Storing Extra Accessories: Welcome To Our Decor Store

You may have heard me mention the cabinet that we affectionately refer to as our “decor store” so we’re here to further explain what the heck it is. Basically it’s where I store vases, shells, candles, vase filler, corks, starfish, decorative dishes and plates, and anything else that I might want to use to switch up a tablescape or house fresh flowers when the mood strikes (don’t mind the shrimp scampi in the picture below, I snapped it while John was whipping up dinner).


It’s great to “shop” in your own home using the things that you already have- and a lot of people have extra vases, platters, corks, and other objects scattered around their house that can instantly become a little decor shop when they’re grouped together in a basket, drawer, or cabinet. Even a collection of matchbooks looks chic and personal displayed in a cylinder vase (so go ahead and toss all those random matchbooks that you have all over the house into a zip-lock bag- they’ll be much easier to grab when the decorating urge strikes).


When you have a designated spot for all that stuff, it always feels like you have a bevvy of options at your fingertips and you never have to tear closets and drawers apart in search of something that you could have sworn you stuffed in there months before (or worse yet, forget all about the things you have and buy new stuff when you could have kept that money in your wallet).

Plus designers often suggest rotating decorative objects to keep your surroundings feeling fresh, but real people are busy and it’s easy to let something stick around for the season and then a year, and before you know it you haven’t moved the stuff on your mantel for half a decade. A little decor store makes freshening things up and switching things out a bit more fun, and more importantly, a bit less daunting. Because sure that candlestick looks good on your console, but maybe for spring a vintage glass vase full of fresh cut leafy branches is just what the doctor ordered…

Do any of you guys have a decor store at home? How about another way that you prefer to store seasonal objects or extra vases and candles? Do tell.


  1. sarah says

    I have a big collection like this at my house- but we’re calling it the garage sale pile :) i just can’t stand to have things around that I’m not using! (plus in our small house, there’s not much space for lots of knick knacks)

  2. says

    I stumbled upon your site today…it’s fabulous! So inspiring!I have a “decor store” (in that nook above the kitchen cabinets…apartment living, what can I say?). My dream is to have an entire closet to store placemats, vases and other “props” for different tablescapes =)

  3. cindy says

    I’ve been wanting to say this for awhile. Your decorative starfish make me very sad. You often mention your efforts to be ‘green’ but apparently you only mean in terms of keeping chemicals out of your house. Do you know where those starfish come from? They are living animals, removed from the water, and left to dry out. Shells, fine, they wash up and are collected after they’ve been vacated…but there’s something about removing a living animal from the marine ecosystem for no purpose other than decorating with its dried remains that gets under my skin.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Cindy,

      I actually recently learned about the plight of the starfish (check out the comments in this post) and of course I have not purchased or collected any since! In fact I’ve even stuck to suggesting only faux-coral, faux-starfish and even faux-clam shells for mood boards from then on. I really am doing my best! And the great news is that there are lots of great faux-starfish options out there (even from mainstream stores like Pottery Barn and West Elm- goodness knows I love a white ceramic creature or ten). Hope it helps!


  4. says

    I keep my candles/candle holders in our buffet, accessories I’ve grown tired of in a rubbermaid storage container in the basement, seasonal items in the attic. But the problem is, they stay there because I don’t feel like hunting them down. Plus, when I open my buffet cabinet door, votives tumble out.

    So I’m about to move to a new house and a decor store is now on my list of things I must have.

  5. says

    Well, I definitely have a decor store in our home, but it is much more scattered and not nearly as neat and organized as yours. I’ve found my design taste has changed in the 6 years I’ve been in my own place, so I have things that I no longer use but don’t want to part with. Now that we are moving to a more modern house from our 1930’s bungalow, I might actually use some of my older pieces again.

  6. says

    I really love the idea of a “decor store”–there are so many little decorative things that I forget I even have, and it’s really a shame! I’ve been toying with the idea of where to keep my own “decor store”–mine would probably need to be much bigger in size, as the decor that I tend to rotate is more like framed photos and wall signs.

  7. Allison says

    Storing decorating items in one place is such a simple but really great idea, I feel silly for not thinking about it before! But this is why I <3 this blog.

  8. says

    What a great idea! Any of my extra decor (which isn’t much… most of it is out 24/7) is stuffed in a drawer or closet, so I never even think of pulling it out again. Having everything in one easy place makes so much sense. Thanks for the tip!

  9. Summer says

    I came upon your site about 2 days ago and haven’t been able to stop thinking about how much I love your style and wonderful ideas! My husband and I are moving into our first home in about 2 months and I can’t stop thinking about all the projects I have in store….I just want to move now, so I can finally get started! You will be hearing from me often I am sure…Thanks again for all the terrific ideas and sweet style you and your husband have created!!!

  10. says

    A decor store in my house would have been handy last night! I was shopping my home for accent pieces to freshen up the ledge over our apron sink in the kitchen. It would have taken less time had all the items been located in one central place. Now I just need a few fresh lemons and a bouquet of daffodils!

    Great advice, as always.

  11. says

    I do something similar but mine are in rubbermaid storage containers in the basement. I have one for home decor things (votives/plates/etc), one for outdoor decorating for the patio (lights/votives/small planters/etc), and one for entertaining (plates/utensil holder/decorations). Of course they are all labeled and on a large shelf in my storage area in the basement so that’s how I can easily find what I need. Love the shelf idea but my home doesn’t have many shelves to begin with and I can’t give one up for my home store. :)

  12. Melissa says

    I keep extra table top stuff in my built in hutch in my dining room. Also keep all my Christmas decorations stashed in a chest in the same room (getting ready and clean up is breeze around Christmas).

  13. says

    Currently my “decor store” is located in my bottom of my china cabinet – not my ideal spot for it, its on the small side, and I tend to forget what I’ve got down there. Once I get my hall closet finished I plan on dedicating a good portion of it to all my seasonal décor.

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