Fab Freebie: Peel The Love


Got a wall that’s looking kinda plain? Well, the people at WallsNeedLove have an answer in the form of $500 to spend on their site (and it’s open to anyone in the world!). They’ve got a whole slew of decal and vinyl designs to romance your space (and everything’s removable if you ever want to change things up). In addition to cool patterns and shapes in their decal design packs, they’ve also got wallpaper, prints, and even an “Easy Stripe” solution where you can customize the size and color for any stripe pattern that you can dream up. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter (it might take a second to load, but it

Seven Speedy Nursery Updates


When we last left off in the nursery, we had painted the closet door green, but still had a few lingering functional things that we needed (like a changing pad cover, a hamper, and a bin for dirty diapers) as well as a plan for the wall behind the crib that we had been debating. Update #1. You probably remember when we were considering this fun arrow wallpaper for that spot (among others) but thought it might be a little busy on that side with all the built-ins, so imagine our surprise to find a changing pad cover in the same pattern on Etsy. Teddy loves it. So much, in fact, that he has already

Deckgate (Literally, How To Make A Deck Gate)


This isn’t “Deckgate” in the sense that there’s a scandal involving a deck (sorry Olivia Pope) but for anyone who might want to learn how to build a literal deck gate, well, this could help. Our previous method of deck “gating” could be considered a little… lacking. The nice weather has accentuated a shortcoming of our deck once again. Burger likes to sunbathe out there, but the temptation of a grassy yard full of bugs and fascinating smells often proves too great and he goes wandering. We don’t have a fence on our property, and he has gotten more brazen lately and may even wander into the neighbor’s yard. Hence the classy plywood barrier on

Less Is More (Unless You’re Talking About Oreos)


Life has been busier than ever for us – and there’s nothing like having a baby to confirm your true priorities. We’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately: what exactly are our goals? What are we working towards? Hoping to gain? The answer, we realized, was definitely not more blog hits or traffic or approval. Honestly we both feel unsettled by the idea of our blog growing any larger, and we look fondly back on the earlier days when we worked less, slept more, and spent more quality time with our family and friends. This little website of ours has already surpassed every expectation we ever could have had for it. So what are

Fab Freebie: Art Show


We’ve been so thankful to have a few fantastic artists loan or donate their work to help fill the many blank walls in our Homearama Showhouse to benefit Habitat For Humanity. And we wanted to pay some of that forward to a lucky reader (from anywhere in the world!) so they can fill up some walls in their own home. First up is $250 to Help Ink, whose graphic posters, notecards, notebooks, and wood-mounted prints not only send a little inspirational boost your way, they also send $1 for every $5 spent on their site to a charity of your choosing. We also have Richmond-based painter Lindsay Cowles, whose colorful abstract paintings will be in

Listy VonListerstein


I’m not going to lie. These days this is pretty much all I want to do (add Burger, Clara, and John in there and I’m even more mooney-eyed and kissy-faced). But to everyone who requested an updated Listy post, I finally got ‘er done. We last shared our to-do list in November, so this check-in is well overdue – and I figured it could make us feel somewhat accomplished just to look at all the stuff we’ve crossed off since then. Picture me making Zoro-esque slicing sound effects with every slash (Teddy thought it was hilarious). These posts were born when people asked how we organize all the stuff on our to-do list and I

Sealing The Deal (And Our Concrete Counters)


Thanks for all the kind words on Teddy’s arrival last week. We’re home now and settling into life as parents to a newborn again (anyone have tips for getting one to sleep between the hours of 10pm and 4am?), so we’ll definitely be on a lighter schedule, but one project that we rushed to check off the to-do list around 48 hours before Teddy was born was finally sealing our kitchen’s recently Ardexed counters. We’ve shared a few other “how to seal” tutorials (like this one about de-hazing & sealing tile, this one about sealing grout, and this one about sealing cork) so here’s what we settled on for protecting our Ardex counters. We read

He’s here!


We’re thrilled to introduce the newest member of our family, baby Teddy! On Wednesday, April 16th at 8:51 am, Theodore Freeman Petersik was born wielding a tiny drill weighing in at 8 lbs on the dot and measuring 19.5 inches long. We’re crazy in love with him, including Clara who just can’t stop kissing and snuggling “her baby.” Especially when he whimpers or coos, it becomes her personal mission to soothe him. Teddy was named after my dad’s dad Theodore (who went by Teddy his entire life) and his middle name honors John’s maternal grandfather (Freeman is John’s middle name too). Teddy is already proving to be a little spitfire like his sister, although he

Fab Freebie: The Hook Up


HEADS UP! Since baby boy is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, we’re spending some special family time with Clara today. So we’re posting this week’s giveaway early, and hope to stop in later this week (maybe on Thursday?) to officially introduce our little man. But back to the freebie. This week we’re hooking three people from anywhere in the world up with a $500 Target gift card along with a complete set of our hooks (you can see them all here) in the finish of their choosing. I feel like this is the part where I should bust out an Oprah-esque “You get an octopus! You get an octopus!” but it just doesn’t have the same

How We Roll (Painting A Room On Video)


The office ceiling and walls are officially painted, which is good news because we’re at T-minus 48 hours until this baby’s scheduled delivery. Note: the trim is pure white in here (the same color as the desk in the middle of the room). No idea why it’s looking a little cream – maybe just the time of day/lighting? It’s still looking really stark in here (holy cow, who watched Game Of Thrones last night?), so we can’t wait to add: a rug window treatments a fun pendant or two over the desk area art more storage along the left wall (and a craft table/photography zone) an updated kid-desk area on the right etc, etc, etc

It’s Bath Time


Continuing our showhouse-heavy week of reveals, we’re bringing you a bunch of after photos from three more spaces – the master bathroom, the atrium, and the master closet. We showed you the master bedroom on Tuesday (along with the office and the butler’s pantry) so it only felt natural to continue our virtual tour where we left off. The master bath and closet sit off a corner of the bedroom and are separated by a space that we’ve been lovingly calling the “atrium” (it’s really more of a vestibule) which you can see above on the right side. Here’s the floor plan for a clearer map of how that area is situated: The atrium features

Adding To Our Week Of Crazy…


To everyone who has said “go rest!” or “we understand if you have to catch your breath after this showhouse marathon and before this baby comes” we are SO APPRECIATIVE of the encouragement. We’re still over there every day shooting each remaining room for afters/source lists and are also hoping to record a video tour for you guys, but we fully intend to cash in on that whole sit-down-and-breathe-for-a-second thing as soon as we finish documenting everything. But amongst the last crazy week of showhouse stuff, another crazy thing happened that we just had to talk about for a second. We can’t begin to tell you how awesomely surreal it has been to see our

Fab Freebie: Worth The Wait


“Life should be lived beautifully every single day” is the mantra that drives the founder of Waiting on Martha, the virtual boutique where one of you will be getting $300 to spend this week. From home decor and entertaining to jewelry and kids, Mandy has collected a wide variety of beautiful things, with plenty of pretty, shiny, and quirky goods in the mix. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter (it might take a second to load, but it should eventually pop up below this paragraph). You can also get 15% off with code YHL15 through April 15th. This giveaway is available to anyone anywhere! Click To View Rafflecopter Widget

Business, Bedding, & Butlering


As of 5:30pm yesterday, our second big Homearama Showhouse deadline was hit. Phew. The builder was throwing a preview party at the house so everything had to be done, cleaned, and ready to be shown off to a whole slew of people (realtors, prospective buyers, generous local companies who donated furnishings/accessories to this cause, etc). Heck, the weather even cooperated in the final seconds and gave us this nice photo op. It was kinda weird yet exciting to have the place alive with people, music, and food. They brought in caterers to show off the kitchen/appliances, and Sherry and I pretty much gorged since we had been running around in hyper-drive all day. There were

The Show Must Go On


For the last few weeks we have eaten, slept, and breathed all things showhouse. We knew it was going to be a lot of work, but I’ll be the first to admit that we completely underestimated how much time, effort, and – well, shopping – it would take to turn a 3,500 square foot blank-ish slate into a lived-in-ish looking home. In two weeks, no less. So as you can imagine we’ve pretty much been camped out there. Or driving back and forth with a car full of stuff, unloading it, placing it on various surfaces, and repeating. We thought most of the major hurdles had been cleared after choosing fixtures and finishes over the

Messy House Tour 2014


Since you guys have enjoyed the past messy house tour videos that we’ve shared (like this one from our last house in 2011), we seized the opportunity to remind everyone that we’re not all carefully folded towels and meticulously placed pillows 24/7 (not even close). With our attention focused mostly on the showhouse & some last minute nursery updates, many of our other house projects have been put on hold (some are literally halfway done) and a handful of rooms have quickly devolved into chaos. And when your house is a mess, why not video tape it for the whole internet to see? A few notes: There is no rapping in this video. I am

A Colorful Door & More Nursery Art


At two weeks from my due date we’re checking off a few more lingering nursery updates, like painting the closet door a bright happy color, organizing the clutter within… … making/hanging some more art, and changing our minds in the curtain arena (you know we love a good final-hour switcheroo). The green closet door was heavily influenced by Clara, who kept saying “my baby will like a colored door like mine but not pink” – and since a bold green door was originally in our plan back in January (which we mentioned to Clara, hence her obsession) we decided to stop hemming and hawing and just go for it. After hanging our apple-green curtains and

Fab Freebie: Nature’s Pantry


This week NatureBox is hooking someone up with a 1-year Deluxe Snacker subscription and a $300 gift card to Home Depot. That means each month a box of nutritionist-approved snacks will arrive at the winner’s door without any high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, or artificial sweeteners – and they can whip their pantry or their kitchen cabinets into shape with some new shelves, organizing systems, containers, caddies, and more thanks to that $300 Home Depot gift card.  Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter (it might take a second to load, but it should eventually pop up below this paragraph). New customers can also get their first NatureBox at 50% off (that’s $9.95) with

And Now For A Household Crafting Challenge


The other night Sherry and I came up with the idea to challenge each other to craft something using objects around our house – the catch being that the OTHER person gets to choose the objects. It wasn’t necessarily a competition, but we still came up with some ground rules: You can use anything to make the craft, but the three chosen items must be incorporated in some way. The “challengee” may choose one of the items before seeing the other two chosen by the “challenger.” No money can be spent. The project will be shared on the blog, no matter how awful it turns out. We rock-paper-scissored and I lost, so I was up