Reader Redesign: Jesse’s Son’s New Space

Psst- We usually only post once on Friday, but Sherry will be back with a random little “bonus post” for ya in a few hours. 

We always get requests for cool kid rooms, and since we have a girl bean, and shared her recent big-girl-room evolution, we thought it would be fun to share the sweet big boy room that Jesse whipped up for her son. Here’s her letter: Hi Sherry & John! My little boy is officially now a “big boy” (hold on while I wipe a tear…).

So I redid his room according to his “wish list” which included: lots and lots of colors (I mean color galore), a place for all his toys and books (not as simple as it sounds), a place to color/paint/draw, some sort of deer head (seriously…welcome to Missouri). Quite the list, huh?!

And here’s how it looks now.

I’ve never been happier than to cross his room off my to do list. We – me and my husband Sam Sam the “fill in the blank” man (my go to’s filler-inners are usually weather, handy, laundry, fisher, btw, in case you were wondering) have done a lot to this room and are so happy with the end result.

There were some big projects like making the orb light fixture (which only cost us $21), wallpapering, and painting my Craigslist finds for the room, along with a lot of little things like extending the three-inches-too-short curtains with a bedskirt that I found at Goodwill, sewing pillows, and organizing an almost five year old’s huge array of toys and books. We also added some plug in sconces to the bookshelves so if Henry wanted to read books in bed, he could. They came from Lowe’s and were less than $30.

More importantly, Henry is loving his room which makes us happy happy. I did the whole reveal post so all the details can be seen there, too, if you want to check it out! – Jesse

There are so many things that Sherry and I like about this room. We both called the wallpaper and the orange bed as our favorites. Although the deer head (Henry got his wish!) is also up there, especially since it’s made by Virginia-based Cardboard Safari. As Jesse said, you can check out her reveal post for more details and photos. Thanks for sharing it with us, Jesse!

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    • says

      I totally wouldn’t be opposed to you leaking the time for upcoming post. LOL. I’ll be wanting to check here every 10 minutes just to see if it is up and I need to get some work done!

    • MS says

      Oh for the love you people need to quit asking this woman why she is pregnant. Let her share when/if she pregnant and quit asking. It is so unbelievably rude. Being pregnant is a big deal and not for some internet stranger to constantly ask about. Sherry is too nice to tell everyone to quit asking. But I know if I were her I would be so tired of having to say something every day about not being pregnant. Lets try to let this woman have some privacy about something that is incredibly personal.

    • Megan says

      I think it’s really disrespectful that people continue to comment on Sherry’s womb status. Her first delivery was terrifying and I’m sure that if she is pregnant now, she is scared. Not to mention that sometimes it’s not easy for people to get pregnant. If she is struggling, the cruelest thing you can do is continue to talk about it incessantly. While we would all be excited for them if she was pregnant, I really think people should back off.

    • Linda says

      Seriously, folks, can we all stop bothering Sherry and John about any future children? They’ve already said, NUMEROUS TIMES, that if there’s ever an announcement to be made, it’ll be made. I say let’s all of us just sit back and wish them health and happiness.

    • Rachael says

      Do you really think Sherry’s going to reveal to the world she’s pregnant by responding to a comment? Really?

  1. says

    Love this room!! How cute!
    I’m a fan of the “cardboard” animals (they are actually ‘corrugated’ since the board is fluted -lol, I work in the industry). I am also lucky enough to have one that is massive (almost too big) for free since I work with awesome people. It is such fun for the kids!!

  2. says

    Awesomely done, Jesse and Sam!

    I love that the “big boy” room still leaves room for Henry to grow and change as he will. The sconces are brilliant, too…no flashlight reading under the covers perhaps!

  3. Kathy says

    Uhm, can I move in?? I LOVE this room! So creative & funky. Plus it looks like a “normal” room size (I don’t know where all the big, airy rooms most blog have come from, bc ours are little bozes!)

    • Kathryn says

      I know! I high-tailed it over to her blog to check it out. (I think the YHL bump may have crashed it for a bit, but I’ll definitely be checking again later.)

  4. Beth A. says

    What a great room! I LOVE the orange bed!!!
    My 16-year-old daughter recently decided she wanted a wicker headboard. My mother happened to still have my white mid-80s version (from when I was 16). It had been in storage and had definitely seen better days. My daughter decided she wanted to paint it a bright coral, and it looks fabulous – so fresh and updated. It never ceases to amaze me what a new coat of paint can do:)

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