Reader Redesign: Secret Garden

Something has us gravitating towards outdoor spaces lately. Maybe it’s being mid-makeover on our freshly lofted sunroom? Maybe it’s wishful thinking that summer isn’t ending? Whatever it is, we loving Stacy’s transformation of her backyard into a quaint and cozy green space. Here’s her letter:

There were several books from my childhood that affected my view on life and how I wanted my home to be when I grew up. One of them was a book titled Mandy, and another was The Secret Garden. I have always wanted a space that was all mine. A space that maybe didn’t function as anything other than a retreat and a place to image and dream. Welcome to my secret garden.

Here is what the area looked like before:

This garden took almost four months to create. Not only do I have four small children, but I was at the mercy of mother nature. Plus, I had to build the fence on two sides. It was harder to get finished that any other “room” I have ever done.

Next to the bench I have an outdoor solar powered lamp and in the corner there is a trellis. Next to the trellis is one of my favorite things about the whole garden. My moss art! I LOVE moss so this seemed like the perfect fit for my space.

I used an old apple crate for all my gardening supplies (see above). I love that not only is it functional, but super cute! There is also the ladder from my Better Homes and Gardens photoshoot that I turned into a plant stand last year. I don’t think the pictures really capture the effect this mirror has on the space. It wasn’t until I hung the mirror that it felt like a room. I got it for $15.00!

Thanks for touring my secret (okay, not so secret anymore) garden! I am so excited to have it done so can start on the next project. -Stacy

Amidst all of Stacy’s cool projects in this space (which you can find linked to at the end of her blog post about the space) I think I’m charmed most by her casual stone and moss path throughout the space. And Sherry loves those awesome arched doors in that dark chocolate stain. Very secret garden indeed. Thanks for sharing your garden with us, Stacy!


    • says

      I have had the mirror up year round for over a year now without problems. It is on the north side of my house so I am sure that helps. You do need to be careful in the location and placement for sure :)

  1. Tiffany Rose says

    Wow I love her secret garden! I always dreamed of a space like this. I could imagine adding string lights and solar powered spot lights throughout the garden. Also cushions on the bench to make it a cozy spot on cool summer nights! <3 Love that path and gate too! DROOL!!! :)

  2. jenna says

    “freshly lofted”? Do you guys have secret updates to the sunroom? Are you holding out on us???

    Love the garden! Thanks for sharing. What I like about it is I think it will be even more charming and welcoming as plants grow and things like the mirror get a little weathered.

  3. Rachelle S says

    AMAZING! It is absolutely beautiful and charming! Thanks for sharing : ) and I hope Stacy enjoys her secret garden.

  4. says

    Mandy is one of my favorite books! I’ve read it so many times, the binding is held together with duct tape because it’s falling apart. I’ve never seen it mentioned or heard anyone talk about it.

    Stacey, your garden is beautiful and inspiring!

    • Katrina says

      I’m another huge Mandy fan! (But I agree, don’t know many other people who have ever read it.)

    • says

      I adore Mandy, read it many times as a kid and I always wanted my own cottage… and wanted the book made into a movie! You’ve made a beautiful secret space!

      Put Mandy on Clara’s 10-year old reading list now! :)

    • Caitlyn says

      Also read it and loved it (and my first thought was, surely she doesn’t mean THAT book – no one else read that! but I guess it was more popular than I realized).

  5. says

    I loved Mandy and The Secret Garden! What a fun idea to transform a space based on your favorite books. I’m an avid reader and would love to take this idea into my future home!

  6. Laura says

    Mandy is STILL one of my favorite books! It is written by Julie Andrews, yes *the* Julie Andrews. This redesign brought a smile to my face thinking about the book. Thanks for sharing!

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