Mood Board Making: En Fuego

I was inspired by a chipper yellow table runner and a fiery pendant light to make a warm-blooded dining room mood board just for fun. Whoop, here it is:

1. The wall color could be a soft olive-khaki tone, like the stripe in the background of the mood board (try Benjamin Moore’s Limestone 513) with browns, oranges, deeper olives, pops of yellow, and some crisp white in the furnishings/accessories. Maybe even a smidge of navy if you’re into that sort of thing. And now that I see that stripe of olive-khaki, big wide horizontal tone-on-tone stripes might be pretty fun for the walls if you’re feeling feisty (try Benjamin Moore’s Limestone 513 and Flowering Herbs 514).

2. These Target chairs are $70 a pop, and the Ikea table is under $300 (but you could always find something on craigslist and refinish it for even less if that’s your jam).

3. This Stacy Garcia pendant (along with the fun chevron runner) were the inspiration for this entire board. Isn’t the geometric kinda Moroccan-ish pattern fun? It’s down from $225 to $149 with free shipping for anyone interested. I wonder if you could search for a coupon code to take it down even further.

4. Yellow mug = happy life forever. At least that’s a theory I’m working on. Who can sip from this guy and not smile? He’s even called the beam mug.

5. Klimt has always been a favorite of mine. I have another theory that his painting called The Kiss is akin to the movie Titanic (it makes all the ladies swoon). And this lesser known garden print is painterly and soft – which makes it a nice counterpart to the graphic pops of pattern in the chevron runner and the geometric pendant. I also love that it has olive, orange, white, and even a dash of navy. Holla.

6. This giant braided jute rug from Overstock would bring in some natural texture to balance the graphic patterns and sleek dining table (it’s $230 for an 8 x 10 and has tons of 5 star ratings).

7. These bright little appetizer trays ($2.95 each) would be so charming mixed in with crisp white china, a few of those yellow mugs, and the sunny chevron runner.

8. Here’s that chevron runner (from etsy for $15) that started it all (well, I guess he’s in cahoots with the pendant, who also sparked this board). Cute, no?

Anyone out there doing some dining room makeover-ing? Or sipping from a happy yellow mug? Either way, it sounds like a good time.

Psst- See 150+ other mood boards (and sort them by room or color) here. Oh and we just heard the new 376 page (!) Ikea catalog is out here.


  1. Dana says

    The yellow mug is amazing. It’s the only thing I wanted for my birthday this year.haha. It definitively makes my mornings a little better! And it’s only $2.95!

  2. RachelSD says

    Loving the bright yellow mug. I’m a basic white ceramic and clear glass girl most of the time, but I bought an oversized, bright yellow mug last year at Crate and Barrel on a whim and it really does make me smile in the morning.


  3. Cindy says

    We have Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” in our bedroom. That explains why the first thing I thought when I opened this post is, “Ooo, I love the art.”

    Also love pretty much the whole mood board! xo

  4. Julia says

    Yay, Sherry ! I love the return of the mood board ! Thanks for the inspiration and the refreshing sunshine on this terribly hot day ! :)

  5. Amy says

    Re: IKEA

    Well, there goes my work productivity level this morning! ;) ‘Cause I totally can’t wait until I get my copy in the mail.

  6. Dee says

    Count me in as a yellow, happy mug fan! I discovered a set of four Mikasa golden gems at Goodwill just recently for 50 cents a mug–very similar to the ones you have pictured A burst of sunshine streams out of my cupboard whenever I open the door. Love them!

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