Scoring A New Wool Rug For A Cheap Cheap Price

As we mentioned here, the bedroom is “still looking rough and we’re not sure about a lot of things – just waiting for inspiration to strike – which might involve repainting and rearranging furniture along with refinishing the floors”). We even elaborated a bit in the comments when folks started asking what we meant by that or if we hated the current color by saying: “We love the paint color but something is off about the bedroom and we’re not sure we can rule anything out – including the paint color. Everything is a suspect until proven innocent. Haha. Something is limiting us, so we’re not opposed to changing that thing once we pin it down (it might be the curtains or the art or something else!) just to get things to “click” for us. Who knows where we’ll end up!”

You can relate to that feeling, right? The whole something’s-off-but-I’m-not-sure-what-it-is thing? Moving the art together above the bed on Friday was a start, but we actually have a bunch of changes on the agenda for this week in the hopes of cracking the case and making “that room where we sleep” feel a little more like “that room that we love!” Of course we know that a big ol’ transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but we also have seen firsthand how a few updates and switcheroos can go a long way in remedying that “hmmmm, something’s just not right” feeling that has probably popped up at least three dozen times in our last five years of DIYing. So we know it well.

We’ve learned that the only real way to get any closer to something that feels right is just to play around and see what you like and what you don’t. The ol’ trial and error approach. Because if you’re sitting there frozen in fear or over-thinking things to the point that you’ve lost all momentum it can get sticky. So without further ado, let’s get into the first tweak, which has already taken place. And it’s kind of a biggie. It all started when we saw the rug on the bottom of this picture at an outlet liquidation sale…

We weren’t looking for a bedroom rug, although we weren’t ruling out the idea of changing anything in that room (because remember, everything in there was guilty until proven innocent- haha). I had actually said to John “the jute rug in the bedroom could always move out to the dining room since we’re planning on getting a natural fiber rug in there for under the table and it’s definitely big enough” – so I guess you could say we were open to anything. So when there was a big tent sale at our favorite lighting outlet (The Decorating Outlet), which also happens to sell rugs (it’s where we got the thick wool rug in Clara’s bedroom along with her blue capiz chandelier and the big glass pendants in our kitchen), we had to check it out.

And that’s when we saw the patterned blue rug in the picture above this one. And it was all over.

We love all of those colors (gray, navy, teal, white!) and the geometric pattern was totally calling our name. By now you know we’re suckers for a geometric rug, right?

They just do something to us. They make us feel alive. Oh yes, we live dangerously.

But back to reality. Since it was a thick 9 x 12 wool rug, we were nervous that even on sale it would be $700 or more, which is sadly way out of our price range. But when we checked out the tag, we almost couldn’t believe our eyes. Did that really say “was $1287.00, now: $250” ?????!!!!!

That’s not 40 or 50% off – that’s over 80% off! So we asked the guy what was wrong with it to make it so cheap, since the tag said “soiled” as the reason for the discount. We hoped if it had a stain we might be able to hide that part of the rug under the bed or try to remove it with some crazy scrubbing ritual, but he actually told us it was ripped. As in, there was a hole right through it. Eeks. But thankfully the placement of the rip was in a corner, and although it looked like this if you picked it up and put your fingers through it…

… it looked like this when it was laid out on the floor. See the big gaping hole?

We didn’t either! The thick pile of the rug was so dense that the rip wasn’t even visible, let alone obvious. So you know what we did, right? We thanked our lucky stars that it was there. It was the only reason that we were able to get over $1000 off (!!!) and take home a $1287 rug for $250. We shoved that sucker into the passenger seat of the car faster than you can say “will-that-fit-in-an-Altima?” and I rode in the back with Clara, happy-squealing my way home.

To save you some scrolling, here’s a before pic of the old rug for ya again (remember we’re still missing major furnishings, like something in that nook, art on those bare walls, etc):

Next we pulled out the old rug that we’d love to relocate into the dining room under the table. We laughed at how naked that yellowed old floor looked. Someday we’ll refinish it, but until then our new rug will be in charge of de-naked-ifying things.

First John did some cute vacuuming to remove any dust/fibers leftover from the tent sale. Look how fast he is. He’s like Edward except he doesn’t sparkle in the sun or bite me for sport.

Next we shimmied it carefully under our bed. It probably took us a good twenty minutes to get it centered – just inching it back or to the side a little bit at a time.

We love it more than words can say. Although, to quote Tim Gunn, it’s a lotta look. Haha. Still missing major furnishings/art of course, but we’ll get there. So some folks might go for something less patterned or colorful for their bedroom, but we think one of the main “what’s wrong with this room” issues for us was that it didn’t feel happy or fun or “us” at all. And now it does. Oh happy day.

See how this room could almost be anyone’s bedroom?

And see how the room above it probably couldn’t be most people’s bedroom? Haha. That’s the beauty of a room that feels like you. It almost feels like it couldn’t be anyone else’s. So I’m sure there are lots of folks out there who would pass on this baby, but we decided when we moved into this house that we were going to make a playful, happy-go-lucky little love nest for our family. So we’re cool with waking up to a room that “smiles” back at us. Sort of like how we love our chipper living room and guest room (which have those other colorful geometric rugs going on):

I know, I know – things in the bedroom look a lot less polished or finished than those two rooms above. True dat. Look at that naked nook and those bare walls. But things always look crazy in the middle. Heck, sometimes things don’t really click into place until the very last tweak has been made, and I’d say we’re at least a dozen tweaks away from the final tweak (the pillows, curtains, and lamps might be the first to get some tweak-age now that there’s a new rug in town). But we’ll get there someday…

Nothing is safe when we have our tweaking hats on. Haha. But thanks to the new rug we’re invigorated and excited to play around a little more and see where we end up. So expect a few more changes throughout the week as we try our hand at a few other switcheroos and snap pics for you as we go. Some might fail, others might work- so it’s all about playing around in the name of figuring this room out a little more.

And can we talk about how plush this guy feels underfoot? Excuse me for mentioning the original price again, but have you ever walked on a $1287 rug before? We hadn’t either. It’s what we imagine the carpets in The Donald’s house might feel like. Super super plush. Like double thick. Burger even lounges on the rug now (he used to lounge exclusively in the bed, so it’s funny to see him sprawled out on the floor these days). It’s nice to know that we have the doggie stamp of approval.

What did you guys do this weekend? Any deal hunting, rug rolling out, or super fast vacuuming? John also ran his buns off at the James River Scramble (it’s sort of a rocky trail run/10K) and we loved cheering him on. We also squeezed in a stroll around the art museum (Clara loves VMFA) and dropped in on a new doughnut shop that opened. Good times. What were you guys up to?


  1. Jennifer says

    Love that rug! The colors look great with the green and white. You guys definitely got a great deal! :)

  2. karen says

    Wow! Love the rug and what a great deal. We are looking for a bright bedroom rug to replace our trusty and worn brown Ikea rug. It’s served us well, but the time has come. Enjoy your new purchase! It looks fantastic.

  3. says

    wow!! i’m loving the gray/tel combo… and it was such a steal! sometimes i wish we had a bigger bedroom that we could actually put a fun rug in… our bedroom right now is only 7’x8′, so even a tiny rug won’t do any good! the bed takes up the whole room! …”welcome” to city living? haha

    • says

      Haha, oh yes, I remember that well! In my studio in Soho my bed was also the couch, chair – everything! It was the only sitting surface, haha. So it was weird when a platonic guy friend came over and we ended up sitting in bed watching TV. Haha.


    • the rebel chick says

      I’m also digging the grey/teal. I tried for a cornflower blue/chestnut scheme in our bedroom and I’m so over it. I may be stealing these colors!!

  4. Jen says

    How do you FIND these deals? Envious … It looks great!

    I had a similar “damaged” rug deal last year, though not on quite such a grand scale. The person who ordered it had turned it down because she thought the colors were wrong (it goes from light-center-dark-border on one end to dark-center-light-border on the other, and she thought it should fade all the way back to the light center by the other end). The rug store sold it to me for 100 bucks, and I think it looks great (and told them so before buying it) — I found a picture of the style online, and that’s totally what it’s supposed to look like. It wasn’t damaged at all!

  5. says

    I love it guys! Isnt it just down right thrilling saving that much money….Im excited for you right now! I may just go shopping here…i could use a good deal today

  6. meganleiann says

    Ooh! Awesome deal!
    I have a question: do you use rug pads at all? You probably don’t need one with a $1287 rug, but do you usually use one?

    • says

      We use them in rooms where the rug seems to scoot around or is thin- like our living room rug since that’s a dhurrie. But since the yellow one in the guest room is anchored by the bed and our new bedroom one is also under the bed, that is thicker so it doesn’t seem to need a pad.


  7. Randa says

    Oh. my. gosh. That is an awesome difference!
    I will be in desperate need of rug sales like that one when we finish our entire new house with stained concrete. Here’s hoping!!

    • the rebel chick says

      They aren’t the same high quality but I’ve been looking for a rug for our dining room, and I’ve found some nice deals at places like Ross and TJ Maxx! I love those stores for finding home goods even more than I do for clothes. LOL!

  8. steoh says

    I love that rug!! We unfortunately have wall-to-wall carpets everywhere (something we hope to change).. so all our flooring is plain boring beige. I am terrified of layering carpets so we haven’t tried that. Have you ever done that?

    Surprisingly this weekend we actually were productive! Our home is builder grade new. It’s pretty but it lacks personality. We are slowly going room by room and making things pop. This weekend we installed gorgeous knobs to our kitchen cabinets. For $45 our entire kitchen got a facelift! I also broke out your favorite -ORB- for the first time and re-did some lamps. We also squeezed in backsplash shopping and a storm door repair!

    • steph says

      hmmm… maybe I will have to give it a shot. You have totally sold me on graphic carpets so maybe I will have to find one for our living room!

  9. Kelly says

    Wow gorgeous. It looks so velvety smooth. I’m not one to comment on this usually, so please don’t take offense, but for me the “something is not right” feeling has to do with the striped green pillows. They look nautical or beachy or something and not like the rest of the room. I can’t put my finger on it. Anyway, those are just my two cents.

  10. says

    Oooh, I think this rug will take the whole room in an exciting new direction! It’s funny because for a while your bedroom was the most “finished” room in the house! How does it look with the curtains?
    I spent most of my weekend working on sewing my first ever dress! She’s mainly done and even though there’s a few issues (first times are like that, huh?!) (that’s what she said) I’m in love! Here she is:

    • says

      The curtains definitely don’t work as well anymore- I’d love to switch them out soon! And wow- your dress = amazing!!! Love that fabric!


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