A Food-Safe Jute Rug To Warm Up Our White Kitchen

Our kitchen has continued to evolve after our 113 day renovation (where we grew to despise takeout and yearned for the days when we would once again have a kitchen sink). Of course we can’t mention the renovation without flashing back to our hideous before shot:


And here’s our totally renovated kitchen right after the counters were installed and our sink was (finally!) hooked back up again.


We loved the lighter and brighter look, but thanks to all that added counter space, it felt a bit bare. Slowly and surely we brought in glass jars, herbs in the window, a thick wood cutting board, and a few other touches to make everything feel more inviting and less sterile. But the biggest makeover occurred when we ordered a striped jute rug ($34 on clearance!) and plopped it down on the floor:


It’s actually the same rug from The Company Store that we have in our third bedroom (which we also snagged for 34 beans on sale last year). We’re dying to link to it on their website, but it’s not currently available- boo! But fret not, it keeps coming back after a few weeks of hiding so we assume that if you check back in a month or so it’ll be there- and hopefully it’ll be marked down to that magical $34 price.

I initially thought it would be strange to have a rug in the kitchen, but this baby’s jute so it’s virtually non-pourous. Everything seems to bounce right off, and we’ve lived with it for over a month without any staining incidents (and we’re two people who drink Pom right from the bottle while standing on it). So that’s what we have cookin’ in the kitchen. What about you guys? Any aversion to kitchen rugs? Any other objects that you use on your counters or windowsils to make your kitchen feel warm and welcoming? Do tell.


  1. says

    I love your remodel! I wish my kitchen looked like that! And I love the rug. We actually have a rug that we’re going to move into the kitchen that should be a little more stain resistant … especially compared to white tile with white grout (yuck!). But as for decorations – what about something simple above the window? Some art piece or some black and white photos?

    • YoungHouseLove says

      That’s a good point Megan! We’ve actually been going back and forth between a bamboo shade hung high over that window for the illusion of even more height and light, or something arty like a framed print, a canvas, or even a quirky painted sign that says something. We both think we’ll know when we see the right thing, so we’re just at the “keeping an eye out” stage!


  2. says

    I can’t get over the transformation! It looks incredible. I have no aversion to rugs in the kitchen, except that we have three small throw rugs that always slide around. I should just give in and buy some sticky pads to put underneath them, but I’m lazy.

    The jute rugs looks perfect on your floor.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Thanks Ann-Marie! We actually got our rug pad at Target and it totally does the job. For a day or two we were ice skating in there, but the rug pad helps everything stay put- which is a good thing when you’re carrying a carton of eggs…


  3. Beth says

    I am so jealous of your countertops! I wish I could do mine, but I need to save up! On my windowsill, I keep three little bud vases and fresh flowers always. It’s so cheery!

    Also, I think a bamboo shade would be a great addition…

  4. Kellie Alkayam says

    I’ve actually been on the hunt for a kitchen rug for awhile, but I can’t decide between a large rug to cover most of the kitchen, or just a small mat for in front of the sink. And I haven’t found “the one” yet. It’s tough to find anything that will work in my kitchen because I still have the original pink and black tile kitchen counters and NOTHING matches them. I’ve spent hours Googling, and the best I’ve found is from Cost Plus.

  5. says

    Well,we just bought a new house and thank god, the kitchen was recently renovated…and I like it! It’s already pretty warm with lots of cherry cabinets but I’m bringing in a rust/orangey color to warm it even more. I’m a fan of artwork in the kitchen both on the walls and set up on the countertops.

    And your renovation? Wow, it looks amazing and the rug is perfect. Love the size of it, as long as it’s everything-resistant!

  6. says

    What channel will your show be on..I am tired of searching my DVR trying to locate Young House Love! (they say speak it right)…wink wink

  7. Sandy says

    I like a rug in front of the sink to help with water spills or splashing onto the hardwood floor; but I also like the texture and color they bring into the room. Your rug looks perfect there!

  8. Madelaine says

    I’m actually looking for a new kitchen rug. Just something in front of the sink as my kitchen is fairly good sized. Stain resistant is a must and something in a nice eggplant would be perfect. Any thoughts?

    Will be painting the walls and cabinets this summer/fall as the first step to a new kitchen, but I love the results you got!

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Madelaine,

      I don’t know of any eggplant stain-resistant rugs off hand, but Overstock has a ton of stuff in their rug department along with JC Penney and The Company Store, so I’d recommend checking out their online stores and seeing where you land. Good luck!


  9. says

    I HATE KITCHEN RUGS! Not for design reasons, but because I am very clumsy, and I trip over them. In the Kitchen, tripping is dangerous. So, due to my own issues, I forget to recommend them to clients, thus, very few have them. Now if they request, I happily oblige, but I tend to stay away from thin cotton styles because they seem the most likely to bunch and create hazards. Jute, like yours, and wool are chosen.

  10. Kathleen says

    I use an old french lemonade bottle to store my dishwashing soap in on my counter. It’s a textured glass with a stopper on a wire mechanism that flips over and locks down. It looks nice sitting out and adds a decorative touch. I sometimes put a small colorful platter under my oils and vinegar on the counter just for a splash of color. I have quite a collection of platers and small decorative plates from clearance sales at Target and Kohls and others that I have picked up at thrift stores.

  11. says

    I absolutely love the transformation of the kitchen!!! I always use to be into the darker wood cabinets for the kitchen and you guys have changed my mind. I already told my hubby how in love I am with white cabinets. It looks so clean and fresh….and very inviting! :)

  12. says

    I’ve never thought of using a rug in a kitchen before. I always thought it would get completely dirty, but it looks amazing in your kitchen.

    I’m still in complete envy over your countertops! I can’t believe they are not marble. Love it.

  13. says

    I love rugs in the kitchen…I’ve actually been on the lookout for one for our kitchen. When we first renovated it, I thought I wanted to ceramic tile to shine through, but now I’m ready for something soft underfoot!

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