Fab Freebie: What’s In A Name?

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After 10,000 interesting name origin stories, random.org has selected our winners as… Beth (who says “my dad picked it out and to this day I’m whole heartily a daddy’s girl.”) and Chelsea (who’s name story is: “My parents got my name from the 1981 movie, On Golden Pond. ‘Chelsea’ was played by Jane Fonda”) Congrats!

I realize from the name Online Fabric Store, you might have trouble guessing what this online store sells, so allow me to solve that mystery for ya. Fabric! And seemingly every kind of fabric – like upholstery, decor, quilting, apparel and even garden fabric. Which means that this week’s two winners (who are each getting $250 to spend there) could tackle anything from sewing some pillow covers or making a duvet to redoing the curtains in an entire room. And the cool thing about their system is that the more yardage you buy, the cheaper each yard gets – and once you get over that $50 mark, your shipping in the US is free.

  • PRIZE: A $250 gift card to Online Fabric Store
  • TO ENTER: Comment on this post with the words “FABRIC ME!” and tell us…
  • BONUS QUESTION: …what’s the meaning behind your name? Does it carry some special significance within your family? Or is there a cool story behind how your parents picked it? Have you always wished it was something else?
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  • USUAL STUFF: One entry per e-mail address is permitted. The winners will be selected using random.org and announced on Thursday as an update to this post. That’s right, come right back here on Thursday for the announcement of our winners. Good luck…
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  1. says

    Fabric Me! I used to hate my name… In Norway where I live iit is a boring kind of name and in the US where I have lived (my dad’s American) no one can pronounce it. But after 31 years of life I have learned to accept it.

  2. Beth says

    FABRIC ME! In my family, the girls are (vaguely) named after their mothers. My Mom and I both have names derived from Elizabeth, but neither of us in actually Elizabeth. It goes back many generations!

  3. Sarah P says

    FABRIC ME! I’m named after my mom, Sarah, and my grandfather, Hoyt. They thought I was going to be a boy and were going to name me after my dad, but when I was a girl they stuck with the plan and named me after my mom! After too much confusion growing up, I will not be continuing the tradition :)

  4. says

    FABRIC ME!!!

    I need some pretty pillow fabric!

    My name, Clara, is both Scandinavian and Spanish. My great-grandmother Clara, was Norwegian, and my parents named me after her! I’ve always loved my name especially since my last name was Smith and that’s such a common name, that having a unique first name was really great! (And now that I’m married and took my husband’s last name, Field, which is still pretty plain/common, its still great in the same way!) It worked well for me when I traveled to Spain for university one summer because everyone could pronounce and spell it!

    And everyone knows I have a famous namesake, Clara from YHL!!! Haha, just kidding. But pretty cool to have the same name with such an awesome girl!

  5. says

    FABRIC ME! My name is actually my great great uncle’s name (yes, I’m a girl)… his was spelled Clare whereas mine is spelled Claire. My mom (a true southerner) wanted to name me Eva Claire but my dad said it sounded too much like the dessert, Eclair.

  6. Ash T says


    I, like many other mid-late 80’s babies, was named Ashley. My mom thouhgt she was being original, but it was the #1 most popular name for like 8 years.

  7. Samantha C. says


    My name means “listener”, but I believe my parents picked it because of the film “Can’t stop the music” with the Village People (yes, the Village People). There was apparently a girl named Samantha and they liked the name. My mom was also into Bewitched (oh, the 80s), so that kind of did it for them hehehe.

  8. Anna says

    FABRIC ME! My name is Anna. Where my mom was preagnant, my parents didn’t know if I were going to be a boy or a girl (ultrasounds weren’t available back then), but my mom just knew I was going to be a girl, so she chose the name “Anna”, because she loved it. She haven’t prepared any boy’s name. It turned out she was right, and I love my name :)

  9. Riki says


    My mother was going to name me Viki but then changed her mind to Riki at the last minute. Not sure why, but I’m quite happy with my name.

    And oh em gee I want this prize! I have to make six curtain panels for my living room and it would be so, so helpful.

  10. Carrie says

    I am named after my great-grandma…and apparently, I not only have her name but also her stubborn streak and love of travel.

  11. Cori says


    My full name, Corinna, was the name of a little girl who lived in the apartment above my parents’ when they first got married. My mom loved the name, and so do I!

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