Reader Redesign: Bathroom Brilliance

When we laid eyes on this major bathroom makeover we almost couldn’t believe it was the same space. Anneliese sent us these pictures in response to our toilet paper post a while back, and we have to say that not only do we love her makeover but we love her TP storage as well. Here’s her letter:

This is a combo email to show you the before/after we did in our not-so-fabulous master bathroom and also how we store the TP. My fiancé and I live in a seen-better-days adobe in Albuquerque. The first project we tackled was the bizarre master bathroom, which featured 60s floor tile, a monstrous vanity cabinet, a mauve toilet, and a 28” high bathtub that I had to use a step-stool to get into.


The finished project featured a slate-esque porcelain floor tile, matte subway wall tile, an antique spice cabinet as a medicine cabinet, and the prettiest gray-blue-green paint. Oh, and a bright orange floor mat that was the result of a showdown between my fiancé and I on the third hour of a massive IKEA run. It’s our bit of quirk. As you can see, we’re big fans of honest display in the bathroom- no having to find the mysterious replacement rolls when we run out! Thanks for all your posts on the trials and tribulations of having a beautiful, functional space on a budget! -Anneliese



From the wire TP basket and the rich slate-like flooring to the abundance of white and the deep wood accents (that shower curtain rod!) this is one fabulous bathroom. Thanks so much for the pics guys! It’s amazing what a dated and dingy bathroom can become with a little elbow grease and a lot of imagination.


  1. says

    WOW – simply WOW!

    My eye immediately went to the shower curtain rod, then the pop of orange on the floor and that beautiful piece between your pedestal sinks. Your new bathroom looks like a private spa full of tasteful design and lots of personal style!

  2. says

    The ‘before’ makes me cringe but also makes the ‘after’ that much better! The curtain rod is ingenious, and I love the somewhat separated pedestal sinks–just enough space to define each area. Super work!

  3. says

    If the before makes you cringe, imagine us having to use it! Seriously, when we bought the house (which has had to have just about every element updated), the master bathroom was on year two in the timeline… until I tried to actually use it! The need for a stepstool to vault myself into the bathtub was more than a little awkward.

    That shower rod is actually a $3 piece of bamboo from Pier One cut to size and hung from the ceiling with ball chain. Tres cheap, and infinitely more functional than those tension rods which don’t always stay put.

    I have before and after pics on my blog if anyone’s interested in SW design, and the physical manifestation of our blood, sweat and tears: It’s been a blast.

    Thanks, Sherry and John, for spreading the creative TP presentation love!

  4. kate says

    Amazing! Great Job! I’d love to know the brand and name of the paint on the walls? We’re looking for exactly that color and I just cant narrow it down when I’m looking at little paint chips!

  5. christy says

    ANNELIESE! Yay! I immediately recognized that bathroom, with the orange rug. You are going to have to show off bathroom reno #2 too.

    My amazingly talented friend & jewlery artist extraordinaire!

  6. says

    Anneliese, I toured your gorgeous adobe makeover and it is absolutely amazing. I adore southwestern adobe style and everything that you’ve done to your home is perfect. The kitchen is wonderful – love the bold color on the cabinets. All your hard work was so worth it. Makes me want to hop a plane and spend a week in Santa Fe, one of my favorite places to visit!

  7. Jen says

    Can you tell me where the TP basket is from? We have a half bath downstairs of our house. There is no place for storage or under the sink cabinet space. I love the idea of the TP presentation in this bathroom.



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