Friday Flowers

Happy Friday, y’all! What is it about sunroom ceiling demo that gets me all hyper and clammy? Yes, that’s continuing today (we’re still opening things up and waiting on some expert advice) but I promise we’ll have an official update for you guys on Monday! And now, just for good measure, more exclamation points!!!!

In the meantime, I figured after a big week of sunroom demo, whitewashing, sunroom rebuilding, and more sunroom demo, it was high time for a budget blooms post. We used to do these every month, and then I fell off last year. And then I got back on the wagon and fell off again later last year. But I’m baaaaaaack! Not with one, but four different arrangements. #livedangerously

We had a shoot at our house a little while ago (more details on that as soon as we’re allowed to spill them) and that meant there were some fresh grocery store flowers floating around. There was one bouquet of white roses, one bouquet of tulips, and one mixed bouquet – all bought at Kroger. For the roses, I cut them all the same length, and stuck them in a glass cup, which I slipped into an old woven basket from Ikea. It’s cute and pretty darn error proof (with flowers if it’s not easy, I can’t do it).

For the tulips I went with a red pitcher from World Market a while back. I have a thing for flowers in pitchers (both the clear glass kind or colorful ceramic ones like this). I did remove some of the extra leaves, just so they weren’t as crowded, and I dropped a penny in the water since that’s rumored to keep them from getting too droopy.

The mixed bouquet got trimmed a little and paired with a traditional glass vase. I get nervous about dealing with lots of different flowers (all of the same type seems more idiot-proof, which is my flower love language) but one thing that’s fun about mixed blooms is that you can just spin the container around until you like the view.

You know, because it keeps changing as you rotate that vase like that round bed in Austin Powers.

Here’s the last arrangement (let’s call this one Flower Lite). I just stole a lily stem from the mixed bouquet above and stuck it into an antique milk jug that I found at a secondhand shop in Cape Charles (we were there for a day trip a little while back).

That’s also where we bought that old turquoise oyster tin and the cool blue bottle (it’s an old NYC medicine bottle). We also got the mug that says “Shanty” on it while we were there (we ate at Shanty for lunch and I couldn’t leave without buying a crabby little mug), which I filled with a few more flowers stolen from the mixed bouquet.

Happy Friday, guys! Hope it’s full of flowers and flying demo dust!


As a little before-the-weekend bonus, here are four fun projects, chats, or questions going on over on the Forums. We also announced this week’s giveaway winner, so you can click here (and scroll down to the Rafflecopter box) to see if it’s you.

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  1. Crystal says

    The best solution to droopy tulips that I have found is poking a small hole in the stem (but not through) right below the flower. Perks em right up!! Apparently they get droopy because of lack of air flow (or something).

    Beautiful pictures and loving that teal can!

    • says

      Never heard that one! Someone else has said vodka in the water, which is funny because I picture droopy drunk tulips, but apparently it perks them up.


    • Paula says

      I used to work as a florist – and yes this is the trick
      the reason for it is water flow – the stems can get trapped with air bubbles and this seals it from drinking – the little pin hole (yes not through) does the trick and I’ve had mine last weeks (which is amazing for tulips!)

  2. LauraElle says

    Can’t wait to see Monday’s update. When I saw the daybed covered in debris, I thought to myself, “Poor, abused daybed!” LOL

  3. Ana says

    Not at all related to flowers, but I’m finally installing my Nest thermostat, which I ordered the week before you guys put in yours. Fingers crossed that it all works out (since the dual flush toilet kit didn’t). :)

  4. BarbOutsideBoston says

    VERY curious about what was shot in your not-quite-finished house! And are those pics taken in your foyer (guessing from wall/trim color)?

    • says

      Yes, that was the foyer in the background of those flower shots. It’s one of the only rooms we’ve painted, so I love using that as a backdrop – it gets good light in there too! And believe me, we were NERVOUS for anyone to shoot our blue-trim-and-wallpapered house! Let’s say there were very strategic shots (it wasn’t actually a piece about our house at all, so that helped).


  5. Jason says

    So Cool! Always like to see you enjoying a vacation here in Delaware with the family and so excited to see you’ve been to Cape Charles – my Mom and her new husband bought a beach house there in the historic district that they are renovating! Can’t wait to see the porch progress!

    • says

      It’s so pretty there! We can’t wait to go back. There was like nobody on the beach and it was awesome for Clara (not too many waves, a big sandbar, etc).


  6. says

    I love what you are doing with the back deck, Monday’s info should be fun. And this flower bloom totally just reminded me that after I hit send I need to run out front and pick my purple pop ups (my unofficial name for them) to plop into a vase and gussy up the kitchen. Thanks for the pretty flower pics to send me into my weekend!

    My best, Lynn

  7. says

    Love having fresh flowers around the house. It has been about a month since I brought some home. I brought home some pretty orange glads for the center piece on the table for my hubby’s birthday. They lasted a really long time even though the cat kept knocking them (vase and all off the table).

  8. says

    Love those tulips! I made the mistake of telling my hub I didn’t like flowers when we were dating (cold heart) and now I would KILL for some. #yesitoldhim #hesnotconvincedmyhearthaswarmed #carefulwhatyoudontwishfor. LOVE all those beauties!

  9. says

    My weekend won’t be full of flowers and flying demo dust, but it will be filled with sweat and flying color bombs. Holla for the Color Me Rad in Maine! We may be running as the Pawnee Parks Department. Maybe. ;)

    (and then painting when I get home, but let’s ignore that part for now).

  10. says

    I envy your flowers – the hubby is allergic so I never get to enjoy flowers inside.

    Or it could all be a clever ploy by him to avoid mowing the grass and weeding the yard…

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