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UPDATE: This post isn’t updated with recent tour info, so click here to see our official regularly-updated tour page.

It’s heeeeeere. That fateful day when we finally get to reveal the finalized tour dates for our book, fresh from our publisher’s mouth (er, email).

A few things to note are:

1. If it were humanly possible we would parasail/glacier climb/spelunk to every last crevice of the globe to thank each one of you personally for reading our blog. But given all the factors that go into planning and executing one of these things, we’re extremely grateful to be able to slide through all of the places they’ve scheduled us – especially since this was originally going to be a much smaller tour.

2. For anyone who’s bummed that we won’t in their city, we actually have a mac daddy giveaway planned for this coming Monday (why yes it does include flying one lucky winner and a friend to Richmond for the November 8th signing… amongst other awesome things like delicious meals and shopping sprees). Photo courtesy of the Richmond Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau.

3. There’s always the possibility that our tour could be extended again down the line (depending on how things go, more dates could be added). Heck, our Austin stop wasn’t even initially planned but pre-orders at BookPeople were so popular that they invited us out. Thanks people of Austin! So to anyone in a city that isn’t on the tour, you know we’ll keep you posted the second anything changes, which is definitely a possibility (ex: there’s talk of coming to the ATL area in Feb).

4. As for the blog while we’re away, we’re sure it’ll be a bit of a juggling act but we’re dedicated as always to keeping things fun around here. So we’ve squeezed in some extra projects (surprise!) that we’ll be unveiling while we’re touring. We’ve also lined up a pretty darn amazing gaggle of house crashings (check out a few sneak peeks below). Speaking of which… if you have an awesome casa in one of the cities that we’ll be visiting, please email us photos so we can possibly crash your house! And of course there will be window shopping and other travel adventures as well as some ridiculous/dorky video footage of some of our events/stops/flights, etc – you know we like to virtually take you guys with us wherever we go…

5. Clara and Burger will travel with us for some parts of the tour and will stay back with the grandparents for other more intense legs. They don’t exactly love planes, unfamiliar rooms, and missing naps/bug-hunting adventures, so we’re trying to shield them from as much of the insanity as possible. Leaving them behind for some parts of the tour will no doubt make us a little sniffly (neither of us have ever spent a night away from Clara, and Burger even came on our honeymoon!) but we’ve gotta do the best thing for them, even if it’s the hard thing for us.

6. We just learned that the folks who are making this tour possible and hosting us at each destination (ex: independent book stores, West Elm, Flor, etc) love when you buy a book at the event for us to sign. So if you’ve pre-ordered one already and would like us to sign it, we’re happy to do that (and so grateful that you did!) but it would be awesome to show some love to the host for getting us out there by purchasing a book at the event for us to sign as well. With the holidays around the corner, maybe you can gift the one you got on pre-order? Or ebay it for $100 (what? our signature is only worth 40 cents?). Or just use it as a decorating prop while you read the other one, like so:

Fun fact about the shot above: that’s not actually our book. It’s called a “dummy copy” and it’s basically just our cover printed out and wrapped around a completely blank book since ours are still off in Indiana being printed (right here in the USA, baby). We’re supposed to get our first preview next week, which will surely make us squeal like the Chippettes. John included (he fancies himself a Jeannette – I’m totally an Eleanor).

Update #1: Some folks are worried that books won’t be available for us to sign if the tour stops in your city before the book officially comes out on the 6th. The good news is that there will be stacks of books being sold at every single event (both at independent book stores and places like Flor or West Elm). Yay! But I better start practicing my signature since it’s nothing but a messy squiggle that looks different every time… ack.

Update #2: We wish we had more control over what cities we were stopping at! It really is all about who invites us where. So it really has nothing to do with how big a city is, it’s all about if a certain vendor or bookstore works with the dates/times/etc. The great news is that it definitely sounds like the tour might get extended, so stay tuned for those details as soon as they’re finalized!

Now, for those looking for more details about our stop in each city – here’s a deeper breakdown of each event (note that some of ‘em require an RSVP).

***Please come. And bring your friends/parents/ceramic animals. And be as awkward as possible. I’m telling you guys, no one will be more nervous and sweaty than me. No one.

UPDATE: This post isn’t updated with recent tour info, so click here to see our official regularly-updated tour page.






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