Our Laundry Makeover Is Complete!

I’m so excited about this next post. It’s my favorite transformation to date and the ironic part is that I’m about to reveal our brand spankin’ new laundry nook and I’m not even the one who does the laundry (it’s the twenty first century people!).

The fact that we cobbled this model-home-looking laundry center together on a budget just makes my chest puff up with pride. It has worked wonders on updating our house and laundry has never been more fun for my hubby (sorry babe, your love of doing laundry is now public knowledge).

Here’s what it looked like as we knocked out those bi-fold doors (see how close the wall was to the sunroom door- it robbed us of so much hall space!):

Laundry - half demo

And here’s a shot of our beautiful new laundry nook:

New Laundry Center

We made the counter ourselves from a piece of plywood that we painted and polyurethaned, we leaned two big frames from Ikea (showcasing some cheap wrapping paper, which always makes for cheap art) against the back wall to cover the ugly plugs and pipes, and we hung some Wal-Mart blinds to cover the cluttered storage shelf above:

Close Up Laundry Nook

And we even got a rolling storage caddy from Target (for under twenty bucks) which fits perfectly beside our washer and dryer and holds all of our cleaning supplies:

Rolling Caddy 1

Life is good in our little laundry nook. And we’d love to hear about how you’ve organized everything from your laundry room to your attic- we have about 20 other corners, closets, and crevices that could benefit from a little organization so let us know what works for you.


  1. Dawn says

    Hi ~ I just happened upon your journal while searching for kitchen design. I followed the link to the before/after gallery ~ you have done a wonderful job on your home. Very nice ideas ~ thanks for sharing.

  2. YoungHouseLove says

    Thanks, Dawn. Glad you stumbled on us and have enjoyed what you’ve seen. Within a few weeks we should be able to show off our new kitchen design (cabinets go in next week!) so hopefully it help you in your hunt. Stay tuned…


  3. Leigh says

    This post was awhile ago, so I hope yall see it. I love your laundry nook. We have the same washer & dryer and I’m dying to get some sort of countertop to go on top. I think using plywood is an awesome budget friendly idea. Did you anchor it to wall at all? Our washer can vibrate intensely sometimes when it spins, so I want to give it an inch or so of clearance under the countertop. Do you have this issue?

    I love what yall have done with your house! Beautiful!

  4. YoungHouseLove says

    Hi Leigh,

    When we first concocted the idea of a plywood top we had grand plans of anchoring it to the wall so that it floated about 2 inches above the washer & dryer (leaving room to slide in an ironing board for storage). But we ditched that idea when we discovered the studs in those walls are not conveniently placed.

    Instead, we covered the top of the appliances with some rubber drawer liners (the kind you put in your kitchen cabinets to keep things from sliding around) and placed the plywood directly on top of those. It not only keeps the wood from moving, but also makes sure we don’t scratch the top of the appliances.

    We definitely get some vibration from our washer, but I’m not sure I would call it “intense.” (Although it does sometimes make those picture frames fall over.) My recommendation is to try plywood directly on top first and if the vibration make that not work, turn to suspending the wood above it an inch or so as a back-up plan.

    Best of luck!


  5. Leigh says

    Using drawer liners is a great idea. We have some laying around already and it would leave less chance that the plywood gets installed not level (sadly, highly likely for me). Thanks so much!

  6. Holly says

    Hi! Again, another comment on a long ago post… but I had visions of doing this exact same thing to my laundry room when we move into our new (OLD) house next month. And lo and behold, here is your blog with my idea already done! I would have never thought of those rubber drawer liners, I was getting all complicated with wall mounting… thank you! Also, for the picture falling problem, why not try a plate rail type thing? Tack on some small molding to keep them in place!

    Thanks for all the great ideas – in addition to this one, I think you’ve convinced me to reign in my wild color palette plans in favor of something more unified. Though our home is 1680 square feet, it’s 3 floors of small rooms, so keeping it unified is probably best. Good thing my brain has a month to adjust to that idea!

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Holly,

      You’re totally reading our minds here! First the same idea for your laundry nook and then the suggestions for the molding to keep the pictures in place! We actually attached a piece of quarter round to the back of the plywood “counter” about six months ago that acts as a rail or a lip that holds our pictures in place! Good luck with your new old house! And definitely send us your before and after pictures!


  7. Susan says

    I don’t know how I stumbled across your site, but so glad i did. You have great ideas and have carried them out beautifully. Pat yourselves on the backs.
    About the laundry room: I also have full size front loading washer/dryer, with the pedestals, and they are so deep (and tall). Did you install shelving or was it previously there? How do you access the stuff up there? And what are the blinds attached to? Great job!

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Susan,

      The shelving was partially already there. It was a bit too deep for our taste (it protruded out further than the washer and dryer) so we removed a bit of the wood to shorten the depth and then cleaned everything up with sandpaper and some caulk and then painted the whole thing white. Then we screwed the bamboo blinds right into the ceiling using plastic anchors to reinforce them. Since the blinds are meant for either inside or outside mount, they have the capability to be attached at the top (they’re meant to be attached to the top of a window ledge, but we just used the ceiling instead- and it worked like a charm). Hope it helps!


  8. says

    I just came across your blog and I love it! Esp love this post about the laundry room – I’ve been trying to figure out how to make mine look cleaner and more streamlined and this is totally the answer! Thanks for such great ideas!

  9. says

    I. LOVE. Your. Site. I know that punctuation is *awful* but that’s exactly how I’d say it if I spoke with you both face to face. It’s wonderfully generous of you to allow us into your homes and lives, and to dole out some bomb-diggy advice in the meantime. I’ve been reading some of your posts, and am happy to say that I just started composting (in a ginormous trash can from WalMart — made of RECYCLED plastic no less!), and I will be painting my kitchen hopefully next month. I’ll be sure to send you some awesome before & afters of that. Take care!!

  10. shae says

    HI ! omg i was just googling how to paint kitchen cabinets and i accidentally stumbled upon your website and have been on it for a couple hours!! omg lool! Are you and ur husband real people — wow! u are so creative – i would never have thought of half (well any) of the creative simple things you have done around your home (and wedding for that matter!) seriously you need your own show on HGTV! your website is awesome (very descriptive , well thought out and written!) i can tell you take alot of quality time on your site! I LOVE IT omg — a new addiction :) thank you verrry much

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Aw thanks guys! So happy you found us. Feel free to drop by anytime! Our virtual door is always open…

      Sherry (& John)

  11. Carrie says

    Hey Youngsters! I just found your site today after having a little meltdown with my husband. I just got so frustrated being young in our old (85) house…we spend so much time wanting to not mess it up that we’ve been afraid to really make it our own. Today it was about painting the woodwork. We have woodfloors, wood trim, wood mantles…I’m living in a lodge! When I showed him some of your pictures of painting/updating fireplaces he really got it. Thanks for the assist.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Carrie,

      So glad to help! We had the same worries when we moved in- about resale and about what we “should” do and all that. Then we decided to live a little. It’s not like we wanted to paint every room neon purple, we just wanted to make it ours! Once you see how light and fresh your old lodge can get you’ll gain momentum and before you know it you’ll have a totally new old house! Happy painting…


  12. says

    Hi Guys,
    I was wondering where at Target did you find the rolling storage? We went there yesterday but couldnt find it. Im guessing that it may be discontinued =(

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hi Yvonne,

      We picked up our rolling cart in the storage / tupperware / laundry section of Target a while ago, so I unfortunately wouldn’t be surprised if it were discontinued. I did a quick Target.com search for it and didn’t see it come up, although they have a decent selection of rolling wire carts if that’ll work as a substitute. If not, you may be able to find something similar at Bed, Bath & Beyond or even Home Depot. Let us know if you’re able to dig something up. Good luck on your hunt!


  13. Marelis says

    OMG that has got to be the most awesome thing ever!! I hate the look of laundry rooms with everything displayed on the shelf! I just purchased blinds similar to the ones you used for $1.86 (on sale at Target) and didn’t really have anywhere to use them…just couldn’t pass them up for that price! Now I have the perfect spot for them :)

  14. Toni says

    This comment is to Yvonne and any one else who is interested. I saw that exact rolling laundry cart at Lowes just last night. It was $24.95. I immediately snatched one for my own.

    My husband and I just bought our first house together (after nine years of military/apartment life). Your site has been so inspirational and helpful. It has settled a lot of design arguments we have had. Thanks so much for all the hard work you put into this website!


    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Toni,

      Thanks so much for the helpful laundry cart tip and the kind words! Happy home improving!


  15. says

    yay thanks Toni! We made a trip to Ikea to Woodbridge Va over the weekend and got curtains for the laundry room..now im so excited about the rolling cart! thanks!!!

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