Birfday Bidness

As you guys might know, last Thursday was John’s 31st birthday and West Elm in Houston whipped up this amaaaaaazingly DIY-riffic cake for him. #edibletapemeasure #umyeahtheressawdust

Every year we write birthday posts about what we got each other and this year John actually got (well, is getting, since I’m letting him pick it out) a nail gun (more info on that when we get it). So because I don’t have photos of him holding up various presents like we’ve shared in former years like this post from last year) I thought I’d over-share slash cheese it up on a Tuesday afternoon with a little brain dump of seven things I love about John (surprise, honey!). #warningitssappy

After all, this is definitely a week for being grateful. And since this whole blog is basically just a diary of our lives, I thought it was about time that I shouted a few cheeseball-but-true things from the rooftops. Which is not to say that we never fight (if you believe that I have a talking ceramic animal to sell you) but although we’re far from perfect, I’m so glad he’s mine. Here’s what I’m thankful for:

1 – John’s love of Clara and his patience with her – even when I’m about to lose my mind he’s my rock. I love how imaginative he is with her and I don’t think there’s anything sexier than walking into a room and seeing your hubby whipping up a wooden sandwich with your daughter at her play kitchen that he built for her. Or lazing around wearing matching shirts and discussing the merits of a table saw versus a hand saw. Am I right?

2 – His ability to love a small chihuahua just as much as I do… even though when we adopted Burger John said he “looked like an alien” and acted like the dog would be my thing. I think by that weekend Burger had him whipped. And that, my friends, is a guy who is comfortable with his dude-dom. I’m telling you, walking a tiny dog is the sign of a real man (it might be a good test of marriage material to those still dating… will he man up and take the leash…?). There’s not an ounce of I-won’t-do-that-because-it’s-not-manly-enough-and people-will-see-me in John (probably thanks to him growing up with three sisters) and I love that about him. He’s confident. He doesn’t look around sheepishly. If the dog needs to go out, he takes him out. If I need lady-items from the supermarket and he’s doing the shopping, he buys them for me. I won’t say he doesn’t blush and hide them in the bottom of the cart, but he gets things done. And I love it.

3 – That he kissed me first. Anyone who knows us loves this tidbit since I’m the loud outgoing one and they picture me pouncing on him… which also happens – but he pounced first. Yup, he’s a man of action. And he’s shy but confident, which might be the perfect combo. Plus I gotta say that I love the way he dresses. Some girls are into giant built guys who can scarf serious quantities of beef jerky, but I couldn’t be more into tall, dork, and handsome. Basically when John threw on this shirt with this sweater a few months ago, I swooned. It’s little things like his love of old wooden boxes or his excitement to fire up a new tool (he gets a gleam in his eye like a kid opening a new toy) that get me all giddy. It’s like his excitement is contagious. All of this rambling is to say: dude’s got style.

4 – His brain. There are many sexy things about my husband, but his quick wit is unparalleled and he makes me laugh until my stomach hurts at least once a day with some spur-of-the-moment quip that leaves me wiping the tears out of my eyes from cry-laughing. To anyone who knows us, John’s sense of humor is one of his most defining characteristics (along with his whip smart brain full of seemingly limitless trivia knowledge). Heck, he’s so smart that even though he has the answer 99% of the time (be it DIY or life related) he somehow makes me feel like I figure out my fair share of things too. How does he do that?! It’s sheer brilliance. Also he looks pretty darn good in pumpkin sunglasses. Just sayin’.

5 – His devotion to me and our family. He makes us feel safe, loved, and appreciated – I honestly couldn’t be more grateful. I’ve had relationships in the past that felt like I was chasing that person more or trying harder than them, but John makes me (and Clara) feel secure and cherished and I could almost cry talking about it. Sorry, I warned you guys this would get sappy…

6 – His calloused project-loving hands and his sweet smile (this might veer off into TMI territory, but he has the best lips ever). #backoffhesmine #putabirdonhim

7 – His willingness to help me with “one more thing” and to lay in bed at night and brainstorm our next project when I know he might rather be watching TV or out for a run or… you know, getting friendly… while I’m running my mouth about some idea instead. I couldn’t be luckier that he’s happy to be “in the trenches” with me every day. It’s amazing that he has his own interests (he can train and run a half marathon) while still staying involved with us and not checking out.

I think some folks might question what kind of man runs a DIY blog with his wife about paint and fabric and family and my answer is: a real man. I love that he can build Clara a dollhouse and code our entire website and has even built a deck for our family – although he has no background in any of that stuff. He figures things out as he goes and he’s not afraid to jump in and learn new things. And I love that he’s not scared to weigh in on my hair-brained decorating sprees instead of saying “you handle the girly stuff and I’ll stick to the power tools.” He truly makes me feel like we’re a team and we’re in it together and as a result our house feels like us. I honestly have no idea how I got so lucky. I promise I didn’t hypnotize him or anything.

In summary: he’s the one. Mah man. And he makes me happier than bees riding bicycles (and those make me pretty happy). Happy 31st birthday, babe! Thanks for everything and then some.

And so ends my lovefest for el hubbo. What are you guys grateful for? Any birthdays going on in your house? Who’s getting what?

UPDATE: John discovered the post! Finally! After doing a project in the basement, uploading photos, and editing a video (all while I sweated profusely at the computer). Here’s his reaction.

Psst- Want more lovey-dovey posts? We have a bunch of them here. And for those wondering how we resolve decorating disputes, here’s a post about that for ya.


  1. says

    I think I totally agree. In fact, I share John posts and how you guys negotiate and what John figures out in-the-process, with my hubs- who actually grew up doing carpentry and is a welder, but doesn’t think outside the box until I push him. You guys are inspiring and real, and thats what people love about you!
    Happy -late- Birthday John! I will be watching for the nail gun post. I want one too, but Hubs is afraid I will harm myself with one and only wants me to get a palm nailer lol. I think I could do less damage with a nail gun than with a hammer and nail- #girlshavelilhands

  2. says

    Seriously lady, you have a way with words. (Obvs.) What a heartfelt and lovely post – I’m sure John loves and appreciates you just as much!!

    Happy 31st Birthday John!

  3. Riva says

    Tall, dork, and handsome is my taste as well! I’ve definitely noticed #5 on your list as I look at the pictures of you guys with fans at book signings. Unless a specific pose is requested by your current visitor, he tends to always have his arm around you like it’s a picture of just you guys with some weirdo photo-bombing in the background, which I think is so sweet even though it sounds weird when I write it out. Belated happy birthday wishes John!

  4. Alliey Roche says

    I think I just discoverd why I love y’all’s blog so much- the things you say about your husband sound much like something I could write about mine! (Well, aside from the marathons, lol. But if there was a marathon-running video game he’d beat that sucker!) How could you not adore a cute, Renaissance man, dorky dude with love for the little dogs and seriously great daddy skills?

  5. Kate says

    i love that i get to be married to my very bet friend! seems like you & john have that same connection…isn’t it the best?!

    Dying to hear about john’s reaction when he sees this…keep us posted, plleeease:)

  6. Sara says

    Y’all are so cute and this reminds me (and I’m sure others) that we should all tell our significant other that we love them and what we love about them more often! Happy belated birthday, John!

  7. ESBlondie says

    Awwww! This was so sweet! This is one of the reasons I love this blog. You keep it real and share the family moments as well as the DIY.

  8. says

    Well, I pretty much teared up at this post and I only met you at a book signing! Your love and relationship with John makes me think of my love and relationship with Mr. Lemon (my hubby). It’s just so perfect when you find your match, isn’t it?

  9. Rachel says

    I too have a hubby that’s comfortable enough in his manhood to participate in and even embrace things that may be known as “feminine” interests. I couldn’t be happier about that! We’ve been married for 11.5 years now and I feel like I’m constantly reminded by how lucky I am to have scooped up such an awesome guy.

    I mean who doesn’t want a guy that can bake a cake and decorate it too? But still watch zombie movies and play video games in his downtime?

    Such a sweet post!

    PS today’s my birthday and my awesome hubby got me your book as a gift. i’m loving it!

  10. Kate says

    Oh you guys are just too cute! Love it! If getting full cheese fest on your man’s birthday is wrong then I don’t want to be right :).

  11. Beccii says

    Mega Cheese-tastic Love-fest Sherry! Very cute post, got us all falling for him a little bit right with ya there methinks ;0)

  12. Sarah says

    Oh boy, now I’m all teary in my cubicle. What a sweet list. I love #2…my boyfriend loves our little dog so much and it melts my heart! He reluctantly agreed to adopt our puppy, claiming he wasn’t a dog person but he would do it for me. Last week, our puppy escaped and ran towards a very busy road. My bf managed to capture him after a few minutes, but it was quite scary to say the least. Afterwards he cried, and he’s not a crier at all! It makes me love him that much more. I can only imagine how I’d feel with kids!

  13. says

    1. I just need to say this. You almost described why I love my husband in number 3 to a T. Except switch out style for carhartt overalls. He once told me to do a post on construction style…all three different pairs of overalls for different weather. Tall, dork and handsome really is perfect even if I have a different kind of dork (abundance of plaid shirts in our closet).

    2. I always pictured John as super outgoing, talkative and loud. Never once did I think of him as shy or even remotely introverted.

    3. HAH. You definitely talked about sex in both posts today. I don’t think John will have to worry about talking about a new idea tonight instead….

    Thank you for sharing such a sweet, kind, and funny post.

    • says

      Hahahah! Oh yeah, in real life John’s pretty reserved and I’m the loud bubbly one but if you get to know him he’ll slip in there with a hilarious sarcastic comment that gets the whole room laughing. He’s a man of few words and razor sharp wit if he lets you into the club. Otherwise he sits back and lets me babble. Hahah!


    • says

      Aww that’s so sweet. Andy tends to be the same way. He doesn’t say much, but when he does it’s worth hearing. I still wish to this day he would let me put the videos up of him rapping in his carhartts, or “playing” the keyboard I had at one point. They make me almost pee myself laughing. Not a sharer though, so no dice – and I respect that.

      Props to John though, that mysterious bugger totally fooled me.

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