Reader Redesign: A Layered Living Room

When Katie sent us pictures of her living room makeover, we couldn’t get over the difference between the before and the after. Here’s her letter:

Hi guys! I just wanted to share my living room redesign with you. When we first laid eyes on our house, the living room (well the whole house) was definitely not our style.

So among a few other major events since we moved (like having baby boy #3 last summer) it felt great to paint the room, switch out the lighting, and find some great pieces via Craigslist and garage sales.

The drapes are from [my son] Isaac’s nursery with some pom pom trim added.

I’m also loving my new canvas (from Surface View). But now I’m thinking my walls should be dark. What do you think?? Navy blue, charcoal gray, aubergine, chocolate? Uh oh, gotta go the hubs is rolling his eyes at me! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!! – Katie

Thanks for sharing it with us, Katie! I should point that she also tells a great story about saving a bunch of money when it came to getting that big piece of carpet for the room, which you can read over on her blog. And as for the favorite-part game, mine is the graphic throw on the sofa and that skull art. Meanwhile Sherry loves the sconces, that great sofa, and – predictably – the egg chair.

Oh and what color’s your vote for the wall? Thought it would be fun to take an informal poll.


  1. says

    i personally love the walls nice & bright like they are, espeically because the skull canvas makes it perfectly moody enough already. great job! psst. i love that throw, too.

  2. says

    Thanks so much John and Sherry for featuring my living room! This has totally made my week!!! Oh and since I am so ADD when it comes to my own home that my living room has been rearranged about 3 times since I took these photos. ;) Plan to paint it real soon though, Swiss coffee walls and high gloss black doors. Thanks again!!

  3. erin says

    I think a dark color would look great on her walls!! Since she has that large white canvas and sofa to break up the darkness. It think it would look fantastic!

    lovely living room!

  4. Deb says

    Great transformation! I would paint just the one wall behind the couch charcoal grey – that would really make the skull art pop!

  5. says

    That skull is AMAZING! I also love the green leather ottoman, I need to find something like that! The TV media cabinet is great, too. I’m loving this whole “vintage buffet or long dresser used as media cabinet” thing. I have one too! Got it for $40 at a resale store. It’s got these amazing starbursts carved into the wood. SOOO mid-century.

  6. Angela says

    Great transformation! I too love the throw. I also like how she added pom-pom trim to the curtains. I have found some great curtains at
    They have all kinds of different ones, but lately I’ve been obsessed with getting simple, plain curtains and adding custom touches to them. (like the pom-poms, great idea!)

  7. Nan says

    A huge difference – I love the ceiling light.

    We just moved into a new to us house that has dark walls (navy, forest green & muddy brown) and I’m painting each and every one a lighter color. It just feels so dark and drab with all the dark walls.

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