Wedding Crashing: A Sweet & Simple Celebration


We’re back to crash yet another wedding, and this time we’re taking you all the way to rural Reinbeck, Iowa. Meet Christina (aka Teeni) & Trevor, an adorable couple who wanted nothing more than a sweet and simple celebration on a shoestring budget. After spending an entire day trying on gowns at bridal shops, Teeni opted for a $30 department store dress, and Trevor splurged for a silk shirt to go with his favorite pair of jeans. Then they gave their close family and friends two weeks notice to meet them under a big tree at Teeni’s parents’ house for a charming and intimate ceremony to remember. On the morning of her big day, Teeni

Best Seat In The House


We’re excited to share what we’re convinced is one of the thriftiest makeovers of the decade submitted by one of our very own readers. So without further ado, here’s Amy’s letter: You inspired me to finish at least one project I said I would do over my summer break from work. I inherited this antique chair from my great aunt a few years ago (it originally belonged to my great-grandmother). My mom remembers it over the years being many different colors with different fabrics, and when it was handed down to me it was a peach color with a crushed velvet seat (which wasn’t really my style). Luckily, two weeks ago I came across a