Window Shopping: Adler Adoration

Quick note: Tonight we’ll be in Charlotte at 6pm for a signing at the Barnes & Noble at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. For more info and to RSVP, click here. Hope to see you there!

Sorry guys! It’s been way too long since our last window shopping adventure (you can check out all the small boutiques, big chains, and other random stores we’ve dropped in on over the years here). As most of you know, these aren’t paid or perked or anything – we just walk through a store with a camera and take pics of whatever inspires us for you guys. This post is actually a few months overdue (woops) but now that I’ve uploaded the pics and sat down to write this post I’m all school-girl-ish again. See, I actually stepped foot into my first Jonathan Adler store ever a few months back (while we were in DC for a signing up the street) and I was OBSESSED.

Believe me, it’s not a good look. I get all squealy and grinny and I probably look like I’m one minute away from rubbing my face on everything. But the employees were very nice and nobody escorted me out, so I consider it a win. Here’s what was there to greet me when I casually sauntered in bounced my way around the store like a female non-tiger version of Tigger.

Pretty colors, right?

I loved every last mug design. Can’t you picture a collection of these stacked on an open shelf in someone’s kitchen? Heck a few of them even make for some awesome wall-stenciling inspiration.

And the lights.

Don’t get me started on the lights.

They were amazing. And of course since I was trying to play it cool I didn’t ask someone how much they were but my guess would be a million dollars each because they were that pretty. Probably overshot that a little (I’m a bad guesser) but as far as 100% free inspiration goes, this store was packed with it. And that, my friends, is why I love Mr. Adler.

Sidenote: if you guys haven’t read his books, I highly recommend them all. He’s real, hilarious, and inspirational. In fact this quote from his latest book (100 Ways To Happy Chic Your Life) was so awesome that I instagramed it a few months back…

Oh and speaking of loving what you love and all things happy-chic, how much fun are those two yellow and white ottomans? I petted them. I couldn’t help myself.

This pillow even had John laughing. Gotta love a pillow with a sense of humor (remember this old Joan Crawford quote from Mommie Dearest?).

Couldn’t you picture an entire kids room designed around one of these needlepoint map pillows? I’d do soft blue walls with pops of the brighter blue (from the pillow) in a ton of accessories along with hits of green and orange. And maybe a glossy yellow rocker? Me-ow.

This purty chair was sort of the cousin to our office chairs. So much happy, you just wanted to park your buns in it all day. The funniest thing is that a few years ago when we were in our super neutral phase of decorating (see our first house) I never would have described J-Ad as my style, but after having Clara and moving into our current place, we’re down with all things happy, cheerful, and bright. It’s like Sir Jonathan covertly wormed his way into my heart and I didn’t even realize how much my preferences had changed until I was walking around his store thinking “yes, yes, yes!” instead of “scared, scared, scared.” Haha.

These were my favorite. They were little faux zebra dishes in a few fun colors and I completely regret not buying the green one for my night table (wouldn’t it be cute for a pair of earrings or a watch?).

This needlepoint pillow is full of so many colors (yellow, red, teal, navy, gray, black & pink!) but it still felt like it could layer into any room. And I loved the two other pillows with the colored piping that were paired with it. I know some of you out there could DIY your take on those neon-piped pillows, right?

This plate inspired me a lot too. How many old white plates from thrift stores have you seen like this? None with gold, but maybe that could be added with metallic paint or gold leaf. It totally made me want to try my hand at a homemade version.

Here are some other fun ottomans. If money were no object I’d snatch them up for Clara’s big girl room. But even though they’re not in the budget, they’re awesome for inspiration. I love how there’s white, pink, and bold red all layered together in a fun ikat-ish way.

Here’s another example of sheer inspiration that I snagged while staring dreamily at one of the side tables. See that teal and gold egg? Well they sell wooden eggs like that at craft stores like Michaels for 99 cents each. So you could grab a bunch, spray them metallic gold, let ’em dry, then put some rubber bands around them at random angles and spray them bright teal. When you remove the rubber bands there should be bands of gold that show through just like the guy below.

And that side table was actually a cool white lacquered tray attached to an X base. So if you see any old table bases at a thrift store, painting them and adding a big lacquered tray to the top could be fun, right? You can whip something up like the tray-side-table that we made for our guest room thanks to some 3M command strips.

This was just a corner that I loved. See the art? Sorry about the glare, but it’s a giant picture of a bird. Yeah, I’m into it.

Another bird. Because one large bird print is never enough. And I mean that without any hint of sarcasm. Seriously, I want two.

This bed was so cozy looking with the tufted velvet headboard in that pretty platinum color. And I love how they added those bright yellow poufs along with some colorful pillows to keep it from being too neutral.

I thought this wall was really retro and fun with the vintage looking wallpaper paired with the giant feathered wall hanging. And there’s that lacquered tray side table again, so you can see the whole thing more clearly here (with a chesty vase on it to boot).

And since Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are my thing (Donatello’s my favorite because my favorite weapon in karate class was the bo), I could totally get down with this guy on a buffet or a console. It could be my little decorating hero in a half-shell. Turtle power.

The kids section was fun too. How great is that wallpaper? I would totally use that inside of a nook or a closet. I think it came in pink too. And the needlepoint pillow with the giraffes on it? I might have hugged it to my chest while slowly twirling and whispering “this is the best day of my life.” I told you I get excited.

Oh Jonathan Adler, I adore you. Let’s be best friends and exchange ceramic animals for every holiday.

Hope you guys liked that little virtual window shopping spree. It’s fun to duck into a purely-inspirational place every once in a while (we usually traipse through places like Target, World Market, Ikea, thrift stores, and smaller independent shops) but there’s definitely truth to the whole “eye-candy is everywhere” sentiment. What stores have you been ogling lately? Are there any projects or updates that are now on the agenda after seeing them in a shop (or even in a restaurant or coffee house)?


  1. Cait B says

    Completely off topic (cause I haven’t even read the post) but PLEASE tell me Sherry saw Nate on Rachel Ray this morning, he made great jokes and justified her pillow obsession

  2. says

    Now I’m on a mission to find a Jonathan Adler store to go play in (I just looked it up… there’s one in Dallas! Score!).

    I love the zebra catchalls! And those fun ottomans wouldn’t be that hard to DIY… I’m thinking I may have found my next Pinterest Challenge idea!

  3. says

    Oh Jonathan Adler! So pretty…Y’all probably don’t remember, but I was at the DC signing when y’all visited this store, and when I talked to you at FLOR, I mentioned that I creepily spotted y’all at the JA store when I was on the bus on my way to the signing. Hope I didn’t freak you out! :) Oh, and I picked up one of the little zebra trays as a Christmas gift for someone – and almost kept it for myself since I love it so much!

  4. says

    this is why i love you guys!! I love jonathan adler. I have all his books and even went to a book signing and met him! he was SO NICE and normal in real life too. you walk into a jonathan adler store and you just smile. I try to make my little apartment as jonathan adlerish as possible. haha. well jonathan adler meets young house love is my design philosophy :)

  5. Tracy says

    Is that Larry Hagman in the frame under the bird print? That’s awkwardly awesome…

    Yep – I love traipsing through stores with various styled sections. Even without making a purchase, you can get ideas of how to rearrange all the stuff you already have, see what colors might work, find new uses for old things, etc, etc.

  6. says

    When I don’t want to spend any money I like going to reaaaally expensive shops for inspiration. It’s so much easier to resist stuff you could never afford than stuff that’s just a bit of splurge.

    • Alisha says

      I might have hugged it to my chest while slowly twirling and whispering “this is the best day of my life.”—HILARIOUS! You are my spirit animal, Sherry!

      We should all now pick out our favorite quote (or inspiration) from this post and reassure you we are all just as batty–or at the least–can appreciate public displays of rediculousness.

      I, for one, am DROOLING over those gold starburst light fixtures, that blue animal print wallpaper, the tufted chair the needlepoint map pillows were on AND I spy a yellow chair/couch in the background of the neon piped pillows picture I would LOVE to get to know better….

      LOVE all this happy, bright color–especially staged against the white store! Makes me feel better about not painting my entirely white house yet.

  7. Maureen says

    This store looks awesome! Lots of cute things. I planned on ogling as West Elm for the first time the other day (after a fun trip to Ikea in Paramus, but I couldn’t get a parking spot!!! I was so upset. lol And of course, with how busy it is over there in Paramus, I couldn’t even get a spot at the attached parking lot to Container store. I am dying to get into that West Elm!

  8. Amanda says

    This post was fun! I’ve been in the Jonathon Adler store in NYC, but I didn’t have as much fun as you. I think I looked at the prices, realized I was the only person in the store and left. I should have took pictures for inspiration!

  9. says

    I’m in Heaven right now!! So amazing! And Donatello was my favorite turtle too! He was so smart and his purple arm bands and mask totally rocked my world. Haha!

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