Scoring A Jenn-Air Hood Range On Sale From Craigslist

Woot. We did it. We found a stainlesss steel range hood on craigslist. It’s an industrial strength pro JennAir one (valued at around $350) but we got it for… $60! Oh craigslist, I could kiss you on the mouth.

The listing said $65, but you know I did the old “how about sixty, we have cash?!” thing when we got there and looked it over… and… sold! It definitely appeared to be purchased but never used (it still had some of the white sticky peel-off stuff on the underside that new hoods have) – although it didn’t look like it had been kept completely protected while it was being stored (there are some scratches on the curved hood part). But those scratches are most likely the reason we got it for such a deal (in mint condition it could have been sold for at least $200). And since we’ll be building a wood hood box around it, those scratches won’t matter at all. We actually love them for allowing us to afford such a fancy pants hood. Wait, you’re stuck on that part about the wood hood box thing, aren’t you?

We’re basically going to try to build a wood frame to attach to the wall and house our new $60 JennAir vent since we looked up some prices for wood hoods that are built by someone else…. and let’s just say I spewed orange juice all over my computer when I caught a whiff of the cost (from here).

We’re not 100% sure on the actual hood-box shape (some are boxier and some have that little stem at the top) but we’ll keep you posted. Might just tape out a few shapes on the tile and see what we like.

Oh and as for the two pendant lights we’ll be adding over the peninsula, we hit up one of our favorite local lighting outlets (The Decorating Outlet on Midlothian for any locals out there), where we found the exact same lights we had been ogling in this post about a month ago! We couldn’t believe they had two of them in the same finish and everything. They’re currently $129 here, but the outlet was selling them for $60 a pop. So for less than the cost of one ($120 total) we got two! We think they’re going to make a huge statement in the kitchen, and considering that big box stores are currently selling similar stuff for $100+ each, we thought it was a great deal.

The finish that we chose may surprise you (or not, haha) but we actually went with oil-rubbed bronze. Since there are already a ton of nickel/stainless accents in the kitchen (hardware, appliances, the industrial stools) we thought it might add up to a more layered/interesting look to pepper in some ORB. We’re huge fans of mixing metals as long as both types of metal occur a few times so it looks intentional (so there’s not one odd man out while the rest is a different finish, which can look kind of weirdly accidental). So we’ll be bringing in a few other dashes of the rich almost-black finish so it’s nice and balanced looking – especially with the mocha cork floors. We also love that the pendants are hugely visible through the large doorway to the dining room, since that room has things like an oil-rubbed bronze door knob, curtain rod, etc – so they should layer right into the mix.

Now we just have to hang the pendants, wrestle that hood into place, build a custom wood range hood cover, add some floating shelves, finish the trim, lay some cork floors, install the dishwasher, and a few other things that my brain is probably intentionally forgetting to keep my blood pressure down. But we’re getting there! We’re like the blogging tortoises of kitchen renos. Picture us crawling along with little laptops tucked away in our shells. Oh and on the subject of hoods and lights, have you guys be dabbling in those areas lately? Any lucky craigslist or outlet scores lately?


  1. says

    We have a wood box over our hood and I love it! I had to fight for it some when we built the house because the hidden didn’t have my “vision”. Totally worth it!

  2. says

    We got a midcentury hutch for our dining room on Kijiji (same idea as craigslist) for $60 last week (down from $75)! It’s super simple but cute and totally suits ou house!Now I’m just toying with the idea of whether to fix the few nicks and scratches in it and leave it stained, or to paint it a fun, funky colour.. Welcome to my life, I can’t decide what to do, so I do nothing :/ hahaha

  3. Melanie says

    I have never been to this Decorating Outlet. I think it’s where the old Pier One used to be. I’m excited to check this place out. Is it super-awesome? I need so much stuff for our new house. Drapes, lights, etc. Do they have light fixtures for bathrooms?

  4. Karen says

    We were at Ikea this weekend and got a good deal on a SS hood for our kitchen… It wasn’t $60, but it wasn’t full price either. It looks similiar to the hood you had in your last house. It’s the final SS appliance conversion for our kitchen. I’d love some BB counters, but can’t convince the husband the ones from Ikea are worth it.

    I have to say though – I thought it was interesting that the penny tile is almost identical to the color of the cement board you guys put up before the tile… But I’m sure in person it isn’t as close.

  5. says

    Someone bought a house off of CL? I wanna read that story!
    Excited to see the big reveal, I love kitchen redos probably b/c my kitchen needs a major redo reeeaaallly bad. But for now we live vicariously through other blogger’s redos and dream :)
    So far we’ve only bought a car and leather (part faux) furniture off of CL, oh and a fridge. That was the best deal. These days CL is our first go to…it’s the thrill of the hunt, just to see if you can find what you need.

  6. says

    What a great deal! We’ll be painting our range hood soon…can’t beat the $8 price tag. Probably the best CL deal we’ve gotten so far was my hubby’s car. $1400, bought a year ago, and we’ll probably get at least another three years out of her. (Yes, it’s a she.)

  7. Rachael says

    We scored on Craigslist last weekend. After stalking the electronics stores for a good bit, we finally upgraded our 1980s floor model for a 42″ flat screen. Yes!! But that also brought us a new problem–where to put it. (It can’t sit on top of the old floor model forever…) After dutifully searching Craigslist for a week, we found the perfect media center–from IKEA, no less–for a mere $60. It just goes to show you that awesome does NOT have to be awesomely expensive!

  8. Lindsey d. says

    Wow… Y’all are so lucky. The people in my city generally believe that their old stuff is worth its weight in gold, so it’s very hard to find deals. Seriously, who wants to pay $600 for an eight year old couch, regardless of what the seller “bought it for?” I’ve gotten lucky a couple of times though (authentic vintage mid-century light fixture for $10 — it even works!)

    • says

      Haha yeah I was thinking that too, Craigslist totally depends on where you live – we used to live in Seattle and Craigslist was *amazing* – but now we live in Oklahoma for grad school, and people definitely want to get $100s for random old broken things lol. Sometimes when we go on a roadtrip I scout ahead at the Craigslist in those cities in case we can find anything while we’re there! ;)

  9. says

    What a steal of a deal for the range hood! Craigslist is the best. The pendants you chose are really nice. The round shape will tie in nicely with the penny tile and it’s neat how they mimic the shape of the big vase on the dining room table. Yay – it’s all coming together!

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