Primed & Ready

Remember when our living room was salmon?

Well, not anymore…

That’s just the primer coat, so we’ll be back on Monday with the full details of what color we chose, why we picked it, and a whole bunch of prep info, in-process pics, and of course the all-done afters. Today’s the last day of our Florida road trip, so we’re doing our best just to soak up the sun before our 14 hour drive back to Richmond. But I’m not going to lie… remembering that we’re not returning to a pink living room is definitely making us more excited to mosey on home.

It always feels crazy to eke out a last minute project before leaving (kinda like the kitchen flooring that we half-laid before our trip to Hawaii a year and a half ago) but it’s so much fun to come back to enjoy it since we barely had a second to soak it up before hightailing it outta town. Can’t wait to write up all the details for you guys.


As a little Friday bonus, here are four fun projects, chats, or questions going on over on the Forums. We also announced this week’s giveaway winner, so you can click here (and scroll down to the Rafflecopter box) to see if it’s you.

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  1. says

    My house is all flat paint- it’s awful. We love the color and have purchased the same color in washable finish. I’ve been putting off painting because it seems daunting to move all the furniture. Looking at your photo above gives me hope. You make it look so easy peasy- can’t wait to hear more about the process!

  2. says

    I don’t know why but that totally gave me anxiety about painting our living room! LOL I guess I sometimes forget about the primer coat because I’ve always had white walls…until I went medium green. The Mr will sometimes look at it, sigh and grumble “I dread having to paint this again.” I’ll have to remind him…”Prime! Don’t forget the primer too!” Then I’ll run away. :-)

    • says

      Primer saves time! Don’t dread the primer. We had a pea soup green living room and a mustard yellow kitchen. We primed the kitchen (because the people there had painted a door and trim yellow too, so we had to prime that) but didn’t prime the living room.

      Paint covered *much* better in the kitchen — one coat with some touch ups in a few areas is all we needed. We’re going on coat three for the living room to completely cover the green with the creamy beige we picked. Totally picking up more primer next time.

    • Linda says

      I had a Pepto pink bathroom – I used BM Aura (which claims both built in primer and two coat coverage) in a light lavender-grey, and those two coats did the trick. Actually, one coat was pretty darn good, but I still had paint left and went for the two coats.

      I did like that salmon color, honestly, but maybe not with the bricks in there. But the salmon was well loved in its day, and now it’s time for a change!

    • Kathryn says

      I know! Even the primer looks pretty sweet. I mean, perhaps somewhere, somehow someone is making that salmon work, but not this room! Massive improvement already!

      Safe travels, Petersiks!

  3. Tracie says

    Oh, it looks really lovely with the white walls and the stained wood. You could just cheat and not paint, only whitewash the brick, and live like that for a while. It would be very Old World.

    • says

      Right now we are leaning towards glossy white paint like the trim/crown in our foyer. We also want to turn the beams into a coffered ceiling eventually (our to-do list posts have more info about our plans).


    • minabey says

      Can’t wait to see you tackle coffered ceilings because the ones i’ve seen were light suckers (actual scientific term).

      Have a safe trip y’all!

  4. Julianne says

    Looking forward to it! Have a safe drive home. :0)

    *BTW, we are considering an East Coast drive down to Florida next winter and was wondering if you can recommend any favourite historical or educational stops along the way?

    • says

      We generally just stop at state rest stops to let Clara and Burger run around and stretch their legs. Anyone else have recommendations for Julianne?


    • says

      We did a drive from Omaha to Florida when I was a kid, so some of the stuff we saw may be different, but here’s what we did:

      – St. Louis Arch
      – Incline railroad in Chattanooga
      – Andrew Jackson’s hermitage
      – Stephen Foster’s home (Swanee River in Florida)
      – Battlefield in Georgia
      – Cyclorama (a museum in the round in Atlanta)

      Other things I’ve done include visiting battleships in North and South Carolina, visiting lots of civil war sites in Virginia (Fredricksburg is pretty cool), hitting up Boston for their revolutionary history if you live up north, etc. There are lots of historical sites to see along the way. Try Roadside America for the more kitschy ones, and just look at some detailed maps (state maps or a good atlas) along your ideal route to see what other possibilities might be — a lot of things are marked on maps these days if you get the right map.

    • Julianne says

      Thanks, Sherry & Leah! We do often buy travels guides for these types of drives, but I’ve found that the best rec’s come from those who live in the area, or have done the same route themselves. I appreciate your tips & everyone else who cares to share. Thank you! :0)

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