The internet is abuzz with the news. Our beloved Cottage Living just folded. Needless to say we’re doing the ugly cry here at Young House Love.

It has since been mentioned by Gawker and Shelterrific (among many other places) so we’re beginning to think it’s true. Who knew just days ago that when we posted this picture of Burger enjoying my Cottage Living we’d so quickly be mentioning their magazine again… this time under much sadder circumstances. We will miss you Cottage Living.

And those Domino rumors better not be true…


  1. says

    As an editor/writer for three shelter publications, I’m beyond upset about this news! What am I going to do without my free office subscriptions to CL and O at Home? And if Domino goes down, I’ll die. So sad.

  2. Tatyana says

    Are you kidding?!! I love Cottage Living.
    Domino, Cottage Living and O At Home are the only magazines I buy.
    They always cancel the shows and stop running the magazines I like. Why me?! :)

  3. says

    OMG, if this is true… I will seriously be CRUSHED. Cottage Living is by far my FAVORITE magazine… I never throw out an issue (for years). Please let someone come save Cottage Living. Please!

  4. elizabeth says

    I responded to the thread on the Cottage Living Community page asking when the last issue would be released, and Rex (the online editor) said that the Nov/Dec issue was the last one! So we have to go cold turkey!

  5. Erin says

    I’ve never read Cottage Living but Domino is bar none my favorite magazine. I subscribe to many, but it’s the only one I save every copy of, read cover to cover, anticipate arrival, etc. I just mentioned the rumor to my coworker to which she replied, “What’s Domino?” (Part of the problem, I guess.) I’ll be crossing my fingers.

  6. Amy says

    Oh, no! I was hoping for a gift subscription to Cottage Living for Christmas…guess that will not be happening. That is disappointing about all three of these. :-(

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