The New Digs

Now that we’re wrapping things up at our current house and we’ve spilled the new house beans it’s like we’ve finally given ourselves permission to LOSE. OUR. MINDS. So yeah, this new house video tour is full of chirpy excitement that only a home in your dream neighborhood can produce. Forgive me. It’s not a good look. And watching it produces the same embarrassment that my way-too-enthusiastic mom elicited back in high school. Which confirms that I’m turning into her. Uh oh…

Woop, there it is. The first set of stairs we ever owned, and the house that’s attached to them.

A few notes:

Oh and please bear with us when it comes to questions about our plans and the ol’ to do list that we’re compiling. We promise we’ll whip up a floor plan post and share our new masterlist with all of our To-Dos on it as soon as we have those laid out (we’re still in that changing-our-minds-every-second phase). It might be a little while before we’ve fully segued into the full new house mindset since we still live in our current house and definitely have a lot of stuff on our plates with selling it, getting packed up, and moving.

And now, I’ll end this with a completely understated “AHHHHHHHHHHH!” and another big wet kiss for you guys. So excited to share this next chapter with you. Also if you’re my mom and you’re reading this, I’m not that scared of turning into you. Except that none of my shoes will fit anymore…






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