Finding An Affordable Stainless Steel Range Hood


HOODWINKED! As in, we did the hoodwinking. After months of having our eye on a stainless steel chimney hood for above the stove in our new kitchen, the $1579 price tag was still hard to swallow. And then something that can only be described as a miracle happened. We found one for $350. It turns out that a high-end European brand wanted to break into the US market, so they offered their swank chimney hood exclusively to Home Depot at a staggering $350 price. Home Depot gladly accepted and within weeks it had sold out. But not before we snagged one! And get this- according to the salesman, the company is so known for its

Operation Widen Doorways: Days 3 & 4

Today is Columbus Day so I’m home from work and I get to witness Day 4 first hand. Unfortunately, all the exciting stuff is over and it’s basically just one of the Parker guys – Conrad – taking care of some finishing touches (sanding, skim coating, etc). Just like Day 3 all over again (apparently walls need a lot of finessing to look seamless). Conrad’s awesome. He’s even helping smooth out some other walls – like where the chair rail came down in the new third bedroom and where we demo’d the laundry nook. Once the joint compound is all dry, it just needs to be lightly sanded and the walls will be ready for

Oooh, Ancient Treasure!


When the cabinets came out on Wednesday, we uncovered some buried treasure. Well, if you consider things stuck under 50-year old cabinets to be “buried” and tattered old papers to be “treasure.” Here’s what we found: Coupon for 5¢ off 2 bars of Princess Dial soap (“the soap with moisturizing cream right in it”) Coupon for 12¢ off two cans of Campbell’s Soup for One (expires 4/30/81 – I was less than 7 months from birth!) Coupon for 15¢ off 2 packages of Soft-weve toilet paper A dentist appointment reminder card for Mrs. Floyd Pollay for April 28, 1971 at 2pm A Beginner Bible Story dated Nov 1958 A Storytime pamphlet called “God’s Helpers” dated

Operation Widen Doorways – Day 2


Day 2 with the crew was a rocky one, but still had its share of successes. The good news is: The electrician installed a new switch so we can finally turn off the kitchen light. The Parker boys finished closing off the dining room door with new dry wall. They also successfully widened the doorway that leads to the sunroom from the den. Now we have a nice, airy back entrance (the picture doesn’t do it justice) that will look great with our new washer and dryer in the newly opened nook to the right of the door. Now, the rocky parts: The electrician showed up so early (7:45am) that he caught me in my

Light My Fire (A Pendant Light We LOVE)


Ok, so we’ve been passive aggressively looking for the perfect light fixture to hang over the dining room table in our big dining/living room to better delineate the dining area. After repeatedly searching ebay, patrolling google, and leafing through a few dozen catalogs, I finally struck gold when I thought to hit up the CB2 website. Not only did they have a clean, classic light fixture, it was as easy on my wallet as it was on my eyes. After checking out options in the $200 to $400 range all morning, the $49 price tag almost knocked me off my chair. Needless to say, I wasted no time ordering it from the comfort of my

Operation Widen Doorways – Day 1


The crew from Parker Home Improvement showed up bright and early Wednesday morning to work on the doorways and kitchen demo. According to Sherry, it was a long day with only a couple snags requiring emergency phone calls. One to an electrician (couldn’t move a light switch through a stud), the other to the vet (dog swallowed a jagged piece of plastic). But in the end, the kitchen got knocked out, one doorway got widened, an electrician rescued us (for free!), and the dog threw up the piece of plastic. I’d call that a successful day. Today, the Parker boys are back to widen more doors and spew more dust. The electrician is back too

Demolition Monday: Removing Chair Molding & Slate


There’s no better cure for a case of the Mondays than wielding a sledgehammer. It must’ve been a particularly boring Monday because yesterday we let loose on 4 different areas. Demo Day 2007 kicked off with demo project #1: prying off the chair rail in the dining room that we’re converting into a 3rd bedroom (since chair rail is a bit weird in a bedroom). I was at work for this project, but from what I can tell Sherry had no trouble getting it down with a hammer, a crowbar and some womanpower. Hasta la vista, chair rail. Check out the gross yellow paint and ’70s wallpaper we found underneath! It’s even uglier than what