Reader Redesign: A Layered Living Room

When Katie sent us pictures of her living room makeover, we couldn’t get over the difference between the before and the after. Here’s her letter:

Hi guys! I just wanted to share my living room redesign with you. When we first laid eyes on our house, the living room (well the whole house) was definitely not our style.

So among a few other major events since we moved (like having baby boy #3 last summer) it felt great to paint the room, switch out the lighting, and find some great pieces via Craigslist and garage sales.

The drapes are from [my son] Isaac’s nursery with some pom pom trim added.

I’m also loving my new canvas (from Surface View). But now I’m thinking my walls should be dark. What do you think?? Navy blue, charcoal gray, aubergine, chocolate? Uh oh, gotta go the hubs is rolling his eyes at me! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!! – Katie

Thanks for sharing it with us, Katie! I should point that she also tells a great story about saving a bunch of money when it came to getting that big piece of carpet for the room, which you can read over on her blog. And as for the favorite-part game, mine is the graphic throw on the sofa and that skull art. Meanwhile Sherry loves the sconces, that great sofa, and – predictably – the egg chair.

Oh and what color’s your vote for the wall? Thought it would be fun to take an informal poll.


  1. Andrea says

    A navy or aubergine accent wall would look amazing and give a nice pop! And as YHL has proved, adding grey or light blue paint to any room makes it look ah-mazing! :)

  2. Allison says

    Charcoal gray would be my vote, but I think any dark color would make it too cave-like. Doesn’t appear to have much natural light (possibly only one window?).

    • KatyO says

      YES!!! I was just about to say the same thing! LOVE the green ottoman. That is the perfect green. Maybe that could be a wall color?

  3. says

    The white looks okay, but you might want to mix it up with some charcoal gray(I believe someone else mentioned this). Also a suggestion would be painting one of the four colors a warm color, such as a red or brown.
    This can definitely open the room up to the eyes of your audience and call attention to it.

    • says

      Hi Ellen! I painted the chest with Behr’s Rhino paint and the ‘glaze’ is actually a dark (Jacobean?) wood stain wiped on with a rag. The finish has been great with having kids, the more they beat it up the better it looks. :) Hope that helps!

  4. Kearney says

    color on the walls, for sure, but i’d want sherry to pick it out, maybe a blue/grey?

    my fave is the tv console with the mirror & frames leaning on the wall.

    • Casey says

      Why would Sherry need to pick it out? I’m sure the owners of this house would be happy to pick our a wall color that will be in THEIR house…They’re the ones that have to look it every day.

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