Fab Freebie: Ankasa For Your Casa

You guys may know of Ankasa’s collection of couture home furnishings which includes hand-embroidered pillows going for more than $300 a pop. But you may not know that one of our favorite online retailers, Ballard Designs, has debuted an exclusive line of Ankasa pillows for less than a third of the price. And thanks to the lovely folks at Ballard, one lucky reader is going to win one of these couture pillows on the house!


Each of these three high-end pillows is hand cut and features rich, hand embroidered details that are sure to dress up any seat in your house. You’ve got two 18″ square and a 12″ x 20″ floral throw pillow to choose from. Although with such hard work put into their intricate designs I feel like we should call them “carefully place” pillows, not “throw pillows.”


To enter, just comment on this post with the words “HAND ‘EM OVER” by Wednesday, March 18th at 8pm EST. And while you’re at it, we’d also love to know the most intricate, delicate or complicated thing you’ve ever made with your own two hands. A masterful painting? A mutli-course meal? An extra tall Jenga tower? Oh and in case you don’t know the giveaway drill by now: please limit one entry per e-mail address (our winners are blindly selected using random.org). This prize is available to US residents only. Good luck…

Looking for even more details on our giveaways? Check out the Giveaway FAQs. Images courtesy of Ballard Designs.


  1. Katie says


    Hmmm tough call!! Once I took a fiber arts class in high school (no, there was NO underwater basket weaving). Anyway we were given dirty, smelly shorn wool straight from a lamb, we had to clean it, brush it, spin it into yarn, then weave it into a project making a handmade loom. Mine was sort of bizarre wall hanging where I experimented with about 10 different weaves. Anyway, that was kinda extreme, now i just stick to cooking. :)

  2. Jamie says

    Hand ‘Em OVER!

    So fab that I’m first! Wish is would up my chances at winning!

    As for the best thing I’ve ever made: Does my daughter count? Those were 9 hard months!

  3. Kristi says

    HAND ‘EM OVER!! The most difficult thing I’ve ever made with my own two hands was a slipcover for my baby’s bouncy seat because I had neither pattern or sewing skills. haha

  4. Erin says

    HAND ‘EM OVER – my handmade thing i have ever made would be our wedding invitations, they turned out really great and ended up being a big hit!

  5. Amy says

    hand em over! The most delicate thing I’ve ever made with my own two hands was a vase sculpture in High school art class that looked more like a bong. My mom still has it on display with flowers and I’m 30 years old!

  6. Camile says


    Not being a very crafty person, the most complicated thing I ever made was probably a scrapbook for my boyfriend on our three year anniversary. It had a different quote on each page that represented an experience we shared together, along with photographs and memories I had saved over the years :)

  7. angie says

    Hand ’em Over!!!!

    The most complicated thing I’ve ever made was sushi rolls. Most people may find this easy, but I am the worst in the kitchen, and to me, sushi = art. My first roll turned out lopsided :(

  8. Ameleah says


    The most intricate thing I have ever made was a sterling silver bracelet with tiny hand cut gold lettering. I cut each letter out from a sheet of thin gold with a miniature saw and soldered each letter in place.

  9. Courtney says

    Hand ’em over. The most complicated thing I’ve ever made with my own two hands, an no help, was a multi-layer birthday cake with almond buttercream frosting.

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