Four Things

I have been meaning to update you guys on four thrifty purchases (well, technically there are nine of them, because I got six of one thing) so let’s get into it. First we have this gilded pineapple vase that I found for $4 at Goodwill. Can you guess what I love most about it? Yup, the hex pattern all over the body of the vase. Even though it’s clearly pineapple influenced, it felt so “bees” to me (more on why we love bees here). And the antique gold finish is really pretty in person. Not too Donald Trump shiny, so it feels timeworn and authentic.

And see those three jars around them? They were sent over by a friend (ohmygoshIlovethem Amy – thankyouthankyouthankyou!) and they look perfect with my new vase. The color of the pretty lids are exactly the same antique-gold color and… wait for it… there are little bees on the lid of each one. I also love the criss-cross glass effect.

They’re sitting on our desk to the right of my computer so I can glance over and smile at them every sentence or two.

Not kidding. That happens.

Second of all, this guy is ours. And he’s also something that now lives on our desk and gets lovingly gazed at:


The minute he popped up on West Elm we put in our order (we knew he’d be the perfect way to enjoy music in the office and much cheaper than a Bose stereo or some of the other docks on the market). He was actually back-ordered for a little while, but he finally showed up and we love him (update: we hear he’s now back-ordered until mid March of next year! Crazy!).

The sound quality is great – and of course the white ceramic animal feature is our favorite. He definitely adds some sense of humor and some festivity (thanks to the fun music that we can now play while we type away). Oh and his name? Humphrey. He’s a total Humphrey.


PS: Here’s a link to the music video for for the She & Him song that we were listening to. Zooey Deschanel is in all of her awkwardly weird glory, which we love. PPS: You should totally be watching New Girl.

Thirdly, I couldn’t resist bringing home six of these babies for $2.99 a pop from Marshall’s (originally $8 each).

I’ve never had matching mugs. We have one of those mish-mash collections that I never really minded (no more than two of the same kind) but I love that the next time I have John’s parents or my parents over we can all sip tea/coffee from the same mugs (and I still have my random mismatched mugs to use whenever the nostalgia hits).

It might be an embarrassing thing to admit, but they’re the first item of “china” that we own with a stamp on the bottom. All we registered for when we got married were basic white plates from Linens N Things without anything written under them.


Is it weird that this is one of those purchases that makes me feel like a grown up? And it’s kind of unnatural how excited I am to toss these up on the future-open-shelves in the kitchen with all of our everyday dishes and cups. If gazing up at them while eating breakfast at the peninsula is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Has anyone else out there made any “I feel so grown up” purchases lately? Like a fancy sheet set (still don’t have one of those) or plush new bathroom towels?

But wait, it’s time for thing number four. It was a small (maybe about a foot long) thrift store rocking horse (also from Goodwill) that I grabbed for $1 because I knew that I could modernize the country-ish “outfit” that he was wearing for zero bucks. I stupidly forgot to take a before picture of the guy, but he was sort of faux finished with lots of paint and decorative details on him like the pony below (found here).

The scribbly blue stuff that I photoshopped in around his neck is supposed to represent the blue raffia around the neck that was glued with lots of globby mounds dripping down my guy’s legs. Hotness.

First I named him Bosley. Then I got to work. I ripped off the raffia wreath around his neck and used an exacto knife to peel/scrape as much of the glue blobs off as I could. Eventually I had a nice smooth finish going on. Then it was time to spray prime the guy (since he was made of raw wood, I thought I might have bleed-through issues if I skipped right to painting).

After a few thin coats of spray primer and gray spray paint that I already had on hand from a past project, he was quite the looker. A bright color might have been fun too – but I opted to just use what I had for now. I’m loving the deep charcoal finish so far, but if I get antsy and Bos ends up hot pink I’ll be sure to tell ya.

He’s currently hanging out on the desk in the living room but I picture him traveling all over the house for a while (perhaps landing on a shelf in Clara’s room or the top of a desk or dresser in the playroom someday?). So far Clara has shown zero interest in him, but I have to admit that I got him because I hoped that someday she’d put a Barbie on him and gallop her all over the house. Yup, Bosley is perfectly Barbie-sized. We’ll have to wait and see if Clara is as crazy about this idea as I am…

Happy weekend everyone! Do you have any thrift store finds to share? Or new mugs with words on the bottom that make you feel oh-so-civilized? Or Barbie-sized anything? Lay it on me.


  1. Jamie says

    No cool thrift store finds, but I did just buy a headboard for my previously unadorned bed and I sure am feeling like an adult now!

  2. says

    That pig is hilarious! Trying to think of someone who’d love that as a gift..

    Also, just watched New Girl the other night just because it had Zooey in it. HILARIOUS. Also love me some Bones, too. Dat’s some good genes right there.

  3. says

    These are all great finds! I cracked up when I saw that speaker pig (pig speaker?).

    We got our fine china set and I feel so fancy with them. I want to just start having dinner parties! Our everyday stuff is matchy but we still have a whole lot of mixed matched mugs (I love picking certain ones out for things like hot chocolate or tea).

  4. says

    I love all the stuff you found but I’m struggling with the pineapple LOL I mean, I love it and I used to LOOOOOVE pineapple, but ever since I was pregnant with my second son I can’t get into it like I once did after it giving me a terrible case of heartburn…so that’s all I think of when I look at it =) I suppose as long as we’re not eating it, we can admire it right? After all, metal’s a little hard to swallow.

    • says

      Aw man, I craved citrus drinks and ate citrus fruits the whole time I was prego! I had a girl though so maybe it’s a boy pregnancy symptom? Any other mommas who got heartburn from pineapple? If so didja have a boy?


    • Angela A says

      Im having a boy and I’ve drank pineapple juice and ate pineapple and so far so good, into my 8th month!

      Cute ceramic pig Ipod speaker btw! I just sent the link to my husband since he’s an Ipod guy. He found it amusing :)

    • says

      Pregnancy had me all messed up when it came to food/drinks. I used to love Dr. Pepper before my first, couldn’t touch the stuff afterwards – and I got heartburn so bad from red chile chicken my grandmother-in-law made I thought I was dying (I had never had heartburn before). Now after my second son I love Dr. Pepper again, and now I’m weird about pineapple and shrimp haha

    • Sabrina says

      I had the WORST heartburn with my son. Thought I was having a heart attack sometimes lol I was craving sweet pickles, pineapple, and steak ( which would always make me sick)

  5. says

    I HEART New Girl. “Don’t run over to me saying, ‘Schmidt, Schmidt, you’re using too much Tarragon. Because you know what, I’m not.'” hahahaha
    I committed a major no-no at the thrift store and passed up two black frames that could have easily been spray painted white for my display wall. I just wasn’t thinking!

  6. Seema says

    I hate to be “that guy” (or girl, in my case) since I worship you guys, but you spelled “nostalgia” wrong – came out “nastaglia”

    P.S. LOVE the pig

    • Amy T-Y says

      Maureen–I’m the buyer of the cute little vintage bee jars.
      Glad you like them!
      And it might kill you to know that I found them in this tiny little DAV thrift store (I’m in Kansas City) run by sweet little old ladies. They were .78 each & the old lady said “honey, you might not want to pay that much if you don’t know how to get the tarnish off the lids.” I smiled & told her I’d just take my chances! No idea where they originally came from.

  7. says

    I love your thrift-store updates. On a road trip this summer my husband and I dropped in on a thrift store because I had told him about all your fun finds. We came away with two ’50s-style NYC prints for a buck each – they are “so us” for so many reasons. Thrilled to find a cheap way to have fun, so thanks! :)

    Just one question – how do you keep track of all these names you keep giving your things?!

  8. Courtney H says

    Thought seriously about ordering the pig until i saw he was backordered until March 21, 2012!! ugh. Wish the West Elm in Raleigh would get here sooner rather than later.

    • Courtney H says

      Hey Sarah,
      Can’t seem to reply to your post so i’ll reply to mine…a little birdie in the Charlotte store told me back in August they were going to open a store in Raleigh in 2012. I asked about it the other day on the West Elm FB page and they didn’t confirm, but they hinted that i was right….can’t wait! I thought the girl told me spring 2012 so maybe there was a holdup – Southpoint i think?