Reader Redesign: When The Walls Come Down

If you send us an email with the words “1950s ranch,” “knock down walls” and “kitchen makeover” you’ve officially piqued our interest. And when you attach before & after photos as stunning as Jessica’s, well, end of story. I’ll need a moment to pick my jaw up off of the floor. Here’s her letter:

Hey guys! I know how you love a good before and after and thought you might be interested in ours. We bought our 1950’s ranch just over two months ago and have been working around the clock to get her in tip top shape. We recently wrapped up the kitchen remodel and DIYed everything but the countertops.

Since moving into our house we’ve knocked down major walls separating the kitchen from the rest of the home, updated the electric and plumbing, installed new hardwood flooring, replaced all of the upper and lower cabinets, and added a butcher block island. We updated to stainless steel appliances, soapstone countertops, and installed a subway tile backsplash. We also added recessed lighting, pendants, and under-cabinet lighting throughout. Oh, and there was a new addition (baby Lizzy) to the family just days before moving in. Whew. It’s been a wild ride.

There’s just something special about walking into a room that you’ve literally re-built from the ground up. The industrial vibe streaming from the pendants and metal stools makes me a little weak in the knees.

Hope you enjoy this space as much as we do! – Jessica

Enjoy is one word for it, Jessica. Envy might be another. Amazing job! Thanks so much for sharing your makeover with us. Jessica’s also got more pics on her blog, plus a full budget breakdown and source list for you too. In the meantime let’s play the favorite part game. I’m really into those great pendants and the butcher block on the island. Meanwhile, Sherry loves the cabinet hardware and wants to pet the subway tile (who’s surprised?).

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  1. says

    LOVE everything about this! We’re considering how we will change our kitchen layout when we remodel, so I’m all over these kinds of posts. Thanks for sharing!

  2. sophie says

    everything feels so much lighter, airier and relaxing when the walls come down – looks fabulous!

    We tore down three walls last summer, uniting our living room, (former) formal dining room, and (former) dark and dreary kitchen. Best decision we ever made. That whole floor of the hosue is completely transformed and also, far more useful to us as a family.

    We barely lived to tell the tale, however.

  3. says

    Thank you for sharing… we are remodeling our 60’s ranch and we knocked down a wall too. But have yet to take on the kitchen. Our concept is very much like this – so the source list is WONDERFUL! Thanks YHL and Cape 27!

  4. Emily says

    Aw I went to school with this girl! I was totally confused when I opened this page because I thought I was on Cape 27 on accident :). Your blog and her blog are the two that I check every day for inspiration!

  5. Scott says

    I receive an error message when trying to visit her site. Did you guys crash another blog’s site again? I guess everyone is trained with your 10 & 2 posting times.

    I hope to submit our house to your read redesign by next year. We have updated 3 bedrooms, a rec room, an office and tore down a wall between our kitchen and family room so far. Up next is a limited budget kitchen update.

  6. Stephanie says

    My first though when looking at the new kitchen was “I want to pet the tile.” Then I scrolled down. I knew you’d get me, Sherdog.

    Kitchen is gorg. I love the whole thing. Off to their blog to read more. :)

  7. says

    Very pretty – I love how open it is now. I would love to submit my kitchen and get some ideas…..I am at a loss. It is so small (I mean UBER SMALL!), awkward shape, and so on. Maybe you could have a post on Reader Redesign Suggestions – If so, I have dibs on the first post. :-)

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