And replaced the mattress but keep the bottom part? I am actually purchasing a mattress this week and can’t decide if I should buy the whole thing or just the mattress. And what did you do with the old mattress? I’m trying craigslist but no luck yet. Thanks!

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Nikki – you’re probably thinking of the box spring. We actually didn’t have one in this case because we have a platform bed, so the mattress rests directly on support slats. We actually Freecyled our old mattress. Zero dollars made, but we got rid of the old thing in a flash. You can read about the whole thing here:

      You might also be talking about the wooden slats that came with our Ikea bed (where the mattress rests since we don’t have a boxspring). If so, we didn’t replace those and just plunked our new mattress onto them. Hope it helps!


  10. says

    My husband has an old queen mattress that is hard as a rock and you can feel all the springs. About a year ago, we decided to get a foam topper, since we couldn’t afford anything else. And we are so glad we did! With just a couple inches of memory foam, it’s like sleeping on clouds.

    We also just received the same bedframe as yours from a friend who didn’t need it anymore. We were just on a box spring right on the floor and the new frame is so wonderful! The bed feels so much more sturdy now. It’s very nice :)

  11. says

    Youngsters, reading this made me ready for bed! It looks wonderful. We recently purchased a new 11″ mattress as well, and 6 months later, I’m still wondering why we didn’t do that 6 years ago. It’s a pretty penny, but a penny that’s oh-so-worth-it.

  12. Sandra says

    We registered for quality pillows and pillow covers (like cases, but zip up) and they’ve been the best thing ever. Instead of buying a $20 pillow 3x a year, we’ve slept on these $60 pillows for over a year now.

    And as yucky as it is to think about, my husband’s sweaty head hasn’t permeated the often washed pillow cover, so there’s no need to replace anything yet. I guess just the pillow case isn’t enough sometimes!

    I hope I never have to sleep on cheap (or dingy) pillows again.

  13. says

    Wow, I guess you can buy anything online. I definitely prefer to shop online so that’s good to know that they have a helpful service to help you determine the type of bed. I think I would choose better this way actually, instead of going to the store and laying on each one. I mean how comfortable are you going to be lying on a bed in a store anyways? Helpful as always!

  14. Heather D says

    I always thought the contour memory foam pillows looked like they would be super uncomfortable, but after sleeping on one for a few nights, my achy neck and shoulders say “ohhh yeeeahhhhhhhh”.They make eco friendly ones too, so you can have one without all the harmful chemicals…

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