Reader Redesign: $1K Goes A Long Way

Now that we’re back home (and back in the swing of things), let’s start this off with a deck sneak peek. Oh yes, more holes are happening. So rest assured that we’re working towards a passed inspection (remember when we failed here?) and we hope to have an update on that early next week. So be sure to hold your breath for us!

But back to our Reader Redesign. Despite this email starting off with a cheer to my alma mater’s rival, I couldn’t help but share this awesome bathroom makeover with an even more awesome price tag. Plus, although we may not agree on college teams, we can definitely relate to a master bathroom that feels less than masterful. Here’s Melissa’s note:

What’s up John, Sherry, Clara, and Burger? We are just down the road from you in Blacksburg (go Hokies!) and wanted to share our master bathroom reno with you. We have five kids and squeeze home projects in whenever we can. When we bought the house, the only thing we weren’t crazy about was the size of the master bed and bath, but we loved everything else, so we took the plunge. The “Before” (90’s linoleum lighthouse/sailboat honey oak themed bath) did not feel masterful at all…

We didn’t want to pay for a big addition or re-model, so we worked with what we had and gave ourselves an $1,000 budget for new floors, a new marble counter, fixtures, lighting, shelving, accessories, etc.

Down came the oak cabinet above the toilet to open things up a bit and we installed floating shelves and baskets to hide all of our stuff. We removed the mirror and replaced it with a clearance one from Lowe’s. A wire magazine rack from TJ Maxx was added to balance the off-set toilet. We kept the vanity and painted it with Benjamin Moore’s Impervo Paint in White Dove, but installed a new marble top and faucet from Home Depot.

We went right over the lineoleum with allure laminate flooring from Home Depot – it’s water resistant and we’ve loved it in our downstairs bath (it’s really easy to install yourself).

The shower curtain is just a basic waffle weave shower curtain from Target – like the one in your bath! The paint color is Fossil Grey from Glidden’s old colors. Total spent: $995 for everything… towels, toilet paper holder, garbage can, the whole shebang.

Thanks for looking/reading! If you’re ever in town and want to go to a game, we would love to have Clara come play! – Thanks, Melissa

Didn’t Melissa do an amazing job? It’s awesome to squeeze in new floors, counters, accessories, paint, and shelving for under 1K – and we love that she worked with what she had when she could (like repainting and retopping the vanity). It looks like they added at least 5K of value to their house with that update and most people wouldn’t believe it wasn’t a total gut job. You can see more of their makeovers on Melissa’s blog too. What’s your favorite part? Sherry’s obsessed with the mirror and those floating shelves and I think that new flooring and marble top is the icing on the cake, er, vanity.

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  1. says

    As a Hokie, I’m wondering if they are affiliated with the university . . .
    Anyway, I love when people put the magazine racks in the bathroom and don’t try to pretend that reading doesn’t happen while on the throne!

    • Erin says

      Oh i can’t stand when people keep magazine racks/books, etc. in the bathroom. I know we all do it but i would really rather not see it. I can however appreciate the cute wire rack they found to offset the space.

  2. ashlee says

    i tried to paint my bathroom cabinet doors the same as they did – white – but once i got the doors off – we couldn’t get them back on! they were hanging crooked. we tried FOREVER! and we just couldn’t get them on straight :(

    i’m looking to make a little curtain for the door instead. even though though i really don’t want to. i would love to have the white doors instead.

  3. says

    Gorgeous! We have a small master bathroom too (that we have yet to renovate) and this gives me tons of ideas of affordable ways to give it a major lift! I LOVE the floating shelves, but my favorite part is that magazine rack!

  4. JR says

    I have seen and pinned this bathroom on pinterest. It is a great makeover and something that I might definitely try for our small bathroom space.

  5. Julia says

    Just wanted to let you know I feel for you on the auger work. I first became associated with an auger 20 years ago when I was about 30. My dad and I decided to put up a fence in my very large back yard. Twenty-seven holes (in one day I might add) later, we still tell auger-tales. It didn’t break us though… a few years after that we built a large deck (only 12 holes). You too will survive this!

  6. says

    Yay! Did you guys go out for ice cream with your leftover $5? Hah. Dig the whole thing, and the hanging magazine rack next to the toilet is brilliant.

  7. says

    That makeover is incredible! I’ve been wondering how to get more storage in my guest bath since it has a pedestal sink. I’ve never liked the look of those tacky over the toilet storage units, but these floating shelves look great! I’m tempted to try to recreate the look myself.

    Great job Melissa and co.!

  8. says

    Go Hokies!! I graduated in 2010 and I miss Blacksburg so much! I’m amazed at what they did with such a small bathroom. They really opened it up and made a tiny space feel light and airy. I love the mirror and marble vanity, and the floors polish it all off so well. Great job Melissa!!

  9. Megan Geneva says

    I can’t get over that rectangular sink! So modern, yet classic. It does wonders for the small space. I’m saving some of these photos for my inspiration folder. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Lindsay says

    Wow Totally gonna pin this one! I love it. The white looks great in the bathroom and I love the floors. Great inspiration.

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