A Few Leafy Fall Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Alternate punny title: Leaf it to me. Oh yeah, there’s nothing like a little corniness on a Tuesday afternoon. I blame it on being downright giddy to have power again. Ohthankgoodness. Anyway, this weekend before the chaos that was Irene I actually helped with a little bridal shower for our cousin Megan who is getting hitched this fall. John’s mom hosted the sweet informal gathering at her place, and each one of the daughters (and in this case, me the daughter-in-law) were asked to bring a few things. I was in charge of a bowl of candy, and a little bit of table decor. Nothing too crazy, just a few small touches to hopefully get people into the fall spirit (as inspired by Megan’s pretty fall-ish wedding invitations):

Of course I took it as an opportunity to get all craft-tastic (I tried to resist, but I was powerless against the draw of Michael’s). First I grabbed $2.50 worth of colored paper in a few pretty fall-ish colors. Then when I got home I googled “leaf pattern” and sketched out a few different leaf outlines onto a piece of white cardstock with a pen (I just free-handed them, but you probably could trace them right off the computer screen too). Were they perfect? Nah. Were they leaf-esque? Sure.

Then I cut them out. It didn’t take ten seconds, but it wasn’t too bad. Maybe five minutes for ten of them. I recommend watching Real Housewives Of NJ in the background to keep morale up.

Then I used each cardstock leaf as a template and traced it onto one of my colored craft papers with a black pen. I actually ended up tracing each one a few different times and crowded them in so I’d get as many leaves as possible from each sheet of paper. And yes, I did crack insanely bad jokes like “hey John, leaf me alone” as I went. He was not amused.

Then I stacked an extra sheet under the one that I traced my leaf shapes onto (so I could cut each leaf out once, but get two out of the deal – each in a different color thanks to the stacked paper). Then I did the rest of my sheets in the same way (tracing the shapes on the top page and stacking the paper so I could cut it once and get a few leaves out of it). Total time spent: an episode of Real Housewives. And surprisingly (because I half expected this crazy spurt of craftiness to be a total bust), the varied colors and shapes ended up being pretty darn cute.

I mean they’re not über upscale and spendy looking (Posh might not demand them at her next shindig), but they’re sweet and charming in that homemade full-of-love sort of way. Which seems to work when you’re casually gathering with family on a stormy day to celebrate love, love, and more love. I ended up sprinkling them down the middle of the table to make a little leaf runner of sorts.

Not bad for $2.50.

Then came my weird M&M project. I thought tracking down some sort of candy in fall tones could be sweet in a clear cylinder vase (of which we have many, leftover from our own wedding). So when I came across two bags of brown, red, and yellow peanut butter M&M’s at Target, I took the bait and bought them (for around $5 total). Then I sorted them by color in three bowls and stashed each tone in a different ziplock bag so I could bring them with me to the party already-sorted. Oh yeah, and wash your hands before you touch all the candy. In case you’re wondering, I watched last week’s Design Star during this part of the process (I’m hopelessly behind on that show – don’t ruin this week’s episode because we haven’t seen it yet).

Once I arrived at the party, my big M&M arranging finale took ten seconds. I just poured the pre-sorted brown ones into my big glass cylinder vase, followed by the pre-sorted red and yellow ones. Bing, bam, boom.

I probably can’t take any credit for the fact that everyone scarfed them down (peanut butter M&Ms are irrefutably addicting in their own right) but Megan and the other ladies seemed to enjoy the little layered look. Weird candy separating mission accomplished.

I also grabbed eight glasses from Target (sold for $2.99 for a set of four, so I spent under $6 total) and John’s mom just took a few clippings from two potted mums that she already had on the front porch to make eight mini bouquets to fill our glass “vases.” I loved the idea of using already-owned potted mum clippings because there are about a million blooms covering them, so it’s way more bang for the ol’ buck. We probably would have needed to buy at least four bouquets of flowers to fill the eight vases that our two mums easily covered with plenty of blooms to spare (we tried to clip from the perimeter/underside of them, so the remaining plants will still look nice and fresh out on the porch for a few more months).

So with the cups-turned-vases filled with mums and my little paper leaves spread down the center of the table like a festive little runner, it was time for one last touch. Oh yes I did buy six little glittery faux pinecones from Michael’s for 50 cents a pop. Guilty as charged. I can’t help it. I’m like a magpie when it comes to shiny things. Especially shiny fall-ish things in the golden color palette of the leaves from Megan’s wedding invitation. They conveniently came on a little wire (I think they’re made to be stuffed into bouquets or wreaths) so I just stuck them randomly into a few of the little mum vases (which we sent home with each guest as a small party favor).

It was a sweet little party. Even though it was rainy and gross outside, it was warm and happy inside. And I don’t mean to harp on odd things like glittery pinecones (I’m from Jersey, ok? Maybe that explains it), but they seemed to be quite the hit.

Oh and check out this cute thing John’s mom put together. We all played one of those how-well-do-you-know-the-bridge-and-groom games, and she hunted down fall-colored ribbons and tootsie pops to tie on top of each clipboard, which she also sent home with each guest. So yeah, come to our family’s showers if you want to leave with vases of flowers, glittered pinecones, ribbon slash tootsie pop riddled clipboards, and M&M hangovers. Do we know how to party or what?

My favorite part of the whole celebration was when Clara and her cousin Jake serenaded us. Once again proving that random is good. Bring on the paper leaves and faux pinecones! And don’t forget that baby solo to end things with a bang.

Oh and because you know I love a little budget breakdown, here are all the supplies I grabbed:

  • Paper leaf “runner” (made from 6 sheets of Michael’s craft paper): $2.50
  • Five glittered faux pinecones (from Michael’s:) $2.50
  • Eight glasses to use as mum vases (from Target): $5.98
  • Potted mum clippings: $0 (already out on the porch, but they might be $5 a plant at a grocery store for a small one)
  • Two bags of fall-colored peanut butter M&M’s (from Target): $5
  • Glass cylinder vase for M&Ms: $0 (leftover from our wedding, but originally from Michael’s for a few bucks)
  • Total: $15.98

Not bad for eight flowering favors in little glass vases, a festive fall-inspired table runner o’ leaves, and a quirky color-coded dish of M&Ms. I just liked that it felt more Megan-specific to DIY a few things than run to party city and spend $20 on plastic tablecloths and crepe paper. But enough about my insane propensity for faux nature and glittered anything (why yes I did own a bedazzler in ninth grade). Have you guys whipped up any crafty little homemade-with-love party decor? Ever arranged candy by color? I think that takes a special kind of crazy. And I’m happy to wave my little yes-I-sorted-M&Ms-by-hand freak flag nice and high.


  1. Barb says

    M&M’s are a food group…right??? My most favorite food in life. BUT…have kicked the habit and haven’t had one in over a year. YES, I AM TELLING THE TRUTH!!! I have lost -65.6 pounds in a year on WW and part of it is due to NO MORE M&M’s……..E.V.E.R!!!

    Sounds tragic, but as the Weight Watcher saying goes…….NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS THIN FEELS!!!

    Oh, your post is genius.


  2. says

    Gah. You did so well. We had a rather big family dinner at our home this past Sunday and the one thing I regret is not taking time to make all my husband’s food look good. (Yes, my husband does all the cooking. I’m sooo lucky.) My excuse was I didn’t want to detract from all of his hard work, but really, I should have spent a few bucks and put things on nicer plates and in better bowls in the “food line”

    His menu: http://chrislovesjulia.blogspot.com/2011/08/27-marcums.html

    Eh well. You live. You learn. Right?

  3. Sophie says

    I wouldn’t say I’m hugely crafty….however in the past 18months I’ve helped make 36 metres of bunting for my friend’s wedding reception (helped by 6 other lovely ladies):


    As well as 20 wedding themed corsages for my sister’s hen do (the UK version of a wedding shower/bachelorette party):


    And similar in felt for my best friend’s hen do:


    It’s how I indulge my inner crafter!

  4. Nicole says

    Wow, you made the table look so nice and it had that perfect homemade touch. I know who I am getting advice from next time I am planning a shower of some sort!


  5. says

    Admission: I sort all my M&Ms before I eat them. Also Reese’s Pieces and Starburst.

    At least you did it with a decor purpose. I just do it because I like to eat my favorites last.

    • Donna Jean says

      AHH!! I leave all my red starbursts for last, too! And banana runts ARE the best – hands down! I would probably agree with you on the skittles if I actually liked skittles (although if it’s the only thing around, the red and purple ones are the only ones that I will eat). But I DO save my red M&Ms for last. Now I really want some PB M&Ms!!!

      Hmmm…I hurt me knee today; perhaps I need to convince my dear hubby that PB M&Ms will help me feel better….

    • ELT says

      I don’t sort by colors as much as I make patterns. When I have a handful left, they start being arranged into arrows and flowers and triangles and crosses and the like, and as I take one away, I rearrange into a different pattern. This is where I usually place colors strategically and to my advantage. But you know I’ve got another handful on the side that I’m eating while I arrange these! lol.

  6. Teresa says

    oohhh, my little one turns 1 in a couple of weeks and I am totally doing a color coordinated candy display! Blue and green in several different dishes. Even going to make colored popcorn balls. I will post pics of the table if I can remember to! Hoping it turns out well!

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