Made In The Shade(s)

Notice anything different when you peek into the office from the dining room?

Hint: check out the window region.

We got these guys at Home Depot for $22 each (they’re 35″ bamboo blinds with the name Miranda on them if that helps identify ’em in the store) with the hopes that they would finish off the windows in the office and tie into the thick wooden desktop and the jute rug that we have in there. In our first house we had bamboo blinds in a bunch of rooms and always planned to bring them into this house as well (we mention them a lot in our Listy McListerson posts like this one) – just for the awesome texture they add.

When it came to installation, they had little metal ring hooks at the top of them, but we were going for an inside mounted look and those ring hook hanging things were messing with the “perfectly fitted” effect that we wanted, so we just used needle-nosed pliers to pop those hanging rings off the top, and few screws through the wooden brace piece at the head of the shade (4 spaced out equally) to secure them right into the window trim instead.

The result is a nice polished look (it’s amazing how window treatments in general can take a room from “in process” to “looks pretty complete to me”) and the wood tones tie into the desktop just as well as we hoped.

Eventually getting the floors refinished in a slightly darker tone (like the desktop) would be the ultimate dream…

For now we’re just enjoying the textured-meets-tailored vibe that they add to the room.

And it’s a total bonus that they tie into the woven chairs and the dining table in the adjoined dining room.

Anyone else adding blinds, shades, or curtains? Whenever someone asks me about the change that surprises me the most (by making such an unexpected difference) I always say it’s curtains and blinds. It’s weird how a naked window with sun flooding through it can be so pretty that you think it doesn’t even need anything else, but then when you finally slap some breezy curtains or textured bamboo blinds up there you end up thinking “oh man, that makes me wanna dance.”


  1. Kara says

    Curtain wise – I did buy two blankets from the clearance racks ($10 each for a 50×50″ throw!) at TJ Maxx and threw them on clip rings that I had on hand from IKEA, and put them up on a curtain rod. Not bad! You’d be proud of the fabric choice, I hope. Too bad I can’t insert a teeny pic in here. But I’m still working on the layering patterns look in the room though. There’s a little table that I’m itching (send your weather up here, will ya??) to redo because I think it competes with the curtains too much in the “large pattern” land.

  2. Caroline says

    Love these! I’ve been wanting to do the whole bamboo blind thing for a while, but it’s rather cost prohibitive given that we are in a rental right now and have three rather large living room windows. I will check out the Home “Despot” though.

  3. Renee says

    I added some window treatments to a window I thought looked better without any and did that same happy dance!!!

  4. Kelsey says

    We just put up 2″ wood blinds on all of our windows, and the difference is incredible. When we moved in there was a mish-mash of varying window treatments, including some astoundingly ugly curtains. It’s so nice to have everything clean and coordinated now.

  5. says

    I love those- I’ve been seeing bamboo blinds all over blogland and I want some so bad! What is your opinion on layering blinds under curtains? I’ve got burlap-y curtains (hung high and wide) in my bedroom with just white slat blinds on the windows, and I wonder if it’d look awesome or weird if I layered bamboo blinds on there instead?

  6. says

    It is amazing how they do take a room up a knotch! They look great with all the wood tones and the wicker chairs. I’m going to be making some curtains for our girl’s room soon. I have the fabric and the iron on hem tape…just need to do it!

  7. Amanda says

    We have lived in our house for three years now. For the first year we lived with the remaining curtains the previous owner left (she was 96 so they weren’t really our style). Then a year with nothing because we couldn’t pull the trigger on anything and agree. Then I found a picture of your windows from your first house and we agreed it would be perfect. Did you read that WE AGREED! (first time since picking wedding colors:) Now that we have blinds and curtains up it finally feels like the house is ours and not just keeping it warm for the next buyer!! THANKS for being such a wonderful inspiration.

  8. Christy says

    I’m sure you posted about the light fixture already, but I probably wasn’t in the market for a light fixture then and didn’t pay close enough attention. Well now I’m on the hunt and that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! Please share where you found it! Thanks, guys. Love the bamboo blinds. Adds just the right amount of texture and interest.

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