Hanging Two Mirrors = Gaining Two Big Dry Erase Boards

In our last office we found that hanging a mirror helped keep us organized. Not just because we noticed if we had something on our face, but also because we could write on it with a dry erase marker to keep track of our to do list (and could even use it to write a welcome message to our guests since that room slept our friends and family as well).

When we moved I missed that little organizational corner, so I started taping a comically small piece of paper on the wall with a list of things to do. And then it grew into two lists, one on each side of the large doorway. The left one was entitled: “Posts To Write” and the right one was “Projects To Do.” Since we have a giant 300+ list of things we want to do in this house (see just a fraction of them here), selecting the next ten-ish tasks that we want to tackle helps keep us focused (and enables us to hone in on which things should be prioritized and which supplies we’ll have to pick up). Plus after we do projects it’s surprisingly easy to forget to blog about them since we’re so excited to bounce along to the next one. So keeping track of what we’ve done that’s waiting to be written about keeps us sane (and keeps our lag time from “did it in real life” to “blogged about it” as short as possible).

But for some reason not having an erasable surface was seriously hurting our update frequency. See how “limb up the magnolia” is on the list when we I already did that weeks ago? Not good.

So I padded back into the playroom (which is full of baskets, bedding, and a ton of frames and mirrors – seriously it’s where stuff goes to die in our house) and grabbed two semi-similarly-sized mirrors and asked John to hang them up. Yes, I outsourced the labor on that one (my favorite excuse: I gotta nurse the baby – it’s the one thing John can’t do so it works like a charm). And it left me free to “supervise” from the big green sofa while John got his hang on.

The result? Two dry erase boards for keeping track of “Projects To Do” and “Posts To Write.” They’re not perfect, but they look a lot better than those rarely updated little notebook pages that were taped to the wall (look no dining chairs, I pushed them all against the wall for vacuuming under the table and never pushed them back – go Team Lazy):

That picture above is what they would look like if we ever did everything on our to do list. Amazing.

But here’s what they actually look like with all of the projects and posts on our list:

Oh and that’s the blue dry erase marker on the top of the mirror on the right (since it’s deep enough to store it there). Maybe someday we’ll hunt down more of a mirror twin for one or the other (for a more balanced look) but for now we’re just happy to work with what we have. The most important thing is that we can now take pleasure in crossing things off of our list again. That’s a universally fun activity right? Now picture doing it with a dry erase marker that glides like butter over whatever you just accomplished. There’s nothing better I tell ya.






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