Hall Bathroom Happenings

The upstairs hall bathroom has pretty much been ignored for the past nine months, other than hanging a shower curtain after we moved in and occasionally cleaning the toilet. But these builder basic mirrors have been on our hit list from day one.

It took us nearly two years to get around to updating the one in our last hall bathroom by framing it out, so we weren’t about to let these go as long.

Sherry has been on the lookout for something with a more interesting shape (round? quatrefoil? Eminem’s face?) so framing these out wasn’t our plan this time. Instead, we glanced at whatever mirrors were around when we dropped in on thrift stores or places like HomeGoods and Ikea. We managed to find one for our master bathroom pretty quickly, but this room took a bit longer – especially since we needed two matching ones. We finally found two of these at HomeGoods (update: they were $69 each). Clara gave them two thumbs up and a ringing endorsement, saying “I like it because it’s like a shiny necklace!”

Installing the mirrors was easier than fiddling with one of those tiny necklace claspy things that you ladies seem to have mastered (those are an enigma to me). Down came the old mirror by unscrewing the top mirror clips and carefully sliding it out of place.

The mirrors had two D-hooks on the back, so in order to hang them I did three things:

  1. I used tape to temporarily mark on the side of the mirror where my screw would need to sit on the back
  2. I measured the distance from the edge to the D-hook
  3. I measured the distance between the two D-hooks

I held the first mirror in place while Sherry directed me so it was centered and not too low or too high. Then she marked the wall where my tape indicated while I continued to hold it in place. Of course, the screw was inset a bit from the edge, which is where my first measurement came in handy – allowing me to scoot my mark in to the correct spot to catch the D-ring.

I used a yardstick/level combo to mark where the other screw needed to go. The level made sure it was at the same height as my first mark, and the yardstick helped me get it exactly where it needed to be, based on my other initial measurement.

Then it was just an anchor and a screw into the wall in each spot and I was all set. Well, that and I had to repeat those steps for the second mirror, making sure it was centered and at the same height from the countertop.

One thing I appreciate about the mirrors we chose is that although they look like they’re super heavy and made of metal, they’re pretty light and it’s just the paint that makes them look like that (I think they’re really made of plaster or wood).

The last step was slipping those D-hooks on the back of the mirror over the screws and our mirrors were officially “installed.” Clara was convinced the update was just for her, since her favorite pastime as of late is playing in the sink (someone is very ready for spring so we can break out her water table again).

Although there’s plenty more to be done in this room (new lights, new faucets, non shell-shaped sinks, a new tile job down the line, perhaps an entirely tiled wall behind the mirrors someday?) the mirrors are a nice step forward.

It’s as if Clara never noticed the old mirrors were there, but now that they’re gold and necklace-y, our little magpie keeps getting distracted by her own reflection.

Is anyone else updating their bathroom mirrors? Or catching their offspring enjoying their own reflection a little too much? If you scroll back two pictures does it look like a cartoony face to you? The lights are the eyes, and the mirror is the mouth. Kinda fitting for a kids room… although those lights still have to go eventually.


  1. Mel says

    Those mirrors are amazing!

    We have a GIANT mirror over our double sink vanity in our kids’ bathroom that I loathe but my husband insists on keeping it. I’m trying to smoothly talk him into framing it out like you did your mirror, but have yet to sell him on it. I think one weekend I might just lock myself in there and do it.

    Great find on those mirrors and Clara is a riot!

    • says

      I have one hair-brained idea that involves a switch of some other lights we already have (and a mini makeover before we hang them) but I have no idea if it’ll look crazy or not, so I’ll have to keep you posted! If not I think we’ll just hit up our favorite local lighting outlet to see what they have for bathroom wall lights (and check out sites like joss & main and overstock to see their stuff too).


  2. says

    My husband thought I was crazy when we redid our half bath I refused to buy a mirror online. Instead I stalked HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, etc for a few months until I found the perfect beveled mirror (on clearance for $20!) for the space at HomeGoods. Next time we redo a bathroom I’m looking for the mirror first so we don’t have an empty spot for a few months. These are gorgeous mirrors and I would never have guessed that they were lighter mirrors.


  3. Victoria says

    I learned an easier way to put up mirrors solo. Use painters tape to run it along the back of the mirror and around a bit of the sides (tacky side out), over the D-rings and poke a pencil through the D-ring hole to mark the tape. Place the mirror on the wall in your desired location and place the tape that is visible on the 2 sides and stick it to the wall. Use a level to make sure the tape is level, then drill your holes (plug/screws). Hang your mirror and you are good to go. :)

    • Jessica says

      This tip and John’s tip have both blown my mind. You have no idea how difficult I’ve been making hanging this type of mirror/picture frame/etc. My way always involved multiple holes in the walls, slightly crooked end results, and lots and lots of frustration. Thank you both!!!

    • says

      I’m so glad, Jessica. We’ve tried a bunch of other methods (even some weird ones, like dabbing toothpaste on the D-rings and pressing them into the wall to mark where the screws should go) but sometimes they sound like they should work but things end up crooked. This one didn’t let me down though. And Victoria’s sounds great too. Good luck with everything!


    • Connie S. says

      I agree with Jessica. Great tips! I can’t believe it’s never occurred to me to put tape on the frame to mark where the nails/screws should go! Gotta go find something to hang up now :)

    • says

      I actually love the toothpaste method! But I’ll admit, it can leave a mess on the wall if you don’t wipe it up. This way works too, but for me the toothpaste is easier to do with just one person (I don’t usually have enough/hands coordination to handle the tape, the level, the yardstick…etc.) But, you guys make everything look easy so I might try it next time!
      (Here’s how I did it for our gallery wall: http://lovinghere.com/hang-on-and-hang-up/)

    • says

      How do you get the toothpaste to just make a dot? And ensure that it’s level when you’re pressing it in to make those toothpaste marks? Ours always makes these two big blobs and then we try to guess where the center should be (and sometimes try to use a level but the wall’s sticky so it’s not as easy) – even then it can be a little crooked. Maybe we’re putting too much on? Or our hands aren’t steady so it slips a bit on the wall and leaves too big of a clump? Are you just really good at holding it steady and pushing it once against the wall so it’s perfectly level?


  4. Emily says

    The mirrors look great but I actually have a question about yesterday’s post. The showhouse is AMAZING and I need to know about the hardwoods in the great room (brand, color, etc.) Thanks. You guys are awesome!

    • says

      They’re solid oak floors that the builder gets from a local distributor, installs, and then stains in place (the stain color we went with is Jacobean). Not sure what the distributor’s name is though, so I just shot a text to the builder. Hope to check back in with the answer for ya!


  5. Kati says

    Any plans for the old mirrors? I totally see frog faces with the big mirror mouths and the light eyes! Great update.

  6. says

    I really like the new mirrors. I have been resisting changing out my mirror in my downstairs bath, because I keep thinking “it is a perfectly functioning mirror”. But, it is soooo boring. Seeing these really sealed the deal. Home Goods here I come!:)

  7. says

    Lol, I love the cartoony face comment! Love those mirrors!

    I laid a mirror down on the floor for my little one to check herself out… there was a lot of kissing herself in the mirror going on.

  8. Karen Little says

    This post made me laugh with your cute writing and the darling pics and quotes from Clara! I really like the shape and material that the mirrors are made of, too—they look lovely. I have a bit of concern (I’m a grammy, what can I say?:) with John removing a mirror without adequate eye protection. Just hoping he added that after the pic was taken. They can “pop” and send glass shards out toward the remover. Eek….I’d hate that to happen to y’all. ;)

    • says

      Great tip! When they’re glued to the wall we hear there’s more of a worry about popping, but you’re right that even just the clipped ones can surprise you. Always better to be safe than sorry and just throw them on.


  9. says

    I love these! I have a question, though. If I saw these, I wouldn’t have paid that price because I would have thought that was too expensive. The problem is that I wouldn’t have paid it because I wouldn’t know what a good price is for mirrors like that. I find this in a lot of my shopping. I hold off, because I think, there must be something cheaper. But that’s not always the case. Is it just simply a matter of budget and preference? Or, is there some real know-how behind this? Have you guys ever posted something about this? I know you have posted about splurges in you house like painting vs. replacing cabinets. But what about little stuff? Sorry for this long question. lol

    • says

      I think it really helps you to figure out what a good price is for something just by keeping an eye out for a while. We had been checking out mirrors since we moved in (both for the master and this bathroom, as well as the powder room) so we had seen a bunch in that size, so we got familiar with the expensive ones (many sites like Ballard Designs or Pottery Barn sell them for $150+) vs. the price of them at outlets, flash sale sites, and places like HomeGoods (where most were in the $50-90 range). I think you’re smart to hold out if you’re not sure, but maybe if you see something you love and worry it’s too expensive it’s worth a quick search on some other sale sites or a visit or two to other nearby stores to see if your instinct is right or if they’re the lowest things you can find?


    • says

      Thanks Sherry! The one thing I held off on was an area rug for our living room. We will be in our house for 10 years this year. LOL. I JUST bought one this past Christmas finally after hemming and hawing about prices of rugs. :)

    • Reenie says

      I think if you see something that you really like ~ get it then. Chances are it won’t be there when you do go back to get it once you’ve made up your mind. ;) (save your receipt, once you get it home and don’t like it ~ you can return it)

      Love the mirrors. Great tips on hanging with D-hooks. I’ve also seen people run a light-weight wire from hook to hook ~ and hang it by the wire.

  10. Brittany says

    I don’t know, I think that you really made a mistake not choosing a mirror in the shape of Eminem’s face… hahaha. You guys always make me laugh!

  11. Becca Smith says

    Actually, I kinda thought the picture with the level looked like a cartoon-y face. I’m not sure what your hand is doing to it’s left eye, though!

  12. susan says

    You guys always find the best deals on really fab items.
    You must shop a lot to be able to nab this stuff before everyone else!! What a dream job you have, especially with the lighting line, Target line and second book in the works!!

    As they say, you’ve come a long way, baby!

    The mirrors look great and yes, Clara, very necklace-y.

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