Counter Templating

Not sure if many people are reading today (due to the impending turkey-related holiday) but we wanted to stop in with a quick kitchen update. We officially got our counters templated (aka: measured so they can be fabricated and installed within the next hopefully two weeks). Woo to the hoo! And this finally means our sinkless days are finally numbered. Huzzah! For anyone who missed the counter discussion, here’s what we’re getting, and for anyone who wants to know how they template for counters, we made this handy video of the process:

Just kidding. For anyone who can’t watch videos that isn’t the installers, it’s Clara being cute as a button and demonstrating her mad tape measuring skillz. Oh and remember one of our 2011 resolutions to teach Clara home improvement terms (mentioned here)? Well, my friends, that goal has been accomplished with more than a month to spare. Here she is saying “tape measure” like the little DIY diva that she is:

The best news is that although I initially worried like a neurotic person about the tape measure snapping back and hurting her fingers, it’s actually a light duty one that doesn’t have any force, so she laughs when it “gets her” as opposed to crying. Always a good thing. But how did this kitchen update turn into Clara chatter? Back to the subject of our counters…

When they came out to template we did learn that we would need reinforcement to support the 12″ overhang on two sides of the peninsula, so they quoted us $300 to build in some steel rods when they fabricate the counter or offered up the DIY option of buying some brackets (either decorative ones that will be seen or hidden steel ones – we’re leaning towards the latter) that we can add ourselves… to the tune of about $15.

Guess which option we’re going with? Haha. Yes, option two. So we’ll share the process of installing those brackets (four on the long side and two on the short side) before the counters go in, along with all of the other kitchen projects that we have on our “Soon” list (demo-ing out the tile backsplash, removing the spent plywood backing and adding cement board in its place in preparation for backsplash tiling, etc). And of course we’ll be back tomorrow with some sappy Thanksgiving goodness for ya (hope there’s time for you to stop by between stuffing and pie).

Psst- I’m over on BabyCenter dishing about how I knew Clara was a girl by the eighth week of my pregnancy. I was insanely sure of it. So I wondered if other folks had “feelings” and if they were right… and if those old wives tales were right too (most of them were for me). More on that here.


  1. Meghan, UK says

    Don’t forget your international readers! We may not be celebrating Thanksgiving, bit I will be following this week! Clara is totally adorable in both videos. What a cutie!

  2. Carol N. says

    The vanities for our new bathroom are being installed as I type. Hopefully they will come measure for countertops later today. I know you will be super excited to get the kitchen back to normal. Can’t wait to see future pictures! Have a wonderful turkey day.

  3. Anita says

    Well you have at least one reader here! And I definitely plan to ‘stop in’ on your blog tomorrow for a quick sanity break between cooking dishes and taking care of guests. Happy Turkey Day!

  4. Danielle says

    Definitely reading! Still have to work today, so Im so glad you posted because it helps make the day go so much faster :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Reenie says

    OMG……..both videos are absolutely adorable. I love her jibberish ~ with a few words thrown in that you can understand.

    Happy Thanksgiving John, Sherry, Clara & Burger =)

  6. Rebecca says

    I’m here! All my Turkey Day prep is being handled by my Mom and Aunt (as I did it for friends this past weekend) so I will be sure to tune in tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving to the 4 of you. Will Burger get any special treats?

  7. says

    We can all agree here that the pictures and videos of Clara you’ve posted thus far have been cute — but the second video is off the freakin’ charts. So congratulations on creating the most adorable thing that ever lived ever.

  8. Elizabeth says

    Oh course I’m reading your post today- your blog is the first thing I read every morning! The kitchen redo is helpful- I have a friend doing the same and he found the info about corian to be helpful. He’s also thinking about open shelving so I sent him that link as well. Happy Thanksgiving!

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