Save Vacation Memories: Send Yourself A Postcard!

Here’s another cute collection-related idea akin to our vacation jars and our framed key art, and it costs around 50 cents tops. Of course it came from the mind of my creative (and cute) hubby. See, on one of our first vacations together he suggested as we were writing a few postcards to our friends and family that we save one and write it to ourselves. He thought it would be a nice way to highlight a few of our favorite details of the trip (that we’d likely forget after a while).

And we liked the idea so much, that over the past few years we’ve continued the tradition. It’s super fun to look back on our travels together and relive everything from our favorite meal to our sightseeing hijinks. And my contribution to “project postcard” was to suggest that we display them in an old vase (leftover from our wedding- it was actually where everyone dropped their sentiment cards) so we don’t have to file them away in the closet in some old box. Regularly seeing them in our space reminds us to look at them from time to time and keeps us excited for our next big trip.

So next time you’re on vacay, all you need is a quarter for the postcard and another one for the stamp. Bon voyage!


  1. says

    that’s an awesome idea. Everytime I go on vacation I end up sending tons of postcards, I never thought about sending one to myself.

  2. Emily says

    This idea was awesome and my husband & I wrote our first postcard to ourselves on our 1 year anniversary trip to Carmel, CA. We got lost looking for Neilsen’s Market (a childhood vacation favorite sandwich place) and got several differing directions of how to get there. Hilarity ensued and we eventually got to eat delicious Neilsen’s sandwiches! So….our first postcard to ourselves was the CORRECT directions to Neilsen’s….something we will NEVER forget! What a great idea and such a fun way to remember the little things from your vacations!

  3. Kim says

    Hi! My fiance and I are looking for a vase like this for people to drop cards in. (We’re trying to only buy wedding items that we can repurpose down the line, i.e. they fit nicely into our decor). Where did you snag this vase?

    Thanks, as always, for demonstrating how to blend your event (and memories) into your decor. We’re all about integrating what we have already into the wedding, so its personalized and we don’t spend time worrying about wasting anything and we can enjoy and remember our special day!

    P.S. Thanks also for the ball jar vacation memento and wedding shadow box ideas…my fiance is very nostalgic, so it would be nice to have a way to keep all the mementos looking organized!

  4. ktgraham614 says

    Great, thrifty idea. I like to take pictures of street signs & hang them in our half bathroom. Some are easily recongizable (i.e., Michigan Ave in Chicago or Wall St. in New York) but for other cities, I ask the locals of major roads, such as Harbor Dr. in San Diego.

  5. says

    I have been following younghouselove from sometime and really admire the way your young family enrich your life with happiness from minute facts which many tend to neglect due to their busy schedules.

    This is another way of adding happiness in life by remembering the past unique moments experienced on earlier tours.

  6. says

    This idea is really new and awesome. I always ended up taking loads of photos when on an vacation and writing the details behind them. Sometimes this became very tiresome. Now you have given me a new idea to cherish those memories in future. Thanks for this wonderful idea.

  7. says

    Sherry- Great and creative idea of your hubby. It really looks too beautiful. I am going to implement the same in my new house, shifting next month.
    I think your hubby is a creative artist like a professional.
    Thanks for this innovative idea.

  8. says

    Hey Sherry
    Very nice and innovative idea. I always had this problem of taking a lot of photos when on any vacation. But most of the time, I would end up losing or misplacing them. Now I will not have that problem anymore. Thanks for this wonderful idea.

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