Easy Upgrade: Put Pretty Olive Oil Bottles On A Platter

If you have marble or granite in your kitchen (and even if you don’t) keeping oil rings from seeping into your counters is definitely an important war to wage when it comes time to cook. But we’re too lazy for all that obsessive wiping and worrying, so we devised this super easy “system” to keep any oil that drips down the bottle well away from our counters once and for all:


Yes, it’s just a simple white square dish placed under our bottles, so even if we don’t thoroughly wipe them before setting them down, they’re sure never to drip on our beloved granite counters again. We like to keep things that we use so often right out on the counter at arm’s reach, so it’s really a nice solution to not only keep oil rings at bay, but also to help three disparate bottles look tied together and polished. Gotta love how one dish-turned-oil-bottle-tray = instant organization.


The best part is that it’s a dish we already had laying around so the cost of this easy upgrade was zero dollars and zero cents. So that’s our intro to a totally new category that we’re calling “Easy Upgrades.” Do you guys like the idea of fast and affordable ideas that you can implement in a snap? We’re all about DIYing something fabulous, but sometimes switching something out or slapping something down is all it takes to add function and beauty to your home. Do you have any of your own easy upgrades up your sleeves? We’d love to hear what types of quick fixes make your home a better place!


  1. Emily says

    I like the idea of “easy upgrades!” One of my kitchen “easy upgrades,”…I use an old planter to contain all of my big utensils on the countertop. Its bigger than the kind they sell and more original in my opinion.

  2. Shannon says

    I was recently cleaning out my garage and found an old plastic container that I once used for keeping excess grass seed. I cleaned it out and put it under my sink for my dog’s dry food. It’s airtight and keeps food fresher than the packaging the food came in (and it holds up to a 10 lb bag of food!)

  3. Sarah says

    ooooo, I love this idea. And I would love any easy upgrades. This idea is great because I have a salt grinder, pepper grinder, and an oil cruet (I am constantly wiping this area up every day) Now I can use your idea and just throw the plate in the dishwasher… yeah!!

  4. Jean says

    A cute mousepad (do people use them anymore?) might do nicely for the bottles, so you don’t have the clash of glass on glass when you put them down.

  5. says

    My favorite olive oil (along with my pepper grinder and salt dish and ring holder) are all on a beautiful pedestal and low pie plate to keep them from slipping off. I’ve had them like this for ages and everybody who’s seen it always oooohs and aaaahhhs. And to think, I had that stuff just sitting around for the longest time! Hurrah for easy upgrades! Looking forward for many more from you two!

    P.S. Your garage looks great. I’m sure you’re feeling so satisfied. I wish I had a garage! :O)

  6. miriam says

    In a similar vein to the olive oil plate, I keep the lid to an old can of Pringles potato chips upside down under my peppermill. It keeps the pepper flakes off the counter and I can just wash the lid whenever it starts to look dirty.

  7. says

    Well, my easy upgrade is still in the thought process phase. But I plan on trying to find a cute tray for my dressers in the master bedroom. We just stained them and I don’t want things like make-up, hairspray, or nail polish to affect the finish. So, I’m thinking a decorative tray that I can put some of those girly items on will not only organize the space, but keep my DIY project from getting ruined way too soon.

  8. jenn says

    what are the three bottles of? olive oil and?? also, what is the brand of olive oil that originally came in the bottle? i have a sneaky suspicion you two just keep refilling the pretty bottle with other olive oil as it runs low…

    • says

      Hey Jenn,

      You’re totally right about us refilling the pretty bottles that we keep on the counter with regular old store-bought olive oil when they run low. The tall olive oil bottle was leftover from our shoot with The Nest magazine (yes they brought edible props for the kitchen and luckily we got to keep ’em!) from William’s & Sonoma, the little olive oil tin was brought back from Italy by John’s sister, and the medium sized bottle is actually pure rice vinegar (also leftover from The Nest photoshoot from W&S). Hope it helps!


  9. says

    Very cute and definitely a great tip for those who don’t have experience with granite.

    This is why I love my soapstone. In my last house we had granite and no matter how easy it is to put a oily bottle on a cute little dish, I would manage to put it anywhere else.

  10. says

    I have a bunch of questions for you Youngsters. Did you get your granite top sealed? Did it come sealed or did you have to do an extra step yourselves after installation? Do granite counters still stain after sealing? Sorry for the numerous questions – we have a small piece of granite on our bathroom vanity makeover and I’ve been wondering whether I need to stain the counter to preserve it (although hopefully there shouldn’t be as many opportunities for it to get stained in the bathroom, unlike the kitchen). In the future, we would love to get granite countertops in the kitchen, but am wondering if something with less staining potential would be better (e.g. quartz). I’d love to know your opinion!

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Amy,

      Our granite came from Home Depot so it came with Permashield protection (their patented treatment that seals it for life), so even though we don’t have to regularly seal it, there are still maintenance rules that we have to keep in mind (oil, berry juice, etc can stain if it’s left on the counter for a long period of time). In over a year and a half we haven’t had one stain that we couldn’t get out (thanks Permashield!) so we definitely recommend it. You can read more about our granite selection process waaay back in our archives. Hope it helps!


  11. josie says

    on the inside of my cabinet doors i placed pieces of cork tile so i can tack up a recipe card or any random picture that i feel like. i have a cookbook holder, but i have so many recipe cards from my grandmother that this works so much better.

  12. says

    Oh, I forgot to add my “easy upgrade”. Well, I haven’t really had the opportunity to develop any design upgrades yet, seeing as we moved in to our new house a few months ago and have been entrenched in a major renovation. I guess the easiest upgrade I’ve had so far is marrying a man who is able to do electrics, plumbing, carpentry and other DIY skills. Score!!

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