Small Wall Ledges For Flash Cards, Postcards Or Books

Aw yeah, we’re living on the ledge. We’ve been waiting to hang our postcard shelves from our first house’s office for over two years and we finally found the right spot for them. Ba-dow:

We detailed the whole how-we-made-them process here (you should click that just to see how tiny Clara was) so here’s how we adapted them for this space:

Then I broke out two things I’ve been hoarding saving for a nice long time.

Clara loves both of these boxes of flash cards, so I’ve been waiting not-so-patiently to hang the postcard shelves and rename them as… flash card shelves!

It’s a crazy easy way to add inexpensive art/color/interest plus there are even letters and words on them, so it’s a subtle little learning zone for Clara. She already gets a kick out of counting the number of animals on each shelf, finding specific ones that John or I call out, and even learning the first letter in many of their names (she woke up the other day and said “F is for Flamingo!” loud and proud as I lifted her out of her crib).

One more picture. Because I’m a flash card ledge fiend.

What are you guys cutting/leveling/hanging these days? Do you like to hang things from your first house in a different way or put a new twist on old art/shelves/ledges in a new space? Not gonna lie, it’s pretty fun to tweak something you already have for a whole new room and function. And I’m also pretty proud of myself for not droning on and on for once. 493 words in this post. Wooot! $herdog’s keeping it klassy koncise.






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