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Reader Redesign: Kitchen Eye Candy

When Jen sent us pictures of her fantastic kitchen transformation (all the way from England!) we couldn’t wait to share ‘em. Here’s her letter:

I absolutely love your blog and find your style so inspiring. I wanted to share my latest project with you as I am so pleased with it. I created a wall of colourful pictures in my kitchen and I love how it turned out. I am a photographer so all it cost me was the price of the prints (they are 8×12 inches each) and the frames were only $8 a piece. Thanks again for all of your inspiration!  -Jen

Here’s the blank slate before:

And the good-enough-to-eat afters:

It’s amazing what a few cheap frames and some tasty kitchen related artwork can do. Check out the gorgeous close ups of each image here. Yummy! And keep those before and after pics coming our way. We eat that stuff for breakfast.



Hilary’s Design Dilemma

When we heard Hilary’s cry for help with her spacious living room (complete with a to-die-for fireplace mantle flanked by built-in bookcases) we couldn’t wait to get our grubby mitts on her space. Here’s her letter:

HELP. My 1954 ranch home has a doozie of a living room. My main concern is the mantle/bookcase area. I’ve never been able to figure out what to do with it. I have even considered taking it out, although I do like the display area and it does serve a function. I would also love to figure out what to do with our giant newly purchased TV. For now the furniture and area rug (new) need to stay and the pictures in the living room area are fairly new and I like them. As you can see I love red, brown, and green and I hate pastels. I’d love to lighten up the space somehow and I’d like it to feel warm, cozy and inviting as well as whimsical and eclectic (I’d love for the room to have more personality). I also need window treatments (and have yet to find a solution that doesn’t cost a small fortune). I love art, painted ceramics, great whimsical pieces… and yes I will replace any and all of my silk flowers and plants (a no-no I know). Thanks so much! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. – Hilary

And here’s the handy dandy mood board we whipped up (with a bit of whimsy and a whole lotta warmth):

WhimsicalRedLeatherCouchDesignDilemmaMoodboardMakeover 1

Here’s the mood board breakdown.

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