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A couple of weeks ago we were at the Gap and I spotted this on the wall.

It’s a bicycle from Public Bikes that was disassembled and shot for this in-store display (thereby they’re not for sale). I thought they were pretty darn good looking. I’m more of a bike admirer than an actual bike rider (apologies to my cycling enthusiast father), so I feel like a bit of a poser saying this, but… I really want those posters to hang in our house. Not sure where, but somewhere. Here’s a better shot of one of the panels from the Public Bikes blog.

I talked with the manager at my local Gap and they “made a note” to call me when they’re done using them for display. This was promising because I expected to hear “sorry, we’re not allowed to give those away” (which I’ve heard at other stores when I’ve asked, like Target). But it wasn’t totally confidence inspiring either – because it sounded a bit like a “don’t call us, we’ll call you.” So I also decided to randomly tweet about wanting them once the store is done with them, and a Gap manager elsewhere heard my plea and is going to try to snag me a set once they’re bumped for holiday decor. Oh the power of Twitter. Who knows if it’ll actually work out, but I gave it the ol’ college try.

Is there any store display out there that you’ve been admiring (or thinking about recreating/DIYing)? Perhaps something at Anthropologie? Have any of you used actual store decor in your home? If so, how’d you go about getting it? Was tweeting involved? Or just regular old fashioned in-person asking? We always hear about folks who just get a call weeks or months later when the store is done with something (like friends of mine who got movie posters from Blockbuster when they were finished displaying them as new releases). Fingers crossed…


  1. says

    I work at a movie theater and we have people wanting our displays all the time. We auction them off and give the money to whatever charity we are donating to that month. I love that we do this because: we get more money for our charity, we don’t have to break down the displays, and we don’t have to throw them away- you know landfills and all that :)

  2. Maura says

    speaking of store decor….my nieghbors have the PINK Victoria’s Secret Dog (yes, the life sized polka dot one) in their front yard as a lawn ornament. The pink spots have faded (because it is fabric) and it’s legs are muddy and dirty. The occasionally move it around amongst their trees and shrubs to ‘redecorate.” yikes.

  3. Megan says

    I worked for Victoria’s Secret for 4 years in college and snagged a ton of window display stuff that I thought was cool. (Ive since donated most of it, but still have a red and black plaid throw and some cute little pillows shaped like cupcakes.)

    They stopped letting us have it, though, because they were having a problem with the stuff getting sold on ebay. It sucks that dishonest people ruin it for everyone else.

  4. Hannah says

    I’ve often wondered about what happens to store displays, but I was always too shy to ask if I could get it once they’re done. So cool to know people actually do it! Here’s to hoping it works out for you guys!

    • Courtney says

      Target just trashes it! Such a waste. If you happen to catch them on the day they are changing it out, you can usually ask for it. But they won’t hold it for you, or add you to a “list”… it is just the luck of the draw.

  5. Annie says

    I did the same thing at Old Navy this summer. My daughter’s name is Summer and they had “Summer” printed all over their in-store displays. I asked them to call me when they were ready to pitch the old displays, but sadly I never got a call. I’ll have to be more persistent next year.

  6. bethany says

    Back in highschool, I used to go to fast food chains with my cousin and ask for their window posters to “wallpaper” a wall in my room with. We actually got a ton. She even got a huge hamburger poster from a Hungarian McDonalds. Did make you hungry every day to wake up to huge Arby roast beef sandwiches and McFlurries staring back at you..

  7. Meg says

    I love that poster! What a fun idea – I love everything “bike!” In college I had an abrecrombie poster (they are gigantic in our suite – a sister of a friend snagged it for me.

  8. McKenzie says

    My husband and I recently acquired to large wooden spools, you know the ones that hold wiring or a hose of some kind. We got one from Lowes and the other from Home Depot. I just asked the salesperson that was closest to the area and voila. They each checked with a manager to get the all clear. We were told they usually just trash them so they were ours for the taking. One mans trash! We got those suckas fo free. It was pretty awesome. We just rolled those puppies out. Now we use one of them in our breakfast nook and the other is in pieces (that was an adventure) and being modified to eventually be used on our patio!

    • Rebecca says

      There are a couple neat “how to make a table out of a giant spool” posts at Design*Sponge if you want any tips or photo inspiration on converting your spools. Those things are popping up everywhere now – they are super trendy!

  9. says

    We snagged a few movie posters and cut-outs in college from movie theaters. Same as you – we just asked. Like my mom says: it’s 100% ‘no’ if you don’t ask, so it doesn’t hurt.

  10. priscilla says

    I wanted the Tord Boontje hanging pendants a Target several years back. I never asked but I did buy a few things from that collaboration.

  11. Deanna says

    I never thought they would give display items away, so I’ve never asked, but you have inspired me & I will definitely be putting in some requests in the future!

  12. Mary says

    ooh I love that. good luck! I’ve asked gap for a poster before (years ago) and was told they couldn’t give them away, and had to throw them out when the display was over. Seems like asking the right person could get you somewhere, though!

  13. Julie says

    There is a great breakfast/lunch place in South Lake Tahoe called The Keys Cafe. They have some outdoor art made of found objects like keys, nuts and bolts, etc. all placed on brightly painted plywood. I can’t wait to try a smaller version for a seating area in our wine/beer garden that we ave planned for our backyard.

  14. Hillary says

    Wonder what super exciting major stuff is going on in the world of YHL that we’re getting this “filler” post… we’re onto you now that you spilled the beans about the mirror/compost bin filler posts during blogiversary week! Is it Monday yet?? Can’t wait for next week already!

    • says

      Guys. Kitchen stuff is going to be happening for the next few months! The first one took us 113 days! And we’re DIYing a lot more this time, so it probably won’t be done until January. So sorry we can’t do a full reveal in a day – this stuff just takes time! We’re just working on picking a countertop. No major walls coming down or demo yet. We wish! We’ll report on things as we go as usual!


    • Hillary says

      Sorry :( I didn’t mean to come across as demanding… I just love your blog and get excited to see your progress.

    • says

      Haha- no worries at all! Just know that we’re going as fast as we can! Around 2-3 posts about the kitchen a week (like we’ve done this week) will probably be the average. We wish we had everyday updates but we just can’t work that fast!


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